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Chen Xiang actually wanted to cultivate the most expensive pill, at first, Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing were very surprised, but when they thought of Chen Xiang's terrifying pill refining skills, they felt that it was nothing strange. = = =

"The most expensive thing is... The s.p.a.ce Laws, Law of Flight, Law of Annihilation, Law of Stars, Law of the Dragon Dao, these are all 100 million Law beads each. "

"Is there nothing more expensive?" Chen Xiang asked. He felt that the spatial and flight laws were more important, especially when fighting, and the Annihilation Laws also made him more interested. It sounded like a type of Law with a strong destructive power.

Of course, he was also very curious about the Dao of the Dragon!

There was no need for too many Rule Dao line s. Just one was enough and Rule Dao line could only use higher level laws.

For example, Chen Xiang knew how to use the power of s.p.a.ce, but it was not high enough. If there was a Rule Dao line, his ability to use the spatial laws would increase by one level, and he could use it here.

"It should be gone, the more expensive thing is the primal laws, because they are not for sale." Jiang Simei said.

"Alright, I will start concocting pills now. I will calculate and see how many Gumai Dan I need to buy and how many I need to buy." Chen Xiang laughed.

"This is too much!" Jiang Simei said: "Oh yes, you can take a hundred Law beads from twenty of them?"

"Yes, your Law beads are all at the level of ten million. Why don't you try cultivating them first?" said. Twenty pills was still only two hundred million, he felt that it should be done very quickly.

"In theory, it will be very fast, but with so many pills, we will definitely become very famous. We just don't know how much trouble we'll attract then." Jiang Simei was very worried about this.

If the Gumai Dan was sold for two hundred million, then there would definitely be a lot of them, so he could roughly calculate how many there were.

"Looks like we have to keep a low profile." Chen Xiang nodded.

… ….

Chen Xiang was concocting pills in the bas.e.m.e.nt, which amounted to fifty thousand in one day. After he closed up for ten days, he managed to refine five hundred thousand pills.

Of course, she did not dare to release so many goods at once. She would definitely cause trouble and would do as she was told.

But even so, her reputation was very big, after all, the supply of Gumai Dan was very large, and the effects were not bad, for many people, it was very useful, allowing them to quickly consolidate their Rule Dao line.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of a way, he immediately went to look for Tai Shangzhen.

"Senior Tai, did you get promoted?" When Chen Xiang arrived, he laughed and said.

"Yes, I'm the manager here now." Because he had made a huge deal with Chen Xiang last time, Tai Shangzhen was highly regarded, "Do you have some kind of big business deal with me again?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, with a stern expression, Tai Shangzhen anxiously brought him to a private room.

"To be honest, the famous Gumai Dan today was created by me." Chen Xiang had known Tai Shangzhen for a long time, so he had confidence in Tai Shangzhen. He felt that the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa Tai Shangzhen joined was pretty good, so he wanted to ask Tai Shangzhen a few things.

"So that's how it is. No wonder you're so rich." Tai Shangzhen chuckled: "You should be the big boss behind Mei Jing Store's scenes."

"Something like that!" Chen Xiang revealed a face of worry: "Now that the business is big, I am worried that it will cause trouble. Senior Tai, do you know any experts that are lacking Dao crystal? I want to invite a few of them to guard my Mei Jing Store!"

The Mei Jing Store was named after Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing, and did not sell pellets to individuals, they only sold them to the shops.

Honestly speaking, not long ago, we were found by those fellows from the Black Tiger Stockaded Village. Chen Xiang sighed.

"That's not a problem, I knew two good guys in Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa. They are old guys like me, who are usually idle, but they are very strong, and their parents are both elder-cla.s.s people in Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa." Tai Shangzhen said: "If they had protected the Mei Jing Store, the others would definitely not have come back to cause trouble."

"Oh? Do you trust these two people? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course you can, I, Tai Shangzhen have always been very accurate with regards to other people." Tai Shangzhen patted his chest and guaranteed: "I'll guarantee it, you don't have to worry."

"Can you tell me about the two of them? I want to know more about them. " Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course they can, they are two brothers with the same surname, and it's also because of this that we know each other. Brother's name is Tai Bao, brother's name is Tai Bo, his parents are the elders from the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, they normally don't like to earn Dao crystal, because their parents are both elders."

"Because of this, people in the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa say that they are lazy eaters, and they always want to find relaxed and decent jobs to do them. If they can earn a few more Dao crystal, they would be even happier."

Chen Xiang also felt that this was a pretty good candidate. Since his parents were all elders of the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, the other forces would definitely be wary of them.

"Then, go and ask them how many Dao crystal they need every year!" Chen Xiang said: "It would be even better if I could talk with these two seniors."

"That's easy. I'll send someone to get them now." Tai Shangzhen said.

Not long after, two white-robed elders walked in. Although they had a head full of white hair, they were very neatly groomed. They looked like older disciples of a famous sect, and were very concerned about their appearance and appearance.

"This young friend is Chen Xiang, right?" When the taller old man saw Chen Xiang, he laughed heartily: "I am Tai Bao."

"I am Tai Bo!" The other old man had a kind smile on his face. He didn't seem to be of any value at all. Although they were all old, there was a sense of n.o.bility to them.

"This kid greets the two seniors." Chen Xiang also quickly bowed.

After that, Tai Shangzhen briefly told the two brothers about Chen Xiang, and after they found out about it, they were extremely surprised. They did not expect the owner of the Mei Jing Store to be so young.

"Right now, Mei Jing Store has indeed received attention from many powers. Fortunately, the shops that Mei Jing Store cooperates with all come from the seven great villas, so the seven great villas only paid attention to it and did not send anyone over to temporarily contact them!" Tai Bao nodded his head: "If you ask us to stand guard, this will not be a problem. With the reputation and prestige of us two brothers, the other powers will not dare to find trouble with you."

"At present, the Gumai Dan sold by the Mei Jing Store does not have any conflicts of interest with the Seven Great Villa's medicine stores, and it even makes those shops profitable. It can be seen that the people operating the Mei Jing Store are extremely quick-witted." Tai Bo laughed: "If you add on the fact that we are here, I can definitely let you rest easy!"

"How much do the two elders need in return?" Chen Xiang asked. These two old men looked very friendly, but Jiang Zhong was older after all, and both of them needed a decent amount of income.

"One year, thousand Myriad Tao Crystals!" Tai Bao said, while Tai Bo also nodded his head.

Tai Shangzhen was surprised. "Isn't that a bit too much?"

"Brother Shang Zhen, this is not too high. Because some things happened, us two brothers are going to take action. We even need to ask our parents for help." Furthermore, these thousand Myriad Tao Crystals are split between us two brothers, and not only is it ten million each. Tai Bao said.

"Alright, I'll come back here to trade with you in three days." Chen Xiang nodded his head. He thought that the other party was taking too little, and thought that they would offer a price of over a hundred million. He didn't expect them to only offer ten million, and two at that.

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