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"He didn't have any treasures, but he learned a strange skill to counter poison from his master when he was young, so he wasn't afraid of the poisonous fog." Chen Xiang laughed: "Could this senior be a Leader of the Supreme Sword Sect?"

"Exactly." Tai Shangzhen immediately said. In order to cure his grandson's poison, in order to catch the poisonous tiger, the father and son pair had to put in a lot of effort.

"Brother, since you know about the Leader of the Supreme Sword Sect, you probably know that we, father and son, are in urgent need of catching poison tigers, right? Please do us a favor and kill two poison tigers. We will definitely thank you handsomely." Tai Tianxing said.

Chen Xiang had already killed three poisonous tigers earlier, and his goal in coming here was to hunt poisonous tigers to get closer to the father and son duo. This way, he could enter G.o.d Murdering Mountain without a hitch.

The Sublime Sword Grotto was also a sword sect, and it was obvious that they had gathered at G.o.d Murdering Mountain for some reason, because the Pill Dao was also here.

"I have indeed heard of this before. I only need two." Chen Xiang said.

Seeing that Chen Xiang agreed, Tai Shangzhen and Tai Tianxing were overjoyed, and immediately thanked him.

"Brother, you must be careful. The poisonous tiger does not only have extremely strong poisonous fog, its own strength is not weak either. This is something that we made just to catch the poisonous tiger …" Just as Tai Shangzhen finished speaking, Chen Xiang took out a large net filled with three green poisonous tigers.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Anyway, there are three of them here, I originally planned to kill one myself."

Tai Shangzhen and the others were pleasantly surprised, this person in front of them had already killed all the way to the Poison Tiger, and all three of them at that.

"Here, one for me. Take the other two."

Chen Xiang was very generous, he was anxious to enter the G.o.d Murdering Mountain, because there was something hidden inside.

"I can't thank you enough." Tai Shangzhen immediately expressed his thanks and gave a few jade boxes to Chen Xiang.

"These are all the more precious medicinal ingredients of our Sublime Flow Sword Grotto, high grade Heavenly Dao medicinal ingredients."

Chen Xiang received it with a smile, then asked: "I was originally just a pill refiner, so these medicinal ingredients couldn't be better for me."

"Oh, I wonder what your name is, could you be a pill disciple?" Tai Shangzhen asked anxiously, he knew that the G.o.d Murdering Mountain had alchemy disciples.

"Chen Xiang, I'm not a disciple of the Alchemy Dao, I'm just a Alchemist. The reason why I'm here to capture Poison Tiger, is to use its flesh and blood to refine the antidote." Chen Xiang laughed: "Are the two of you heading to the G.o.d Murdering Mountain?"

"Yes." Tai Tianzhi nodded. "So do you."

"No, I was almost captured by the G.o.d Murdering Mountain." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "Because there was a misunderstanding … I wonder if the two of you could bring me to the G.o.d Murdering Mountain, have a good talk with the people of the G.o.d Murdering Mountain, and dispel this misunderstanding. "

"That's easy to say. Although I, Tai Shangzhen, am not a powerful sword cultivator like that in the Sword Dao Sect, I still have quite a bit of prestige. I will definitely help you settle this matter." Tai Shangzhen was very happy right now, because he had finally killed two poisonous tigers.

Tai Tianzhi was the same. His son had been tormented by that strange poison for many years, and now, he was finally going to get rid of it.

Tai Tianxing brought the two poisonous tigers back to the Supreme Sword Sect while Tai Shangzhen brought Chen Xiang to the G.o.d Murdering Mountain.

"Little friend, you really are a genius, your cultivation is not very high, but your ability is not small. With your strength alone, you were able to kill the Mountain Giant Tiger, more than ten sword experts of our sect were all carried back after encountering two poisonous tigers. If you did not make a move, I'm afraid that even I would not be able to approach the poisonous tiger, the poison is too terrifying." Tai Shangzhen said. At this time, they had already reached the entrance of the G.o.d Murdering Mountain.

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, felt that it was nothing. After all, he had not been poisoned for many years … Other than Lv Qinlian's strange poison.

"Actually, Poison Tiger's strength wasn't that scary to begin with. In addition, this kind of animal has been accustomed to using poison for many years and has always easily succeeded. Now that it met me, a person with a strange poison resistance technique, it was killed by me in an instant." Chen Xiang chuckled, and was very modest.

Tai Shangzhen was after all, a Leader of a sword sect.

"Leader, I heard that disciples of the Alchemy Dao are also in the G.o.d Murdering Mountain. This time, there seems to be a lot of sword arts sects gathered in the G.o.d Murdering Mountain, could it be that something big is going to happen?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It can be considered to be a rather important matter..." Furthermore, this is not a big secret. Tai Shangzhen's expression suddenly became serious, "The main reason is because the guy from the heavens discovered the legendary Myriad Tao Mausoleum."

"Myriad Tao Mausoleum." When Chen Xiang heard this name, he also made a rule.

This place has always been a secret. Although many people have cultivated to the peak of their cultivation, these people, for some reason, mysteriously disappeared. It's said that they all went to a place to seek death.

Chen Xiang said in a low voice: "Is this how all of our supreme divine arts got lost?"

Tai Shangzhen nodded. "Really, all the people who had completed the transcendent divine might went to that place, and then did not come back … "Many years later, when the sixth life was renewed, there was always a batch. Afterwards, all of their life orbs broke, meaning that they were already dead."

"Later on, when someone returned, it revealed that that place was a huge mausoleum. Once one cultivated to the peak of the great Dao, they would be summoned by a mysterious power to that place and they would die there."

Chen Xiang was even more curious about that place. All of the various sects would definitely gather together to discuss this matter.

"That place must be very dangerous." Chen Xiang said.

"Thus, we, the various sects, are all discussing whether or not we should head to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum to retrieve those lost transcendent divine mights." Tai Shangzhen nodded.

"If this news were to spread out, it would definitely cause a huge commotion. After all, many experts have died here, and there will definitely be a large number of cultivation techniques and all kinds of divine weapons." Chen Xiang frowned: "Will this news be leaked out?"

"He will definitely … Although our Sword Truth has not been decided, it will definitely come out. We cannot let the complete G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques and the famous swords of our Sword Truth fall into the hands of the Heavenly Dao. "

When Tai Shangzhen talked about the Heavenly Dao, his face was filled with anger. With one look, Chen Xiang could tell that the poison on his precious grandson was caused by the Heavenly Dao.

"Our way of the sword has already grasped the way to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, and it's extremely dangerous on the way, so we will send out top-notch experts this time." Tai Shangzhen sighed: "Right now, we are already behind the Heavenly Dao, maybe Fire Avenue will start to move as well."

Chen Xiang and Tai Shangzhen had already reached the top of the mountain. There were many buildings on the mountain, where the disciples of G.o.d Murdering Mountain lived.

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