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"What a fart!" Jiang Simei said very straightforwardly: "It's mainly because I don't have enough manpower, only having pills every few days, and I'm busy myself, over time, even the regular customers will choose other shops."

No wonder Jiang Simei asked Chen Xiang to stay, she was in need of people.

"You couldn't hire Alchemist before?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Hmph, the majority of people who can concoct pills are just some old guys. Are they willing to let a little girl like me order them around?" If that old fellow did not keep his ancestor waiting, then he would have disappeared the next day. This kind of old man would not serve his ancestors. " Jiang Simei said.

She saw that Chen Xiang did not speak, and said: "Do you think it's because I have such a temper that I couldn't recruit Alchemist? Right! "

"I didn't say that!" Chen Xiang immediately denied it.

"But you must have thought so." Jiang Simei replied: "I won't beat you up even if I admit it. I'm clear about my temper, it's normal that you think so! "But I want to tell you, I've never treated anyone who comes to work here unfairly. It's just that I don't want to raise a lord, and quite a few old people have come to work for me just to be a lord."

"That's understandable! Boss, you know how to refine pills at a young age, but when some old Alchemist who have a similar level of alchemy came here, they put on airs and used their old age to show off, wanting to take advantage of us, right? " Chen Xiang said. He could guess this kind of thing.

"Well said, as expected of youngsters. Their thoughts are the same!" Jiang Simei nodded to Chen Xiang, agreeing with his words.

"If those old Alchemist's alchemy skills are better than mine, I would be happy to treat them as my lords, because they can earn me a lot of Dao crystal, so what if they can? But unfortunately, they don't have the ability, and they still want to claim the throne in my hands."

Jiang Sijing was worried that Chen Xiang would be angered to the point that he wanted to leave, but she didn't think that Chen Xiang would actually have so much to say to her sister that they could talk so much.

Jiang Simei said: "You should focus on refining the pill, if you cannot, no matter how nice your words sound."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I am very familiar with Jinyuan Dao Dan, that is no problem. After all, you are my boss now, and I am familiar with you now."

"Elder sister, how many s are there that are as young as Chen Xiang?" Jiang Sijing suddenly asked.

"Over a dozen of them, but those are real grandfathers. They're all b.a.s.t.a.r.ds with oily heads and powdery faces like a woman. Not a single one of them is as pleasing to the eye as this brat." Jiang Simei also found Chen Xiang to be more pleasing to the eye.

"Are their pill refining skills really that great?" That status must be very high too. Even at such a young age, it's still hard to come by! " Chen Xiang said.

"Hmph, wasn't it their father who was awesome? Otherwise, they will just be a piece of sc.u.m. " Jiang Simei was very unconvinced.

"Oh right, how many Dao crystal can each be sold for?"

"Not much, twenty-five Dao crystal, one pellet." Jiang Simei said: "I can refine two pellets per furnace and sell them for 50 Dao crystal, and the cost of the ingredients is 20 Dao crystal s, so I can earn 30 Dao crystal s per furnace! If you can only refine one pill, then you'll earn even less. "

"So it's like that! Is the best seller here a Jinyuan Dao Dan? " Chen Xiang had many of the Jinyuan Dao Dan's medicinal ingredients.

"It's quite easy to sell. I sell it for twenty pills per day, ten batches per day." Jiang Simei said: "It's barely enough to maintain the rent of my shop! Of course, I will occasionally refine some high level pellets. If I can sell it for a few hundred Dao crystal, then I will earn a lot of money. "

Although Jinyuan Dao Dan s were cheap, Chen Xiang felt that he would still earn a lot.

"Now that my sister is here to help me, I'll feel more relaxed in the future." Jiang Simei said.

"Sister, it's all my fault, I'm useless and can't refine pills together with you." Jiang Sijing felt very ashamed.

"Silly girl, your naturally born Earth Rule Dao line was able to quickly grow medicinal herbs. This is already helping me greatly. There's no need to be ashamed. You are stronger than many stinking men." Jiang Simei patted his little sister's head and smiled at her. He could tell that she loved her little sister a lot.

Chen Xiang never thought that Jiang Sijing would actually have such power.

In next to no time, two hours had pa.s.sed.

"I've finished refining it!" Chen Xiang stopped and let out a light breath. This was only an ordinary refinement, and to him, it was extremely easy, and didn't consume anything at all.

"It's only been two hours, not a bad speed!" When Jiang Simei opened Chen Xiang's pill furnace and saw that there were four Jinyuan Dao Dan inside, she was stunned into silence. Her heart was filled with shock, and her beautiful yet cold face was filled with disbelief.

"Boss, my level is still pretty good, right?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Very good!" Jiang Simei took a light breath, and couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

Jiang Sijing also saw it, and she was so shocked that her mouth was wide open, unable to say a word. To be able to refine a strength Jinyuan Dao Dan, she must be stronger than her sister!

"Do you really only know how to refine such a pill?" Jiang Simei said.

There's another type of pill, but I don't know what it's called. After consuming it, my Dao meridian will be strengthened. Chen Xiang said, it was a pill concocted using that kind of hot little fruit.

"This kind of pill is not bad, but we'll sell the Jinyuan Dao Dan first and s.n.a.t.c.h the business back. Wait here, I'll go and get the ingredients for you." Jiang Simei then left in a hurry, he had some things to discuss with her initially.

"Sijing, your sister is a good person!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"She only sees you as strong, otherwise she would not give face to others! "However, you are truly very powerful. Even big sis appreciates you a lot." Jiang Sijing laughed.

"A little present for you!" Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the four Jinyuan Dao Dan s to Jiang Sijing.

"Thank you, Master Shen!" Jiang Sijing saluted Chen Xiang and then started to laugh.

"Sijing, how's your power of the Earth Laws?" Chen Xiang asked: "Can make the plants grow faster?"

Chen Xiang was no stranger to this power. The most powerful one he had ever seen was the island his father was on, where the Island Spirit s resided.

"En, among the Heavenly G.o.d medicines, the high middle rank is easier to mature, while the King grade, heaven rank and saint rank are much harder. Let alone the rarity itself, it still requires a few hundred thousand years to mature, but people use all sorts of methods to shorten the time, to a few thousand years at the fastest, and I use the power of the Earth Laws to shorten it to a few years."

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang exclaimed. He possessed the Creation G.o.d's Spring, who knew how many years it could be shortened to.

"Can the power of the Earth Laws be obtained from the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele?"

"Sure, but it's very rare. It requires 200 million Dao crystal to condense one. I already had it since birth." Jiang Sijing laughed: "You want me to help you get the medicinal ingredients? I can quickly finish the high grade Heaven's Path Divine Medicine for you! "

"This... I have this kind of thing, I wonder how it compares with your power of the Laws of the Earth. " Chen Xiang took out a bottle of World G.o.d's Spring.

Jiang Sijing took it, opened the bottle and sniffed, then said: "This smell is very familiar, could it be that this is also the power of the Laws of the Earth? But it doesn't look like it! "

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