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Chen Xiang had isolated himself for ten days, and had refined a few hundred thousand Gumai Dan. Right now, everyone in the Myriad Tao City knew just how effective Gumai Dan was, and the demand for this kind of pill was quite large, so it could be sold for a while.

After coming out, Jiang Simei saw Chen Xiang, and anxiously walked over, took out two Storage bag and said: "One of them is a Death Law beads, the other one is a reborn Law beads, both have ten."

Chen Xiang took it and nodded: "Alright, I'll help you guys refine it soon." Afterwards, he also gave the Gumai Dan to Jiang Simei.

"Meimei, go and investigate what pill the Tai Dao realm needs to grow faster." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright." Jiang Simei was also doing his research everywhere these days. After all, this was a business, and he had to understand the market's needs.

Right now, she had investigated that the Myriad Tao City still needed Gumai Dan s very much. There were many people in the Myriad Tao City, and there were also many powers outside the Myriad Tao City who needed Gumai Dan s very much.

Consolidating cultivation channels was a headache for many people. Previously, Jiang Simei had been troubled for a period of time, but after eating the Gumai Dan, he was able to resolve it very quickly.

Even if the current Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa offered a higher price, many people would still be willing to buy it.

Chen Xiang continued to close up, this time refining his Law beads.

Jiang Simei wanted to cultivate the Law of Death, it was a type of Code power that had a strong killing power. For a violent woman like Jiang Simei, it wasn't strange for her to train in this Code.

A hundred thousand Law beads required ten million one pellets, and Jiang Simei had only bought ten. After Chen Xiang refined them with the Crash method, one pellet was worth three and a half, so more than half of the ten pellets were completed.

Then came the Law of Regeneration, which was what Jiang Sijing wanted to cultivate.

A few days later, Chen Xiang had very successfully refined these Law beads, and their effects had increased by several times.

After he came out, Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing had also gone to refine the Law beads, and in this period of time, she had also sold the Gumai Dan to the two Tai Clan elders. She gave all two hundred and five million Myriad Tao Crystals to Chen Xiang.

But to buy those rare Law beads, it was only enough to buy three.

Of course, this was extremely fast, because as long as he used the Crash method to refine it, thirty pellets would be enough for him to cultivate up to the level of a rare Rule Dao line.

"Seniors, it's not bad to get up." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course, we are the big red man in the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa now, the manor lord thinks very highly of us." Tai Bo laughed.

"It's all thanks to you." Tai Bao said, they would visit here everyday, and the Mei Jing Store had also closed the door, opening it only to enter a small courtyard.

Since they knew the relationship between the two elders and the Mei Jing Store, no one from the other shops dared to come. Instead, they secretly sent a message to Jiang Simei, wanting to cooperate with him, but was rejected by him.

"Oh right, is there anything going on with the Myriad Tao Mausoleum in this period of time?" Chen Xiang came here to take a look at the Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

Usually, he went inside the Myriad Tao Mausoleum at that time to investigate, and a lot of people would die every time he went there. Furthermore, the last time he went there, many strong warriors were trapped inside. My father was trapped inside for hundreds of years last time, and ran out when he opened it last time. Tai Bao said.

"The Myriad Tao Mausoleum does have some good stuff, but don't think too much about it. Usually only the top people would dare to go in, and us two brothers are only there to join in the fun." Tai Bo sighed: "The last time it was opened, a strong cousin of ours died inside."

"So dangerous." Chen Xiang never expected that, no wonder so many people planned to stay.

"This Myriad Tao Mausoleum is also very strange. Sometimes, it's very dangerous, and when you enter, you will die for no reason. Sometimes, you will also be very safe, and when you enter, you won't encounter any dangers. Tai Bao said in a low voice: "This is a secret, no one else knows about this."

"What can I get?" Chen Xiang asked: "Is it a cultivation technique or something like that?"

"So far, no one has ever obtained a cultivation method from inside, instead, they have obtained some rare Law beads s, such as the s.p.a.ce Laws, the Law of Flight, the Law of the Dragon Path, and so on. In addition, there are also the mysterious Primal Laws and the Laws of Creation." Tai Bao said in a low voice, "My father had only obtained two primordial Law beads."

"The's Divine Stele doesn't have the Ancient Code of Creation, but there are also the Laws of Heavenly Refining and the Laws of Sword. These are all rather special and rare." Tai Bo added.

This made Chen Xiang even more curious. He had never heard of the existence of the Heaven Refining Code before.

"Then how long will it take for it to open again?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It seems like it won't be long, but we don't know the specifics either. We'll go back to the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa to ask for it later, we'll see if the old guy in the Villa can figure it out." Tai Bao said.

"Little brother, why are you asking this? You can't be thinking of going in, right?" Tai Bo was a little curious.

Heh heh, of course not. I just want to make some pills that will increase my cultivation level before we start. That way, more people will be able to improve their strength. Chen Xiang laughed.

"That's not bad. Every time before Myriad Tao Mausoleum opens, all kinds of pills will rise sharply. Now, we really need to make preparations." Tai Bo laughed.

After that, the two old men left to help Chen Xiang find the exact time of opening the Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

Chen Xiang returned to his room, took out the Emperor seal, and then entered it. He saw the green dragon.

"Senior Azure Dragon, have you heard of that Myriad Tao Mausoleum before?" Chen Xiang asked. This green dragon was the green dragon of the Divine Wasteland.

"Myriad Tao Mausoleum, this is a very scary place. It's very easy for people to lose themselves in it." The green dragon suddenly said.

"You know a lot about the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. I heard that there are a lot of good things you can get from entering." Chen Xiang said: "Furthermore, the few Dao Patriarchs that entered previously caused many of the supreme divine arts to be lost."

"Really? Back then, I was once summoned by a mysterious voice to go search for this place. Before this, there were already many warriors who mysteriously went missing. The green dragon was suddenly very interested in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

Chen Xiang told the green dragon the general situation of the Myriad Tao City.

"Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, this villa sounds like it has something to do with me. Could it be that it was established by my disciples all those years ago?" The Azure Dragon was very suspicious, "Apart from me, the White Tiger, Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird should be in the Divine Wasteland. If there's no news about them, they might be here." This book came from 17K, so the first thing he did was to look at the original content!

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