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Previously, Chen Xiang had used ten days to refine five hundred thousand Gumai Dan. If he sold them all, he would be able to earn more than two hundred million Dao crystal.

When he returned to the Mei Jing Store, the first thing he saw was that the Mei Jing Store's door was rotten to the core.

Chen Xiang's heart tensed up, he immediately rushed into the Mei Jing Store, only to see more than 10 big sized men surrounding Jiang Simei and his group.

These black clothed men were all very familiar to Chen Xiang and he immediately recognized that they were people from the Black Tiger Stockaded Village.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang immediately rushed over and stood in front of the two sisters, his voice bringing with it a bone-piercing coldness.

Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing's faces were ugly, and what was inside was also tattered and tattered, one could tell that they had attacked just now, but they were unable to defeat these big sized fellows.

Could it be that you are the Alchemist who refined the Gumai Dan? The black-clothed man in the lead laughed.

"Talking is fine, but before we start talking, I want to ask you all whether you made a move here or not. You were the ones who destroyed the door." Chen Xiang was furious to the extreme, how could this Black Tiger Stockaded Village be so bold as to directly attack him.

He remembered that Jiang Simei had spoken with the shops, if Black Tiger Stockaded Village dared to come and cause trouble, the shops would definitely help, and Black Tiger Stockaded Village was definitely aware of this, but they still came to make trouble, and it must be because of someone from the Black Tiger Stockaded Village.

"That's right, we are only here for Jiang Simei to discuss business, but she rejected us outside. Our Black Tiger Stockaded Village is quite famous in the Myriad Tao City, to actually look down on us, in our anger, we could not control our emotions, and that would be rude."

"After entering, this woman did not bother to be reasonable and directly attacked us. We also did not injure them. Else, they would have already died."

Chen Xiang's expression became colder and colder, but the big sized man was not afraid at all.

"All of you need to be clear that our Black Tiger Stockaded Village is prepared for you. Don't think that those shops will stand up for you." The man laughed: "I'll just say it directly now, sell your Gumai Dan to us, we four hundred Dao crystal will buy one from you."

Jiang Simei sold them for five hundred Dao crystal s to other stores, but this Black Tiger Stockaded Village was actually bidding at four hundred. This caused Chen Xiang to be even more furious in his heart.

"Don't go too far, I will give you a chance. Leave a hundred Myriad Tao Crystals as compensation, or else I will fight to the end with you." Chen Xiang said.

Jiang Sijing pulled Chen Xiang, they had exchanged blows with this group of people previously and knew that they were all very strong, but when Chen Xiang had just stepped into the Tai Dao realm, they believed that Chen Xiang's strength was similar to theirs.

Who are you kid? The sons and grandsons of the Seven Great Villa's Villa Masters and the high disciples of the Leader s, you actually dared to say such arrogant words to our Black Tiger Stockaded Village s. "

"Let me tell you, hurry up and sell it to us Gumai Dan at a low price, otherwise, don't think about doing business here in the Myriad Tao City, do you know who the backer of our Black Tiger Stockaded Village's chief is?"

Chen Xiang clenched his fist tightly, channeled the Primitive Tao Power in his body, and said in a deep voice, "All I know is that the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of your Black Dog Stronghold are all shameless dogs that can't get rid of their p.i.s.s."

With that said, Chen Xiang took a step, and already appeared behind the big sized man. The Primitive Tao Power that surged with incomparable rage, roared out angrily the moment it pa.s.sed Chen Xiang's arm.

The big sized man never thought that Chen Xiang would actually dare to make a move against him, and at such a fast speed. Just as he was about to dodge, Chen Xiang's fist had already struck his face.


The shockwave was accompanied by a burst of intense fiery light as it exploded out. The scorching wave of flames made the Mei Jing Store feel as if he was in a furnace.

The leading man's face was smashed into pieces by Chen Xiang, as though someone had ripped a piece of flesh off his face. This kind of berserk power caused everyone to tremble in fear.

"You … "Ah …" The big sized man covered his face and shouted in pain. At this moment, he was completely confused, Chen Xiang's punch earlier was filled with anger.

His Primitive Tao Power was not just any ordinary dao power. Adding to the fact that all ten of his profound gates were open, even the fourth or fifth stage of Tai Dao realm was not his opponent.

"Hurry up." The big man shouted in anger, "Cripple this kid!"

Just as he finished shouting, the ghost-like Chen Xiang had already rushed to the back of the group and struck out his palm at the person behind the two. The berserk Heaven Blasting Palm's power, which carried the flaming force of an angry dragon, surged into the two people's bodies, shaking them and causing their chest to be ripped apart.

Chen Xiang's Shrinking step was extremely mysterious, moving as fast as teleportation. In the blink of an eye, it had already flashed past, and then, a fierce fist struck over. Although being hit by his fist wouldn't kill him, he would definitely be severely injured.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just a few blinks of an eye, the entire group of Black Tiger Stockaded Village were severely injured by Chen Xiang, and each one of them was thrown out of the window by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang walked out, and ruthlessly trampled on the burly man leading the group. He then punched him again and again, covering his entire body, and beat the burly man until he was like minced meat.

This is what I returned to you all along with the last time. When I go back, I need to tell your Black Tiger Stockaded Village's chief that if he doesn't bring the one billion Dao crystal, I will personally fetch his dog head.

Chen Xiang's cold voice carried an extremely insolent might, scaring the group of people to the point they struggled to get up, dragging their leader who was like mud as they swiftly fled.

Jiang Sijing was already dumbstruck, trembling in fear, she never thought that the normally gentle Chen Xiang would actually be so terrifying when angered, and was even more impressed. She thought that Chen Xiang was only capable of refining pills, and was not very strong.

"Meimei, how many Gumai Dan have you sold? How many do you have right now?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I sold it for thirty thousand crystals, that's one thousand five hundred Myriad Tao Crystals." Jiang Simei said.

"Alright, come with me." Chen Xiang immediately brought them to the store in Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa. Neither Tai Shangzhen nor the two Tai Clan elders left.

Tai Shangzhen saw that Chen Xiang had arrived and laughed: "You're here already."

Chen Xiang nodded, took out a thousand Myriad Tao Crystals and gave it to the two elders, and said: "Seniors, these are one thousand Myriad Tao Crystals … But let me make it clear first, just now, I beat up that fellow from Black Tiger Stockaded Village. "

Afterwards, Chen Xiang told them about the group of people who had attacked the Mei Jing Store and how they had besieged him, making the two elders very angry.

"To think that a small Black Tiger Stockaded Village would be so arrogant. I would like to see who the backers of the village chief is. Don't worry, since we have accepted your Dao crystal, we will definitely protect you." Tai Bao received Chen Xiang's Dao crystal and said, "This book is from 17K, read the original content immediately!"

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