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Chen Xiang also didn't know what exactly this Sword Purification Pool was for, but right now, he was in so much pain that he could no longer concentrate. Originally, he wanted to ask the mysterious fellow inside with his spiritual sense, but under the constant stabbing pain, he became drowsy and pa.s.sed out not long after.

A few days pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang was awoken by the pain. After being awoken by the pain, he was tormented by it for a good half a day before fainting.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw that the top of the mountain cave was filled with shining swords, while he was currently immersed in the Sword Purification Pool.

"Am I having a nightmare?" At this time, Chen Xiang only felt that his body was very comfortable, and after sitting up, he realized that he could now float in the water.

"Of course not, you've already washed it." After the voice came out, Chen Xiang looked around and saw a white haired, old man in a white robe on the sh.o.r.e.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" Chen Xiang immediately stood up and went to the sh.o.r.e. He looked at the Sword Purification Pool that had tormented him for many days: "What is the use of this Sword Purification Pool?"

"Of course the Sword Purification Pool uses it to cleanse the sword! However, if you threw a sword that was not up to standard, it would melt. If there was an error during the process of washing, it would be inserted into the sword. "The old man smiled:" You should be fine now, it should be a success. "

"Success?" But I don't feel any good, and I've suffered for so long for nothing! "" … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … Chen Xiang said snappily. He indeed did not feel that he had become much stronger, nor did his physical body increase in strength.

"Brat, did you know that this Sword-washing Pool has existed for many years, but it has never succeeded in washing a sword. It has succeeded in washing a person. Hehe, this was something that not even the Sword Ancestor himself had thought of." The old man chuckled.

"Then what's the use?" Chen Xiang really wanted to know, but this old man kept on beating around the bush and did not tell him.

"The greatest use is that you can have me." The old man said.

"What do I need you for?" Chen Xiang looked at the old man, he did not look that strong.

"Brat, you look down on me?" The old man raised his hand and sucked a sword from the wall above the Swordwashing Pool. He said, "Come, let's compete!"

Chen Xiang took out his Heavenly magic sword, without saying a word, he thrusted his sword towards the old man's shoulder. It was clean and crisp, and his speed was as fast as lightning.

But for some reason, when the old man just glanced at him once, the Heavenly magic sword in his hands trembled, and then got rid of his hand, falling to the ground.

Then, the old man raised his sword and lowered it to his throat.

"You lost!" The old man said.

Chen Xiang's face became ugly, just now, it was the Heavenly magic sword that had struggled free from his grasp, it was too strange, and the Heavenly magic sword had also been condensed by him into a very strong Primitive Tao Power, but the force had suddenly disappeared, the Heavenly magic sword itself had dispersed.

"Hehe, do you know how to be scared now?" The old man picked up the Heavenly magic sword and looked at it: "What a good sword, his refining technique is also strange, although the person who refined is not strong, but the sword is extremely terrifying, far surpa.s.sing the many sword crafting masters here, this person is truly a genius!"

"But I'm still lacking something!" The old man laughed and returned the sword to Chen Xiang.

"What just happened?" Chen Xiang received the sword and asked curiously.

"It's nothing, just this sword handle!" The old man said with a smile, "I am the Emperor of Ten Thousand Swords. Of course, my true body is already dead, and I am only a ownerless sword spirit now. "

"Sword spirit?" Chen Xiang frowned.

"That's right. Only a sword tempered by the Sword Purification Pool can merge with it. I haven't waited for many years, and only then can I wait for a strange brat like you." The sword spirit said, "I believe that you have already completely fused with this sword, which is why you were guided here by this sword."

Chen Xiang also understood quite a bit now, and said: "Could it be that you can attract some powerful swords to come here?"

"Yes, I've been here for many years. Because I don't have my original body, I can't leave this place!" The sword spirit let out a sigh. "Daofather Jiandao left me here. In the blink of an eye, who knows how many years have pa.s.sed."

"So Daofather Sword was your original master?" Chen Xiang had already guessed it.

"Yes, but because he broke my true form and felt sorry for me, he didn't ask me to follow him anymore." The Sword Spirit's face was filled with sadness.

"Then now …" Chen Xiang looked at the Heavenly magic sword: "You want to be the sword spirit of my sword?"

"What is it? Don't you welcome it? " The sword spirit laughed, "It's fine if you reject it. You can just continue soaking in it for a while longer."

"This... I didn't say no! " Chen Xiang giggled, "Senior Sword Spirit, then quickly come in … There's no s.p.a.ce in this sword, so I'm worried that you might not get used to it. "

"Don't worry, I can open up some s.p.a.ce inside." As the sword spirit spoke, it turned into a white streak of light and entered the Heavenly magic sword.

Chen Xiang brandished the Heavenly magic sword twice, but did not feel much strength, only that the sword force had changed a lot, who knows if this change was strong or not.

"Brat, if you want to unleash my strength, you must learn the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques well. You should have a complete G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques!" The sword spirit said.

"Of course there is, but what do you mean by study well? I've already learned it! " Chen Xiang said.

"What you have learned are just some basics! Since you have the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, then comprehend it well. " The sword spirit said, "I will give you a few pointers."

Chen Xiang hurriedly rushed back to the top floor, returned to his room, took back the avatar, and slept on the bed.

As expected, there was Time Formation in the Sword Purification Pool. He had immersed himself in it for many days, but only two hours had pa.s.sed.

"Senior Sword Spirit, is that Sword Daofather very powerful? Where did he go? " Chen Xiang asked curiously, that sword Taoist must definitely have something to do with the G.o.d Murdering Mountain.

"He's the founder of the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, the number one expert in the way of the sword. Of course he's strong, I don't even know where he went." The sword spirit said, "He only said that he might die if he went to that place."

"Could he have gone to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum?" Chen Xiang muttered.

"Myriad Tao Mausoleum? "Where?" He had been in the Sword Purification Pool for a long time, so he did not know much about the matters outside. Now, he even thought that Chen Xiang was a disciple of a Sword Dao sect.

Chen Xiang told the sword spirit what he knew about the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. After the sword spirit heard it, it said, "It might be inside, so you must go and take a look!"

"Senior, I'm not a disciple of the Sword Dao." Chen Xiang said: "I might not join any other sects in the future."

"Whatever, since your Heavenly magic sword can become a place to rest, then it's fine." The sword spirit said, "I've been trapped in that place for too long."

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