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Previous Chapter Next Chapter Along the way, the G.o.d-killing sword in Chen Xiang's body was agitated all the way, and he really wanted to burst out, but he was completely suppressed by Chen Xiang.

Arriving at the top, only then did the G.o.d-killing sword calm down. Chen Xiang was even more certain now that there was something hidden inside the G.o.d Murdering Mountain, otherwise it would not have caused his G.o.d-killing sword to react so violently.

At the top of G.o.d Murdering Mountain, it was very busy, everyone was detoxifying more than ten people, all of them were from the Supreme Sword Sect, now that their situation had stabilized, Tai Shangzhen had already forced out a lot of poison for them, and now they only needed to heal themselves.

As soon as Chen Xiang came up, he saw two disciples of the Pill Dao, namely the azure-dressed man and the young man.

"It's you!" When the teenager saw Chen Xiang, he shouted out in shock.

The azure-dressed man was also stunned. He quickly pulled the white robed old man beside him and said, "Master, that's him … He's the one who said that we were pretending to be disciples of the Pill Dao. "

Last time, the white clothed man who had his sword broken by Chen Xiang was also here. When he saw Chen Xiang here, it was as if he had seen a ghost.

Seeing their reactions, Tai Shangzhen knew that Chen Xiang had a huge conflict with them, but he had already promised to help Chen Xiang solve the misunderstanding, and he knew that Chen Xiang was not an evil person.

"I am truly sorry. Before, I had indeed thought that you two were fakes. That was the reason why I came here to apologize to you two." Chen Xiang immediately laughed. He had to find the thing that the G.o.d Murdering Mountain was hiding, so he had to get rid of this conflict with them.

"Then... Then why are you pretending to be a disciple of the Pill Dao. " Seeing that Chen Xiang had come to apologize and was following beside the Leader, the young man did not dare speak in a firm tone.

The white robed elder next to the youth suddenly laughed. "This young man, these two are my disciples. They are young and full of vigor. Please forgive them."

"I'm fine!" Chen Xiang laughed, he did not expect that his master would be so open-minded, how could he teach such a disciple.

The white-robed old man nodded his head, "Those who reach the Dao are the people who enter the Dao. Although you have never officially joined any sect in our Dao of alchemy, your alchemy skills are so profound that you can be considered to have comprehended the true essence of the dao of alchemy. Even if you were to establish your own sect in the future, no one would dare to say a word."

Only now did Chen Xiang feel that this white robed old man was a genuine expert of the Pill Dao, and was something that his two disciples could not compare with.

"Thank you for your guidance, senior!" Chen Xiang cupped his fists and said.

Tai Shangzhen also nodded his head, he had already known from the start that Chen Xiang was not an ordinary person, if not he wouldn't have grasped that kind of strange poison fighting technique and easily killed the two poisonous tigers.

"Old Bai, this young friend is truly amazing. Not only does he have your approval in the Pill Dao, but his strength is also extremely strong. If it wasn't for him, I don't know what kind of monkey it would take to kill two poisonous tigers in such a short time." Tai Shangzhen laughed.

Hearing that, everyone was shocked, and looked at Chen Xiang with respect. Especially the more than ten people who were still recuperating, they were all injured by the poison tiger and knew how strong it was.

The white robed elder was not surprised, he only smiled: "Since that's the case, then this young friend should also be considered an esteemed guest of the G.o.d Murdering Mountain."

"Of course!" Tai Shangzhen laughed, and then immediately had someone arrange for Chen Xiang to rest. It was already dark.

Chen Xiang was brought to a house to rest, and he was the only one inside.

"There are still four hours before daybreak. I have to hurry!" Chen Xiang entered the room and immediately laid on the bed. A short while later, everyone around had left and he used the Transformation Technique to transform into an external body.

This avatar had his aura and flesh, and he could control it with his mind. It was just that this avatar did not have enough strength, but it was enough to fool others.

After creating an incarnation, Chen Xiang's real body would be using Counter Power to make himself invisible!

He had initially planned to enter the G.o.d Murdering Mountain like this, but he was worried that the barrier would detect him when he entered, and if the other party were to make a move, he wouldn't be able to escape. He couldn't use his spatial energy, so he didn't dare to be rash.

Using the Counter Power, Chen Xiang strolled on the mountain peak. He met a few people, but none of them noticed them.

"That thing should be hidden inside the G.o.d Murdering Mountain. I'm at the top of the mountain now, I need to go to the center." Chen Xiang quickly went around the mountain top, but he didn't find any place that he could enter. Only the more tightly guarded houses that he lived in didn't.

Chen Xiang came to the largest one among them. The door was wide open and there was no one guarding it. Chen Xiang observed for a bit and since there was no barrier, he walked in.

Upon entering, he saw a small mountain, below it was a black iron door. When Chen Xiang got closer, he realized that the mountain was made of a very st.u.r.dy metal, just that it looked very much like a mountain.

"It should be here!" Chen Xiang saw a very thin crack on the metal door, and immediately activated his transformation technique to turn into a very small bug, then crawled into the thin crack.

After entering, he found a spiral staircase. Chen Xiang was overjoyed, he had found the right place.

"At this time, my senses are even stronger, and the G.o.d-killing sword in my body almost went out of control." Chen Xiang closed his eyes, suppressed the G.o.d-killing sword, and continued his journey.

After half an hour, Chen Xiang finally reached the bottom of the pond. There was a black pond that was emitting the true cold Qi.

Without saying a word, Chen Xiang jumped down, quickly diving.

Not long after he swam downwards, the G.o.d-killing sword in his body surged out violently, forming a terrifying sword force.

"What is this?" As Chen Xiang was immersed in it, he suddenly felt waves of intense heat entering into his body.

"Brat, this is the Sword Purification Pool, hehe." A sneer suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang's mind.

"Sword-washing Pool?" Chen Xiang was stunned.

"Yeah, this is supposed to be used to wash swords, why did you jump down?" That voice appeared in Chen Xiang's mind.

"I don't know. Can I go up now?" Chen Xiang was in excruciating pain, his body felt as though it was being pierced by ten thousand swords.

"Of course I can go up, but I need to wash up long enough before I can go up. Eighty-one days!" The voice laughed.

"What are you laughing at? "Quick, let me go up." Chen Xiang shouted.

"To be honest, the Sword-washing Pool has washed countless famous swords, but it has never washed anyone, so I'm very curious." The voice laughed.

If he were to be washed here for eighty-one days, his external body would definitely be exposed!

"Senior, I'm in a hurry. I still have something important to do, quickly let me go up." Chen Xiang being submerged in the pool was extremely painful.

"It's fine. Two hours here is like one year in the world!" The Sword Purification Pool has profound laws of time and it saves a lot of time. " the voice said.

"Then what will I become after I wash it?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"I don't know, that's why I'm curious, because this is the first time I'm washing people's faces … In the past, there were people who accidentally fell down, but there were no more dregs left. the voice said.

"Bulls.h.i.t, I'm in so much pain!" Chen Xiang shouted in anger.

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