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Jiang Sijing was extremely curious about Chen Xiang's World G.o.d's Spring, so the feeling that she was familiar with and unfamiliar with was very strange.

"Can this drink? I want to try it! " Jiang Sijing said.

"Of course you can!" Chen Xiang drank it a lot, and the taste was pretty good.

Jiang Sijing immediately took a sip, and with furrowed brows, she refined the Creation G.o.d's Spring. She wanted to see if it was different from her own power of the Laws of the Earth.

Not long after, she discovered that this kind of power could actually fuse with her Earth Rule Dao line and strengthen her Earth Rule Dao line.

"What exactly is this thing?" It can strengthen my Earth Rule Dao line! " Jiang Sijing was very surprised: "This is similar to the power of laws, but there is a problem, because I can't directly absorb it to form a Rule Dao line, but it can be used to strengthen the power of laws in my dao veins."

"Really?" Chen Xiang did not expect it to turn out like this. He took out a quality and laughed: "There are many of them. Take a look and see if you can use them to strengthen your Earth Rule Dao line."

"Un, thank you!" Jiang Sijing initially thought that this type of spring was very precious, he never expected Chen Xiang to give her so much in one go.

"You're welcome." Chen Xiang also hoped that Jiang Sijing's powers of the Ancient Code of Earth would strengthen as well.

After Jiang Sijing received the spring water from Chen Xiang, he gulped down a lot of it and started cultivating inside the pill refining room. He didn't mind being alone with Chen Xiang at all.

Chen Xiang also closed his eyes and separated a clone inside the You Yao Mountain Villa to control the clone to cultivate the medicinal herbs. He was prepared to refine a large amount of Jinyuan Dao Dan.

"I wonder if I can still focus on refining pills quickly …" If we go with the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, we should be able to produce four Jinyuan Dao Dan in one furnace. "

Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, opened its lid and placed the medicinal ingredients inside. After that, he widened his eyes and looked at the medicinal ingredients in the furnace.

As he willed it, two streams of fiery light shot out from his eyes. It was a type of intense flame that was generated through the ten levels of Laws and Mysterious Gate.

In just an instant, those medicinal herbs melted and then gathered together, forming a ball of Medicine crystal. Finally, they were split into four, and gradually formed into a pill …

"Still a little too slow!" Chen Xiang scratched his head, looking at the Jinyuan Dao Dan that had just formed in the pill furnace.

His mental cultivation method was to release flames through his eyes, and use his powerful spiritual sense and fire to help him concoct pills as he pleased. However, he was also thinking about how to refine the flames and spiritual sense to complement each other and refine the medicinal ingredients.

In the past, he could condense a pill in an instant, but this Jinyuan Dao Dan was a Natural Law Dan, it was slightly more difficult than the pills he had encountered in the past.

However, his current speed was extremely fast.

"The mental energy consumption is still great, but it doesn't matter. I just need to rest for a while." Chen Xiang only closed his eyes for a moment, before recovering his spirit.

"If I were to use the Dawan refining method, the refining speed would be even faster." Chen Xiang suddenly had an impulse, he looked at the pill refining room, and felt that it was too narrow, and Jiang Sijing was also here.

Jiang Simei came back with a lot of ingredients. They were all used to refine Jinyuan Dao Dan s, with over a hundred.

"Chen Xiang, let's talk about the benefits first … If you refine a batch of four Jinyuan Dao Dan, you will be able to sell them for a hundred, and if you deduct the cost of the ingredients, you will be able to earn eighty Dao crystal! Eighty Dao crystal, you are sixty, my sister and I are twenty! Because this is my shop, and my sister and I are in charge of sales and management, otherwise, you would need a lot of time to sell your own Jinyuan Dao Dan, which is also very troublesome. " Jiang Simei said.

Towards such a distribution, Chen Xiang was rather surprised, he never thought that Jiang Simei would give him so much.

He had run a shop together before, and the promotion segment was indeed quite troublesome. Forging a batch of pills could earn him sixty percent of the profit, which made him think that it was pretty good.

"Boss, did you buy these medicinal herbs?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, but now that the Jinyuan Dao Dan's ingredients are out of stock, so in the next period of time, the Jinyuan Dao Dan's price will probably rise, and when the time comes, we can distribute the goods from the new market. In short, I won't cheat you, because I'm not that kind of person." Jiang Simei said very seriously.

"Boss, I have a lot of Jinyuan Dao Dan s' herbs, you don't have to buy them from others." Chen Xiang said: "How about this, I used my own ingredients to refine the Jinyuan Dao Dan, and earned the Dao crystal. I will seven, you three, how about it?"

"Alright!" Jiang Simei nodded in agreement.

Chen Xiang could tell at a glance that a person like Jiang Simei would definitely not wait patiently to concoct pills, especially for someone who concocted pills all year round.

Leng Youlan and Long Xueyi were both people like that, if not as a last resort, they wouldn't bother to stay in the secret room all day. Now that Jiang Simei was refining pills at the back, she would definitely go to the front desk to sell them.

"Of course, just selling Jinyuan Dao Dan s is not enough!" Jiang Simei said: "We are going to sell those pills with higher profits, it is a waste for you to use your time to refine cheaper Jinyuan Dao Dan. Right now, we are only at the initial stage. Once we earn enough Dao crystal to buy some precious herbs for our sister to plant, we will be able to earn more. "

Chen Xiang laughed, "I agree! "I'll start concocting the pills now. I'll split the 100 sets according to what you said just now. I'll use my own ingredients for the next 30%."

"Alright!" Jiang Simei looked at his sister and asked, "What is sister doing?"

"She's cultivating. I gave her a type of divine spring to drink. She said that she can strengthen her own power of the Laws of the Earth, and then she can cultivate here. It won't be a problem." Chen Xiang said.

"Yes, you start concocting pills for three days, I will go and advertise it now, after three days I will sell the Jinyuan Dao Dan you refined." Jiang Simei walked out of the pill refining room.

"In three days, I should be able to refine 100 batches!" Chen Xiang looked at the herbs. He could refine four batches in two hours.

"Refining nine hours a day and resting six hours would allow me to refine thirty-six batches of pills. Three days would be enough." Chen Xiang made a plan for a while, then began refining.

Right now, he was using the mental cultivation method. His speed was extremely fast, and he would definitely be able to complete it faster than he had planned.

Jiang Sijing did not have much to do now, so she cultivated here, and was very serious about it. Even though it was very hot here, she did not say anything.

Very quickly, three days had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang had already refined a hundred batches of Jinyuan Dao Dan, for a total of four hundred pills!

"d.a.m.n it, I only got one Myriad Tao Crystal for four hundred pills. Excluding two thousand Dao crystal s, I only got eight thousand, while I got six thousand." Chen Xiang felt that it wasn't worth it for him to earn this much after working so hard for three days.

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Jiang Sijing woke up from her cultivation and laughed: "Chen Xiang, earning six thousand Dao crystal in three days is already very easy. Those who go out to hunt Dragon beast, not only need to take risks, they also need to go with a small team.

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