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When Chen Xiang arrived at the Myriad Tao Divine Stele, he originally thought that it was very big. He didn't expect it to be even taller than he was and placed it in the middle of a plaza.

However, the Myriad Tao Divine Stele emitted seven rays of white light. These seven rays of light connected the seven huge courtyards around the plaza. Those houses were powers that could extract the power of law from the Myriad Tao Divine Stele, and were also powers that controlled the Myriad Tao Divine Stele.

Chen Xiang arrived outside one of the houses. There was a very big hall there.

"The invisible devil is here, the invisible devil is here." The Heavenly spirit crow shouted.

There were roughly two hundred people in the hall. Chen Xiang glanced over and immediately saw that the people from the Fire Dao Sword Dao had unfamiliar faces. It was obvious that they were from the Heavenly Dao, which made them emit a very strong sense of hostility.

"Little Brother Shen, you actually came here by yourself." Tai Shangzhen anxiously walked over and laughed in surprise.

"Of course, my luck has always been very good." Chen Xiang laughed.

The Fire Way middle-aged man brought his Heavenly spirit crow and walked over. The big shots of the other sects also came over, because they were against Chen Xiang coming over. They told him to return, but Chen Xiang still came in the end.

Therefore, they thought that Chen Xiang must be right behind them.

"I'm not following you guys. If you don't believe me, ask this crow." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I'm not a crow, I'm a Heavenly spirit crow." The Heavenly spirit crow shouted.

Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue at the Heavenly spirit crow: "It's all because of you, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Otherwise, I would have been able to come here easily."

The Fire Path middle-aged man snorted and said, "Are you really not following behind us?"

Tai Shangzhen's face darkened, and said: "In that kind of situation, is it possible for him to follow behind us, as well as your Heavenly spirit crow, you should know why we came here so quickly."

The heavyweights of the sects of the Dao of Fire and the Dao of the Sword said nothing.

"That's right, Senior Tai, how could you guys be so fast? I should be faster than you guys if I was to traverse the forest." Chen Xiang was very curious about this.

"Halfway there, we found a primitive mythical array. After activating it, we were transported to the desert, and then we found this city." Tai Shangzhen said.

Everyone didn't think it was strange that Chen Xiang was able to traverse the forest. It was because they had all seen Chen Xiang's power that could only be seen by Heavenly spirit crow.

"Chen Xiang, what are you doing here, are you hunting Dragon beast in exchange for Dao crystal?" Tai Shangzhen said: "We don't have any Dao crystal s, so it's inconvenient to be here … … Furthermore, the power of law here is purer, and there are also those rare powers of law. For example, the power of flight is more expensive. " Tai Shangzhen said.

"You guys wait here for me to hunt those Dragon beast." Chen Xiang looked at the people inside, he remembered that there were more than a thousand of them, but there were not enough for two hundred, adding the people from the Heavenly Dao.

"We are waiting for the Dragon beast's information." Tai Shangzhen nodded, he saw that Chen Xiang was looking at the number of people, and sighed: "Although we went around Dragon wolf s, we also encountered many beasts on the way, causing heavy casualties."

"It's a good thing you didn't take the road in the forest, or else … None of you are left. " Chen Xiang's words had moved everyone, it could be seen what Chen Xiang had encountered inside.

"You … I met many Dragon beast inside. " The white-robed elder from the Dao of alchemy walked over.

"Yes... One of them should be called the Dragon Ape, very powerful and nimble, I almost got killed because of that. There are countless Dragon beast in there, all in groups, and there are hundreds or thousands of them. Chen Xiang laughed bitterly.

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, everyone shuddered. Even a normal group of barbaric beasts would be exhausted, but if it were Dragon beast s, they would die even more miserably.

"Kid, you're still alive even after encountering the dragon ape. Your luck is pretty good." An old man suddenly walked over and said with a smile, "The dragon ape is indeed scary, because it's quite close to humans."

"How many Dao crystal s are the dragon apes worth?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Two hundred thousand." The old man said.

"So little." Chen Xiang curled his lips: "Such a powerful fellow, only worth that much."

"Kid, did you just arrive at the Myriad Tao City? Here, a tenth stage Tai Dao realm expert has a monthly income of five thousand Dao crystal. If you can hunt a dragon ape every year, then you can live a carefree life."

"What about the Dragon wolf, you guys take it." Chen Xiang asked, the old man was the manager here, he was also in charge of purchasing the Dragon beast's corpse.

"This, usually around four or five thousand, depends on the completeness of the body." The old man said.

Chen Xiang immediately took out a Dragon wolf's corpse and placed it on the ground.

"This must be a Dragon wolf... "How much is it worth?" Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang was actually able to kill a Dragon wolf. They were very clear on the strength of this thing, and Chen Xiang was only at the first level of the Divine Dao Realm with only one dao vein.

He actually had the strength to kill Dragon wolf.

"The corpse is still considered complete, and something pierced through the head from the eye, causing the Dragon wolf to die. It can be sold for four thousand Dao crystal." The old man said. He was also surprised.

"If it's so complete, why can't it be five thousand?" Chen Xiang said.

"You don't understand, the eyes of Dragon beast are more valuable, but you have destroyed one eye, so the price is a little lower. Of course, the integrity of your Dragon wolf is also a little rare, the things that we met together were all beaten up and we could only sell for two to three thousand." The old man said, "Since this is the first time you've come here to sell, I'll give you four thousand five hundred."

"Sure, deal." Chen Xiang said.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang acquired four thousand five hundred Dao crystal. Dao crystal and Dao Stones were the same, they were both the size of grains of rice, only they were shiny, and much better than Dao Stones.

The high ranked members of the sects that followed the path of fire and the way of the sword were all extremely envious at this moment. Chen Xiang was actually the first to obtain a Dao crystal.

"Elder Tai, when I came here earlier, I saw a hotel. I heard that there was Dragon beast meat for sale inside … The Dragon beast's meat is praiseworthy, I have already eaten it before … " Chen Xiang laughed.

Chen Xiang had actually even eaten Dragon beast flesh before, which showed that he did not only have one.

"Little Brother Shen, how did you hunt the Dragon wolf?" Tai Shangzhen asked.

"If I hide and attack in the dark, I'll be able to get away easily." Chen Xiang said, "Later on, I tried attacking things like the Dragon and Lion Dragon Apes, but they were all unsuccessful. I even almost lost my life."

"It's good that you're still alive." The elder took a deep breath: "Truly a brat who isn't afraid of death. With your little cultivation, you actually dare to sneak attack something like the Dragon Ape or Dragon Lion …" Of course, it's already very rare for you to be able to hunt Dragon wolf. " This book came from 17K, so the first thing he did was to look at the original content!

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