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When Chen Xiang finished reading the contents of the paper, his entire body was trembling in anger, and the paper was also burnt to ashes by his anger.

"A guy like him must not be forgiven for encountering such a thing again. Just you wait." Chen Xiang calmed himself down.

The note stated that they could not tell anyone else or they would make their move against Jiang Simei. Even now, Chen Xiang did not dare to go and find the two Tai Sisters.

"I wonder who this guy is, and if he is someone from the Western Tiger Mountain Villa. I only have enemies like him here."

Chen Xiang calmly thought about it. On the paper slip, it said that if he were to leave the city alone and meet with that person on a designated mountain peak, and agree to their conditions, they would let Jiang Si go.

Chen Xiang not telling Jiang Sijing about this matter would make her very worried.

"Looks like I can only make a trip." Chen Xiang changed his appearance and stealthily left the city. He did not want to be caught midway.

Right now, Chen Xiang's plan was to first agree to the other party's conditions, no matter what they wanted, and then use any means possible to take revenge on him after he saved Jiang Simei.

… ….

Late at night, the stars were obscured by thick clouds. The sky was dark and the wind was cold.

Chen Xiang came out of Myriad Tao City, and after travelling for six hours, he finally arrived at the peak of the mountain, which was also the place they had agreed to meet.

After waiting patiently for over an hour, someone finally arrived.

There were four people that had come. Two of them were old men, and in the middle of the old man was a young man with an overbearing aura. It was obvious that he had an extraordinary background.

The other one was Jiang Simei, she was tied up with a black rope, her face was pale white, it was obvious that the rope had a strange power, it could make Jiang Simei feel weak.

Are you guys from the Western Tiger Mountain Villa? Chen Xiang immediately asked.

"That's right, we are from Western Tiger Mountain Villa. I am the descendant of the manor lord of Western Tiger Mountain Villa, my name is Hu Luo." The man had a disdainful smile on his face as he said, "Your cultivation level is not that high, but your pill refining skills are quite good."

"We really shouldn't have let that Internal Affairs Elder go." Chen Xiang snorted, then looked at Jiang Simei. Jiang Simei was currently extremely haggard, her expression was full of resentment, and wanted to kill all the people who had grabbed her.

From her gaze, Chen Xiang could see that Jiang Simei was willing to let him go, regardless of her, as long as he helped her take revenge.

"The old fellow you're talking about has already been killed by us. Regardless of whether you used to kill him or not, if he lost the face of our Western Tiger Mountain Villa, he would still die." Hu Luo rolled up his sleeves and continued to speak: "I heard that you're very arrogant, and that you earned a lot of Dao crystal, and you're also very young, so I'm very jealous of you."

"Don't you know our relationship with the Tai brothers?" Chen Xiang's voice became ice-cold.

"Of course I know, but as long as you become my servant, I feel that we don't need to be afraid of them. Hehe, as long as you become my servant and sign a contract with me in the Master-servant Contract, I will let this woman go." Hu Luo smiled sinisterly, "You should be a righteous and loyal person, otherwise, you wouldn't have crippled that old fellow's son just because of anger last time."

"I'm not wrong, right? How is it? Do you think that I'm very smart and can easily control a Alchemist like you?" Hu Luo laughed out loud.

The Master-servant Contract required Chen Xiang's willingness, so it did not have a good effect to capture Chen Xiang and force him into a corner. However, Hu Luo felt that even if Chen Xiang was unwilling, he would not be able to escape today.

"I'll give you some time to think about it. After all, those Tianhun gold Dan are not bad, and if they were in my hands, I would sell them for at least three thousand Dao crystal." Hu Luo said.

Chen Xiang suddenly took out a Storage bag and said: "How about this, I will exchange you twenty thousand Tianhun gold Dan s that I just refined."

"20,000 pills, you still have so many left." Hu Luo was startled, but he was not stupid: "I don't want to, as long as you become my servant and help me concoct pills, then I will have as much as I want. Right, pour out all of your Tianhun gold Dan s, I want to see what kind of twenty thousand are like, I have never seen them before."

At this time, Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Jiang Simei, and said: "Later on, I will turn you into a little thing, when you realize that something is wrong with your body, you can try to jump over to my side.

When Jiang Simei heard it, he blinked his eyes.

Chen Xiang held the Storage bag in his hand and waved it towards the sky. Twenty thousand Jinyuan Dao Dan s flew out like golden stars.

"Wow." Hu Luo looked at the Tianhun gold Dan in the sky and couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

"Haha, I'll have as much as I want in the future." Hu Luo laughed out wildly, and caught the Tianhun gold Dan s that fell to the ground with both of his hands. The two elders behind him seemed to have never seen so many pills, and could not help but to look at them with interest.

Just then, Chen Xiang's eyes suddenly shot out two rays of weak white light, the power of the transformation technique struck Jiang Simei's body.

Jiang Simei immediately turned into a very small flea, struggling free of the black ropes that were tying her up. As she struggled to jump over to Chen Xiang's side, Chen Xiang also jumped over with his Shrinking step.

The moment he touched Jiang Simei, he brought Jiang Simei inside the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"You're courting death." An old man came over when he saw Chen Xiang, at the same time, he struck out with his palm, sending Chen Xiang flying far away.

When Chen Xiang fell from the tall mountain, he became a small stone, but the power of the old man's palm just now was extremely strong, the entire mountain shook, and many small stones rolled down, making it difficult for them to discover Chen Xiang.

The old man was very powerful. Chen Xiang had suffered severe injuries from his big palm, but fortunately, he was still able to maintain his consciousness.

"All of you go and find that kid. I'll pick this Tianhun gold Dan up and make sure to find him. If he goes back and tells that surnamed Tai's brother, we'll be in trouble." Hu Luo said anxiously, then quickly picked up the Tianhun gold Dan on the ground, the two old men also flew towards the direction Chen Xiang flew towards.

Chen Xiang rested for a moment, stabilising the condition of his body, then transformed into a small insect that quickly climbed up the mountain.

"You don't need to pick them up. Follow these Tianhun gold Dan and destroy them." Chen Xiang went up and saw that Hu Luo was busy picking up the Tianhun gold Dan, so he took out the Emperor seal and imprinted it onto Hu Luo.

With a dragon's roar, it smashed onto Hu Luo's body and the entire mountain peak was smashed into pieces by the force of the roar.

Hu Luo was the Villa Master's grandson and had extremely strong defensive treasures on his body. After Chen Xiang left the seal, he saw that Hu Luo had only been sent flying, hence he also rushed towards the direction where Hu Luo had been sent flying.

The two old men were all stunned, they never thought that after receiving such a heavy blow, Chen Xiang would still be able to run to the top of the mountain to attack him, they were currently extremely anxious, if Hu Luo died, they would definitely be in deep trouble, the first thing they would do was to look at the true contents of this book!

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