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Chen Xiang giggled. Jiang Sijing was there too, smiling sweetly at Chen Xiang, then walked over and gave the red fruit she planted to Chen Xiang.

"Elder Brother Shen, these are the little red fruits that I grew. There are tens of thousands of them." Jiang Sijing said.

"Mn, Sijing is so powerful. After I have reached the tenth stage of the Dao Shi realm, I will a.s.suredly give you a share of the Dao crystal." Chen Xiang scratched her cute nose.

Chen Xiang took out two Tianhun gold Dan s and said: "Beautiful, Sijing, try this, see how much better the effects of this pill is compared to the Jinyuan Dao Dan! This is a new type of pill I just made, called Tianhun gold Dan. "

Jiang Sijing and Jiang Simei hurriedly took it and consumed it, then sat on the chair and refined it with their eyes closed.

Not long after, Jiang Simei said: "When strengthening the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds, it's a hundred times stronger than a Jinyuan Dao Dan."

"What a tyrannical medicinal strength, it's way better than the Jinyuan Dao Dan!" Jiang Sijing said.

Chen Xiang was a little surprised: "A hundred times? Then how many Dao crystal s can it be sold for? "

Jiang Simei thought for a while, then said: "The lowest quality Jinyuan Dao Dan is thirty pellets, and this Tianhun gold Dan is a hundred times more effective than the Jinyuan Dao Dan, which is equivalent to three thousand Dao crystal, but taking into account that it has to compete with the Jinyuan Dao Dan, selling two thousand five hundred Dao crystal would definitely be very popular."

"Of course, as long as the price is two thousand two hundred and three, those shops will decide the price themselves."

Jiang Simei had carefully selected all the shops before, and they were all scattered across more than twenty areas of the Myriad Tao City. All of them were middle to large scale stores in these twenty areas, and since these areas were far from the shops, there was no need to form compet.i.tion between the stores.

Of course, in these more than twenty areas, there were no Black Tiger Stockaded Village's territory, and there weren't even any shops under the Western Tiger Mountain Villa's banner.

The reason she did this, was also to take revenge on the Black Tiger Stockaded Village!

Because of the Black Tiger Stockaded Village, all of the powers under the Western Tiger Mountain Villa were implicated, causing Jiang Simei to not look for them to do business. One must know that their region was also very large, and many people ran to other regions to buy Gumai Dan.

If Jiang Simei found them, they could also earn a lot! If it was the past, they would definitely come to threaten Jiang Simei.

But Jiang Simei was currently being protected by twenty different shops, it would be good if Jiang Simei did not let the twenty over shops cause trouble for them.

Therefore, Jiang Simei was a big sister, because she made the owners of the shops earn a lot.

"Within the Myriad Tao City, there are the most number of Tai Dao realm s and tenth place of Dao G.o.d realm s, and they are also a relatively strong group of people who can often kill Dragon beast! And Tai Dao realm s need to cultivate Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds s, so they are very willing to learn from this. "

When Jiang Simei had nothing to do, he would investigate this sort of thing.

"Mn, when I reach the tenth place of Dao G.o.d realm and don't really need the Dao crystal, let's change to a bigger place. That way, I can refine even more pills." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Elder Brother Shen, the more larger the place, the more you can refine? It's so magical! " Jiang Sijing asked naively.

"The place is bigger, but he can store more pill furnaces. He must have controlled more than one pill furnace at a time. This is a very good technique, only those who have cultivated for thousands or tens of thousands of years can use it." Jiang Simei said: "Right, Chen Xiang!"

"Hehe, yes, my pill refining age is also tens of thousands of years." Chen Xiang laughed.

… ….

Chen Xiang walked out of the shop and headed towards the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele. He told Jiang Simei to tell the shop owners that the next time they sell it would be twenty days later, because he was going to cultivate the Rule Dao line next.

He was going to buy Law beads now.

After arriving at the old mansion, there were still many people present.

"Senior Tai, why are you here?" Chen Xiang did not expect to come here and meet Tai Shangzhen again.

"I'm working here now, I'm a member of the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa." Tai Shangzhen laughed out loud: "Although I was a Leader of the Sublime Flow Sword Grotto before, when I came here, I knew that I was observing the sky from the well."

"So this is the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa!" Chen Xiang did not expect this, "But why didn't you join the sword sect? The Sword Truth Sect's gate should also be here! "

"Sigh, it's hard to put into words …" Although I train in the way of the sword, but the sword dao gate here is completely different from the one I train in since I was young, and it caused me to become very confused, so I decided to exit and enter the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa. Tai Shangzhen said: "And people of the Pill Dao are also like me, they are all in the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, and that fellow in the Pill Dao is more or less what I thought."

Chen Xiang nodded, he had seen the old man in the Pill Dao, his temperament was indeed very different from the Leader s of other sects.

"Old man Tai, you actually have the face to preach to the younger generation after doing such a disloyal thing." A middle-aged man walked in, his body covered in blood, and beside him followed nine middle-aged men and elderly men, all of whom were sect Leader s of the Fire Way and the Sword Way.

Now, they had also joined the Sword and Fire Door, and no longer had a high and mighty status. From the looks of it, they had just returned from hunting Dragon beast.

"If I truly join this place's sword dao gate, then that would be true treason. The way the sword dao gate talks about walking in here is no longer the way of the sword dao that I'm familiar with." Tai Shangzhen said coldly.

Hearing Tai Shangzhen's words, Chen Xiang knew that the three sects here were strange, especially the Tian Dao Sect.

Previously, he had seen the upper echelons of the Heaven's Path Sect, but he had not seen Natural Law Divine Lord. He felt that the Natural Law Divine Lord must be inside the Heaven's Path Sect, and might be a very important person.

"We just caught a dragon ape, this is something worth twenty Myriad Tao Crystals! And you. Haha, how much can you earn here? " The middle-aged man from Fire Avenue sneered.

"Although I don't earn much, at least I don't have to do things that are ungrateful." Tai Shangzhen was extremely disdainful.

"Twenty Myriad Tao Crystals? Out of the ten of you, none of you are more than twenty thousand. " Chen Xiang said.

"Brat, you're only returning 20,000 or so? With ten of us working together, it'll be easy for each of us to earn a hundred thousand a month. The last time you sold that Dragon wolf, you only earned a few thousand, can you guarantee that you could kill ten of them in a month? "Definitely not." After all, Chen Xiang's cultivation was very low, and his relationship with Tai Shangzhen was not bad.

"Of course I can't kill ten Dragon wolf in a month. I won't kill one either, because I can still earn a lot even if I don't kill one." Chen Xiang laughed: "I am here to purchase Fire rule beads."

Hearing that, Tai Shangzhen laughed: "Really? I just happen to be in charge of selling the Fire rule beads, little friend Shen, I can give you a discount. "

"Senior Tai, is this true? If I want a large amount, how much can you give me off? Did you make any money yourself? " Chen Xiang did not think that Tai Shangzhen would actually do such a thing, it was not bad.

"We have quite a few Fire rule beads here. If I sell them, I will receive a lot of rewards." Tai Shangzhen said.

"Hmph. With just this brat alone, he can buy five of them." The middle-aged man said in a mocking tone.

Chen Xiang did not bother with him and took out a Storage bag and said: "I want five hundred of them. There are five hundred Myriad Tao Crystals inside!"

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