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Chen Xiang had went to the G.o.d Red Mountain before, and that was one of the sects of the Fire Way. From Tai Shangzhen's tone, it seemed that the relationship between the Fire Way and the Sword Way was not very good.

"Senior Sword Spirit, back then, have you ever heard of the Dao of Fire?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Fire Path?" "Of course, but at that time, Fire Path was still very young. How is it now?"

"One of the Three Great Roads." Chen Xiang said.

"Original Tao was kicked out? This is also normal, it's not strange that the Original Tao's weird dao is kicked out, the way of fire is something that many people cultivate, it's not strange that they would become their own dao. " The sword spirit said, "What is the relationship between these three?"

"I'm not too sure. In short, the relationship between the Dao of the Sword and the Dao of Heaven isn't very good. It doesn't seem to be very close to the Dao of Fire either." Chen Xiang said.

"With the Heavenly Daos' style of doing things, they often engage in internal strife as well as engaging in other Daos of their own." The sword spirit said.

Just at this moment, Chen Xiang sensed a strong aura of flames approaching him, while the seniors in Tai Shangzhen's group all became cautious, looking in one direction.

"Haha …" So he was a friend of the Sword Dao … "Yo, there's also people from the Pill Dao. Their lineup is quite strong." The speaker was a middle-aged man. He was riding a handsome, blazing horse, galloping over.

"Aren't you two ahead of us? What took you so long? " Tai Shangzhen asked.

"The main reason is that the road ahead is difficult to walk on... We've come back now, ready to take the other way. Do you want to come with us? " The middle-aged rider asked.

Fire Path wasn't weak at all, and there were many people. They must have fought a great battle here before, or else there wouldn't be such a dense and scorching aura remaining.

And now, in an area that even they were unable to cross, those in the path of the sword would definitely encounter many dangers in the past.

Tai Shangzhen and the other seniors communicated with their consciousness for a bit, and then decided to travel with the people from Fire Path. It could be seen that although they had their own conflicts, they were not too strong, especially in this kind of situation.

"Those fellows from the Heavenly Dao should be arriving soon. We have to hurry up and not let them s.n.a.t.c.h all the benefits away." After the middle-aged rider finished his sentence, he punched his fist into the air, causing a stream of flames to erupt high into the air.

After a while, a rumbling sound could be heard and a thousand horses rushed out from the mountain. They were all horses that were burning in flames.

Seeing the people from the Fire Way, Tai Shangzhen and the others all took a deep breath.

"Is that all you have left?" Tai Shangzhen asked in surprise.

"Yes, more than two thousand died." The middle-aged man dismounted from his horse with a sorrowful look on his face. Especially at the front, when he encountered a group of extremely powerful savage beasts.

"How can this be? Your powers should not be any weaker than the Heavenly Dao. If they can make it through, you should be able to too. " The G.o.d Murdering Mountain elder asked.

"A lot of those guys from the Heavenly Dao also died. We saw their bodies on the way, they must have taken a detour." The middle-aged man said, "According to the route on the map, we will have to walk for another two years!"

"We rarely went in this dangerous zone. Even if someone went in, we never came out again. Hopefully, we can return safely after this trip." Tai Shangzhen sighed.

Chen Xiang was actually shocked, it took him more than two years to walk here, and it was even within a very large danger zone.

The face of the elder of G.o.d Murdering Mountain suddenly changed, and said: "Is it the disciples of your Fire Way? There is a large group of creatures approaching. They should be around the size of horses! "

"No, it's a herd of beasts!" The middle-aged man's expression suddenly changed, and he shouted to the group of disciples behind him: "Prepare to fight!"

Chen Xiang was still in the forest, he was standing on top of a big tree, looking at the depths of the Desolate Mountain, where sand and dust were rolling down, and the barren mountains were disappearing, but they were all flattened by the beasts' energy, which covered the sky and covered the earth.

"What kind of savage beasts are they?" Tai Shangzhen asked anxiously.

"Steel Tiger herd!" The middle-aged man said, "You must also be careful. When attacking, remember the eyes of the Steel Th.o.r.n.y Tiger. That is the easiest place to pierce."

Chen Xiang did not plan to partic.i.p.ate in the battle, he was the one with the lowest cultivation in the group, he would watch.

Just as the sandstorm was about to engulf them, the middle-aged man suddenly jumped to the front and threw a punch towards the sandstorm!


The middle-aged man's fist shook and an explosion occurred, forming a scorching hot Qi which blew away the sand and dirt.

"So strong!" Chen Xiang had thought that the sandstorm would envelop them, but he didn't expect that he would be sent flying by the middle-aged man's punch.

At this time, the group of Steel Tigers had also appeared. They were fighting tigers whose bodies were covered in sparkling fine steel. Their mouths were full of sharp steel teeth, and they charged over like a surging tide.

In the blink of an eye, it had completely enveloped the incoming steel tiger. The middle-aged man held a large blade in his hand, turned into a rainbow of light, and in the process of rushing in, he had hacked apart dozens of steel tigers.

"There should be at least several tens of thousands of Steel Tigers …" Chen Xiang watched from afar and at this time, the disciples of the Sword Dao had also joined the battlefield. It had to be said that although the number of disciples of the Sword Dao was few, the number of disciples who managed to kill the Steel Tiger was no less than the disciples of the Fire Dao.

These disciples were all carefully selected, with extremely high cultivations and decent strength. They were instantly able to stab out thousands of sword strikes, and their movement techniques were all very outstanding. Being surrounded by tigers, they were all very skilled, and when they attacked, they could even behead a few steel tigers.

An hour later, the corpses of tens of thousands of steel tigers were scattered all over the place. Blood dyed this desolate land that was close to the mountain forest, and the strong stench of blood made people feel nauseous.

"Not a single human died, how powerful!" Chen Xiang had just witnessed the power of experts in the way of the sword and the way of fire. The young disciples were also outstanding, and against such a group of berserk steel tigers, not a single one of them were injured.

And before, the Fire Dao army had lost 2000 people. From this, one could see that the herd of beasts they encountered was much more terrifying. Otherwise, with just their momentum alone, they wouldn't have backed down.

"This is still the weaker ones. The strongest ones are still up ahead. Even though we have joined hands, we might all die inside if we were to face those fearsome savage beasts. Let's take a detour!" The middle-aged man said.

The group rested for three days, then began their journey, led by the men from Fire Path.

Chen Xiang just followed behind them, and they were even using Counter Power s, he felt that even if he met with a beast tide, he would probably be fine, but for safety's sake, he still followed this group of people.

There were many groups of beasts on the way, so it was obvious that very few people came into the dangerous zone. Those groups could have been four or five thousand at the very least or over a hundred thousand at the most.

They didn't really want the corpses, but Chen Xiang felt that it was a pity and stealthily accepted all of them.

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