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Jiang Simei also thought that it was nothing much, the shops were not in a rush, even if they sold out, as long as Chen Xiang knew how to refine these pills, he would still sell them quickly in the future, and with the lack of stock for a period of time, coupled with the fame of the Gumai Dan, the price would increase a little.

Just like that, Chen Xiang went back to cultivate peacefully.

He had just formed a Fire dao vein, he needed to consolidate this dao vein to be able to cultivate in the third meridian, at that time, his Gumai Dan would be useful.

The Gumai Dan that he had eaten were not the kind that he had refined in batches. What he had eaten was something that had been refined using the Crash method.

"The quality of Gumai Dan after is different!" Chen Xiang sighed in admiration. He had only taken two pills, and it was enough to stabilize his Fire Path Meridian, before continuing to refine Fire rule beads.

Just like this, more than twenty days pa.s.sed. At this time, he had already cultivated up to ten dao veins, one of which was his basic dao vein while the other nine were fire Rule Dao line.

"I only used fire to increase my strength by a lot. The other aspects of the improvement are not very obvious!" Chen Xiang was a little disappointed, but his flames were indeed much stronger.

In terms of physical body, he was already strong enough, and had long reached the level of many tenth place of Dao G.o.d realm s, and even far surpa.s.sed it.

He had also only consumed two hundred Fire rule beads, because he could carry out six Crash s of Fire rule beads later on.

"I still have three hundred Fire rule beads left! This is three hundred Myriad Tao Crystals! " Chen Xiang planned to ask Jiang Simei again when he got back. Seeing as he had a way to deal with it, he didn't have any use for it now.

Now he began to eat the Tianhun gold Dan that had been refined by the Crash method, because he wanted to cultivate the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds, and only by doing so would he be able to increase his strength greatly!

"Tai Dao realm mainly focuses on the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds. The stronger the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds, the stronger the dao force it can release. As for my Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds, it can release Primitive Tao Power, so it is much stronger than others."

Chen Xiang's refining techniques could allow him to produce pills with strong effects, such as the Tianhun gold Dan he was eating now had extremely strong effects.

He had carried out six Crash s of all those Tianhun gold Dan, so he could refine five pellets a day!

Roughly ten days later, he ate fifty of these Tianhun gold Dan and also cultivated Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds. This Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds was very special, it looked like a huge golden mirror that was suspended in the air.

At this time, one end of the ten Rule Dao line s was connected to the ten Law profound doors, while the other end was connected to the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds!

"Let's see how strong the Primitive Tao Power is right now!" Chen Xiang's mind moved, the Divine Sense Sea mirror flashed and released a golden light. The golden light pa.s.sed through the Rule Dao line and rushed into the Code Gate.

"What a strong flame!" Chen Xiang only felt the flame coming to his arm and he found it to be strong, he immediately kept it.

"It would be great if I could have a s.p.a.ce dao meridian!" Chen Xiang could now use an even stronger power of the Fire Laws. After all, he had nine fire Rule Dao line.

Chen Xiang had isolated himself for a month and now he had also stepped into the Tai Dao realm. This had exceeded his expectations before, and even he himself had not expected that he would break through so quickly.

Chen Xiang hurriedly returned to look for Jiang Simei.

Jiang Simei did not say anything, she even hoped that Chen Xiang would cultivate for a long time! Right now, she was no longer able to clearly sense Chen Xiang's cultivation level, which meant that Chen Xiang was already around her level, and they were both in the Tai Dao realm.

In just a month's time, Chen Xiang, who was at the first level of the Dao G.o.d Realm, actually broke through to the Tai Dao realm.

"This... As long as there are enough Law beads, it will suffice. But looking at the Dao crystal in your hands, you can only purchase five hundred of them! " Jiang Simei couldn't understand.

"Elder Brother Shen, what method did you use?" Jiang Sijing was very curious.

"Hehe, I am a very powerful Alchemist. After I refine those Law beads, I will place several of each one on top." Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously: "This is a secret, don't tell anyone! If you need my help in refining it, you can just say so. "

Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing were both shocked that the Law beads could be refined as well. They nodded their heads immediately and became extremely excited, which meant that they did not need to buy too many Law beads s to be able to cultivate such a rare Rule Dao line.

"Right, I'll go back to forge pills first. I'll wait for a day or two more!" Chen Xiang laughed.

… ….

After breaking through, all aspects of him had greatly improved. After all, he had risen by a whole realm.

The underground chamber that he was in was relatively small and he could only produce a hundred pill furnaces. In order to refine more Gumai Dan faster, he had poured more medicinal ingredients into each one of the Magic method furnace.

With his current strength, this was not as difficult as before, and he could still do it easily.

"Fifty pills per batch, this should be my limit!" Chen Xiang also had a lot of those red fruits. Jiang Sijing had always had a lot of them, so he could use a lot of them to refine.

In two hours, he had completed 100 batches of pills. Each batch contained 50 pills, and 5000 pills were completed just like that. He had refined 50,000 pills in an entire 10 hours, and his pill refining speed was simply insane!

After Jiang Simei obtained the Gumai Dan, he anxiously contacted the owners of the shops, telling them to come here to retrieve the cores, and they sold it very quickly.

"Meimei, there are three hundred Law beads here. Use them to buy a larger shop!" Chen Xiang handed the Fire rule beads over to Jiang Simei.

The larger the s.p.a.ce, the more comfortable it would be to live in.

She only went there for half a day before she came back to look for Chen Xiang and Jiang Sijing. Afterwards, she moved to the little villa that she bought.

The old granny remained in the same shop.

"Sijing, it's so beautiful, have you guys thought about what kind of rare Rule Dao line you want to cultivate?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Next, we'll be earning Dao crystal more and more."

"I've already thought about it. I want to cultivate Death Rule Dao line and Ice Lightning Dao Veins. All of the required Law beads are worth ten million each." Jiang Simei said.

"My current Dao Meridians are pretty good …." If you want to cultivate a rare dao meridian, that is, to regenerate a Rule Dao line. It can heal injuries, and it can also control a beast. " Jiang Sijing said: "They are also Law beads of the Thousand Myriad Tao's Crystal rank."

"Elder Brother Shen, what about you?" Jiang Sijing asked.

"What does the most expensive Law beads have?" Chen Xiang did not say it out loud, he did not think that there would be such strange laws here, he had not even heard of the rules that Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing talked about before.

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