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Ten million in a year, 100 million in ten years, and he didn't even need to do anything. This was quite a high income, especially since these two elders didn't have much of a special background.

In fact, there were many powerhouses and descendants who did not have any good methods to earn many Dao crystal s. Hunting beasts were too tiring and dangerous, and refining pills was not something anyone could learn. Furthermore, it was tiring as well.

Therefore, these two elders felt that accepting Chen Xiang's job was extremely worthwhile.

"How about this, we will go to the Mei Jing Store today. If they come back to the Mei Jing Store again in the future and cause trouble, we brothers will immediately capture them. At that time, you can do whatever you want." Tai Bo chuckled, "Black Tiger Stockaded Village is also just a small force within the Western Tiger Mountain Villa, there's nothing to be afraid of."

Just like this, Chen Xiang and the two elders returned to the Mei Jing Store. Now, Jiang Sijing and Jiang Simei also felt more at ease.

The tyranny of the people of the Black Tiger Stockaded Village was already known to everyone in the Myriad Tao City. However, normally, they only dared to bully those who had no power or power, but now they were beaten up and thrown into the streets, this had never happened before.

At this time, Chen Xiang was busy tidying up the shop with Mei Jing Sisters. The two elders had also wanted to help, but Chen Xiang did not allow them to do so, allowing them to sit by the side and drink tea.

"Those shops that cooperate with you are truly unloyal. They just got scared and didn't dare to make a sound, hmph." Chen Xiang thought that this plan was very safe.

"I didn't expect that either... Sigh, things are unpredictable. " Jiang Simei sighed.

"Speaking of which, we are in charge here now, you can sell the Gumai Dan yourself. In any case, the shops that you are working with did not stand up at this critical time, and there is no longer a need to work with them." Tai Bo said: "Although those shops have the strength, if they were to join forces, they could still suppress Black Tiger Stockaded Village, and the one who supports Black Tiger Stockaded Village."

"They were afraid of trouble, that's why they did not make a move. I felt that they looked down on you guys in their hearts, and thought that even if you were bullied by the Black Tiger Stockaded Village, they would still look for you to do business in the future." Tai Bao also nodded and said.

"Seniors, we will just sell the Gumai Dan like this. Are we really not going to be bothered by other shops?" Jiang Sijing asked softly.

"Little girl, although we are not the strongest here, but our parents have power in the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, and are considered top ten experts, and have a lot of authority in the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, other than the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, if other powers knew that we were here, they would definitely not cause trouble, even if they had the power, if they provoked us, it would definitely be very troublesome."

Chen Xiang thought about it, also thinking that it would be great if he could sell it, he could earn more this way.

"Meimei, we'll sell it ourselves from now on. Don't sell it to those guys." Chen Xiang said.

Jiang Simei did not answer immediately, but was thinking instead.

"To guard the store every day and sell it to a lot of people is very troublesome... I do have a good style. " Jiang Simei smiled mysteriously.

"Tell me about it." Chen Xiang was very curious.

Jiang Simei came in front of the two elders and smiled: "Seniors, Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa should have many medicine shops in this Myriad Tao City. According to what I know, these are all opened by different factions within the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa."

"Not bad, although these shops do not belong to the same person, their relationship is still good, and they are evenly distributed throughout the Myriad Tao City. This is also to avoid compet.i.tion and conflict." Tai Bao nodded his head, and laughed: "Girl, don't tell me you want to sell all of your Gumai Dan to our Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa's shops, that's fine."

"No." Jiang Simei chuckled. "I want to sell the Gumai Dan to the two seniors, our price is five hundred Dao crystal s per pellet, and the ones that are sold on the market is seven hundred, or even seven hundred and five hundred, I can sell them to you two. Then, you two can add a few Dao crystal s for sale to those shops, this way you can also earn a bit of difference in prices."

Tai Bao and Tai Bo looked at each other, and suddenly felt that this idea was not bad, they knew that Chen Xiang had a lot of pills, otherwise they would not be able to give them the thousand Myriad Tao Crystals.

"Furthermore, we can give you guys the goods first. Wait until you sell the Gumai Dan s, then you can pay us." Jiang Simei laughed.

"We have grown up, although we have done business before, we have never made a lot of money before. Little girl, tell us, if we help you sell your Gumai Dan, how much can we earn?" Tai Bao asked.

"That's too much, so much that you can't imagine, that's more than if you took a thousand Myriad Tao Crystals in a year." Jiang Simei laughed mischievously: "Let me calculate for you guys, I now have around five hundred thousand Gumai Dan in my hands."

"If you five hundred Dao crystal s are to sell them, if you add a hundred to the price, you can earn one hundred Dao crystal per pellet, after which you can obtain five hundred thousand pellets. that would be five thousand Myriad Tao Crystals. "

When the two Tai Bao elders heard about the five hundred thousand pills, they were shocked. They were very curious as to how Chen Xiang had refined so many Gumai Dan.

"There really are that many." Tai Bao did not dare believe it: "If there really is that much, I will help you sell it right now and I will also return the thousand Myriad Tao Crystals that I took from you earlier."

Jiang Simei handed over a Storage bag over to Tai Bao. When Tai Bao received it and took a look, he was immediately stunned.

When Tai Bo looked at it, his expression was the same as Tai Bao's earlier.

"Alright, I'll sell it now, hehe." Tai Bao was very happy, he could only earn so much, and that was only enough to let him make a few trips. He believed that the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa had the ability to eat that much.

Before, Jiang Simei did not even look for those large shops, because large shops were not easy to talk about. However, Tai Bao and the others were different, because they all said that the status of the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa was very high.

It was only when it was night time that Tai Bao returned with a smile on his face. It was obvious that his mood had improved by a few points.

"This is for you. 250 million."

As expected, Tai Bao sold all of those Gumai Dan, and then sold five hundred Dao crystal s to Chen Xiang and the others, at the same time returning the thousand Myriad Tao Crystals.

"Old grandpa, how much did you sell it for?" Jiang Sijing was extremely curious.

"I added a hundred and fifty, and sold six hundred and fifty Dao crystal s to them one pellet. In any case, I'm the only one selling them." Tai Bao laughed, "This business is worth it, it's just one vote, but it's already more than what we earned in the past."

Tai Bo had also gotten half of the profit, so the relationship between the two brothers were still very good. Tai Bao had increased by 150, so he had earned more than 70 million.

"Alright, we'll be partners from now on. If anyone dares to cause trouble for you, we'll definitely let them have a good time." said. Cooperation with Chen Xiang and the others was much more worthwhile than charging them protection fees.

At this moment, loud noises came from outside.

With a boom, the door that had just been repaired was smashed open again. The Black Tiger Stockaded Village's people had come.

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