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The G.o.d Murdering Mountain was the strongest sect in the way of the sword, but now, their disciple had been defeated by a single sword strike from another, and that was even under their own sect. This made many people feel extremely surprised, because the person who defeated the disciple of the G.o.d Murdering Mountain, was a disciple of a pill master.

"What the h.e.l.l? First, he fell in the Dao of alchemy, and now, it's our turn. Just who is this G.o.dly figure? How incredible!" The tall and skinny old man from the G.o.d Murdering Mountain stared at the broken sword and said with a frown: "This sword force is extremely overbearing, but it has been restrained and does not reveal the slightest bit of sword force."

"This person definitely did not learn how to use the sword aura. This kind of sword aura is naturally formed, as if it was innate. However, looking at the sword aura of this person, it's also a bit unsteady. It's probably not very useful in normal circ.u.mstances."

"Master, my sword was directly shattered by that sword energy. The sword energy is indeed tyrannical, but this person's cultivation level isn't that high. I can vaguely sense that there's only about one Rule Dao line, which might be at the first level of the Dao G.o.d Stage." The white clothed man said.

The skinny old man shook his head: "This person is indeed impressive, far surpa.s.sing all the other disciples in pill cultivation, and he also has an extremely high attainment in the way of the sword. He even teased two disciples of the Pill Dao to turn them into scammers, but I don't know what his real purpose is."

"Master, we have already sent someone to investigate this person's background …" "Right now, it seems that he must be an extraordinary master. If he really is an expert in alchemy, then we should not offend him and invite him to come up the mountain." A tall middle-aged man said.

The tall and skinny old man sighed, "It looks like the grudge we had with him before was indeed reckless. Now, he might have a bad impression of our G.o.d Murdering Mountain, and made a mistake …. It's a mistake. "

… ….

Chen Xiang did not know why, but after arriving at this place, the G.o.d-killing sword in his body became extremely active.

At night, Chen Xiang was on the balcony of a tavern. Looking at the majestic G.o.d Murdering Mountain, he felt the sword aura that looked down upon the world, as though he had become one with it.

"What's going on? My G.o.d-killing sword seems to have awakened, could it be that the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques has a great relationship with the G.o.d Murdering Mountain?" When Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly magic sword, he discovered that it was also trembling, appearing to be extremely restless.

Regarding this, Chen Xiang could not say anything, he only knew that the unparalleled divine art of the way of the sword was the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, and there had to be a connection.

"Could there be something in the G.o.d Murdering Mountain that is related to the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques?" Chen Xiang suddenly had such a thought, if not the entire G.o.d Murdering Mountain would not continuously release such powerful sword force.

Of course, it would not be easy for him to sneak into the G.o.d Murdering Mountain right now. The G.o.d Murdering Mountain's doors were tightly shut, and the cultivation of the gatekeepers were extremely high as well as their keen observation skills. Chen Xiang pa.s.sed by the entrance today and observed that it was difficult for the mosquitoes to enter the mountain gate.

Right now, he couldn't use the power of s.p.a.ce, so he couldn't use the White Tiger's jumping ability either. He couldn't casually pa.s.s through those powerful enchantments like he did in the past.

Chen Xiang was lost in thought when he suddenly heard a commotion from below. He immediately looked down and saw more than ten bloodied men rushing towards G.o.d Murdering Mountain on their backs.

Chen Xiang immediately walked down and asked the people who were spectating.

"What's going on, these people are heading to G.o.d Murdering Mountain, and they won't open the door at night." Chen Xiang asked.

The more than ten injured people are all disciples of the Supreme Sword Sect. Earlier, they followed the Leader to this place, but they found out that a poisonous tiger appeared in the Ancient Sky Mountain Range to the east of the G.o.d Murdering Mountain. After that, they led the disciples to go there.

The shopkeeper shook his head, "The Gu Tian mountain range has been very strange recently. A few poisonous tigers have actually appeared. I wonder how they managed to get here."

Chen Xiang rolled his eyes and asked again, "Why did the Leader of the Sublime Sword Sect go and catch the poisonous tiger."

The shopkeeper sighed: "Isn't it because the grandson of the Leader of the Sublime Sword Sect suffered from a strange poison that required him to use the poisonous teeth and bones of the poisonous tiger to refine into 9981 poisonous tiger needles, which he stabbed into his body to cure the poison? Poison tigers are extremely rare, and they themselves are extremely poisonous beasts, so they are not easy to capture."

Chen Xiang had always wanted to sneak into the G.o.d Murdering Mountain, but he didn't have any good ideas. Now, he could think of one, which was to help the Supreme Sword Sect catch the Poison Tiger.

With this plan, Chen Xiang immediately walked out of the restaurant and ran towards the east.

"I wonder if my impenetrable body can suppress the Divine Wasteland's poison." Chen Xiang thought to himself. He had already run out of the city and saw the Gu Tian mountain range covered by the moonlight.

He quickly entered the mountain range, and the moment he entered, he heard waves of tiger roars.

"Could it be a poisonous tiger?"

Chen Xiang quickly followed the sound and entered a forest. In less than an hour, he saw pairs of glowing green eyes, gloomy and strange, in the dark forest.

"It's a poisonous tiger." Chen Xiang was startled, he only saw a green gas fog suddenly being used, and enveloping him within the forest.

This was all poison mist, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was extremely beautiful, with a green glow.

"I'm fine, it seems like the Divine Wasteland's poison can't do anything to me."

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, and even breathed in large mouthfuls of the poisonous miasma, but he still did not see any signs of being poisoned.

"I think the Heavenly Net has used it to catch these guys." Chen Xiang took out a small net. This was a Heavenly artifact that Yuan Feng had obtained when he killed the G.o.ds.

Chen Xiang released the Heavenly Luo Divine Web. The divine web flashed and quickly enveloped the three poisonous tigers, then tightened around them.

The poison tiger had a lot of strength and was struggling continuously. Chen Xiang immediately rushed over, took out his Heavenly magic sword and stabbed the three poisonous tigers to death.

As for the other two poisonous tigers, they had already escaped. From this, it could be seen that these savage beasts weren't stupid.

"It's pretty easy." Chen Xiang controlled the Heavenly Luo Divine Net to shrink and put it inside the You Yao Mountain Villa.

Just as Chen Xiang walked out of the forest, he saw an elder and an elder suddenly jump out to stop him.

"This little brother, did you encounter a poisonous tiger when you went in earlier?" The old man in black robes asked with an anxious expression on his face.

"I did." Chen Xiang guessed that this old man should be the Leader of the Sublime Sword Grotto, and the young man beside him should be his son.

"You weren't attacked." The old man was surprised.

"The poisonous tiger used poison fog to attack us." Chen Xiang nodded.

"I am Tai Tianzhi, this is my father, Tai Shangzhen." The middle-aged man opened his mouth and said, "Brother, for you to be able to come out from the poisonous mist, you must have some sort of treasure to repel the poison. Otherwise, if you saw the poisonous mist released by the tiger, you would definitely be poisoned."

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