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After all, he was still a teenager, how could he be as calm as an old cunning fox like Chen Xiang? Just a single sentence was enough to make this teenager angry into a rage, almost cursing him.

"If you want to come, then come. In any case, if you want to compete with me, you'll definitely lose. You overestimating yourself."

The green clothed man was also very angry, only by defeating Chen Xiang, the real Chen Xiang and the rest were scammers, they could take action, and at that time, the hatred in their hearts would be relieved.

Both sides did not need to inspect the pill furnaces as it was very difficult to cheat in a compet.i.tion of such high quality. Moreover, everyone could tell that it was not a pill that had just been concocted.

Chen Xiang was very serious now. After all, the other party was a true disciple of the Dao of alchemy, he could not be careless. He planned to use his strongest power to deal with them, and that would mean taking on more Crash!

Only with this method could he refine a high-quality pill!

"I wonder how many Crash s I can execute within six hours?" Chen Xiang could only increase his speed and increase the number of collisions as soon as possible.

Previously, when he was in the carriage, he could at most make ten attempts at refining Taoist Emperor Dan. However, that took about ten hours, and he had never tried refining a Jinyuan Dao Dan before, because at the current stage, he temporarily did not need to eat one.

"In six hours, I will be able to execute at least four or five Crash s. I must do my best." Chen Xiang quickly refined the Jinyuan Dao Dan and entered the stage where he could clash with it.

Very quickly, the first Crash was quietly completed, and right now, only an hour had pa.s.sed!

Following that, the second and third stage Crash were also completed, and even the pill furnace inside did not tremble at all, meaning that Chen Xiang had already mastered the Crash method to perfection.

It had only been two hours!

"Seems like we can carry out the Five Crash s. This Jinyuan Dao Dan is easier to deal with than I thought it would be, it's not as difficult as the Taoist Emperor Dan!" This was a good thing for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was now at the first level of the Dao G.o.d Realm and his strength had become much stronger when compared to when he was training in the Crash previously. As a result, he was able to suppress the intense undulations from the next few Crash s.

It had been almost six hours and Chen Xiang had already completed the Six Crash, which was beyond his expectations.

"If I were to frequently use the Crash method to refine Jinyuan Dao Dan, I would crash into it even faster." This was Chen Xiang's first time using the Crash method to refine it.

If he had tried to refine it to such an extent in the past, he would definitely be exhausted. However, right now, he was still very spirited and did not exhaust much energy.

After activating a lot of Crash, it would produce a "Spirit G.o.d", which would make it very easy to condense a core, thus the pressure on Chen Xiang would lessen by a lot.

Chen Xiang had refined a lot of pills with Crash s and they were all of extremely high quality, but he had never used an instrument to test how much in terms of quality.

This might be the quality of the Crash after the first test.

Six hours had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang and the azure-dressed man had completed it together. It could be seen that they had extremely precise control over the time, which was also one of the qualities required to become a powerful Alchemist.

"You go first!" The light robed man's voice carried a trace of contempt. "I'm worried that after you see the quality of my pellet, you will run away in shame."

"Of course, you two liars won't be able to escape." The azure-robed man laughed coldly.

Chen Xiang took out the Jinyuan Dao Dan he refined and said: "Let's go down and test its quality. No one can see it from here! "

"That's exactly what I was thinking." After the man said this, he took the white jade plate and jumped down.

Chen Xiang also jumped down.

"You can test it now." The teenager sneered: "This Jinyuan Dao Dan you have may look good, but it's just that!"

Chen Xiang did not pay attention to him. Instead, he placed his Jinyuan Dao Dan into the groove of the white jade disc, and a number immediately appeared on it.

"One hundred and ten thousand!" The shout came from the azure-dressed man.

"Impossible, there must be something wrong with the jade plate!" The youth also cried out in alarm, and then he took out a jade plate himself. He had one as well.

After he took it out, he personally placed Chen Xiang's pill on his own jade plate, showing that he had reached 110,000!

The green clothed man's forehead was covered in sweat at this moment. After which, he placed the Jinyuan Dao Dan he refined onto the stage.

Although it was only seventy thousand, Chen Xiang was still extremely shocked. He had a deeper understanding of the dao of pills, and knew that this azure-dressed man in front of him was only a young disciple of the dao of alchemy, but was able to produce a quality of seventy thousand. If it was an old man in the dao of alchemy, then perhaps his quality would far surpa.s.s his.

If this green clothed man were to go to the Natural Law World, just with his seventy thousand points of quality, he would be able to far surpa.s.s many other Alchemist s. Perhaps the women in the Incense Pill Garden would feel great pressure, and unless they used their heart to refine more Crash, they would not be able to match this green clothed man.

"Senior Brother... "Senior Brother..." The youth nudged the man in green. Both of them were shocked, because to their knowledge, it was impossible to concoct such a high quality pill unless one was a disciple of the Alchemy Dao.

"You've lost!" Chen Xiang kept the Jinyuan Dao Dan and then said to the rest of the people, "Whether we are fake alchemy disciples or not, everyone should have a rough idea about this, right?"

"You guys aren't liars. These two fellows are liars. You were almost deceived by them. Hurry up and get out of here, otherwise, we'll beat you up!" someone shouted.

The spectators did not know what that quality of number meant, they only knew that Chen Xiang's value was much higher than theirs, so Chen Xiang was very powerful, and was considered a disciple of the Pill Dao.

But the azure-dressed man and the youth knew very well what that number signified!

"You … What is your purpose? " After the azure-dressed man calmed down and thought about it carefully, he knew that Chen Xiang definitely had a goal. He guessed that Chen Xiang definitely knew that they were indeed true alchemy disciples.

"We have no purpose. We just want to be real. We are not liars." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Let's go!"

They were obviously true disciples of the Pill Dao, but they were beaten into scammers by a fake disciple of the Pill Dao. If word of this got out to the other sects, they would definitely become a laughingstock.

Ye Jiang was also filled with admiration. He had traveled in the Jianghu for so many years, and he had already confirmed that those two were true disciples of the Alchemy Dao just now, but after a round of compet.i.tion with Chen Xiang, he suffered a crushing defeat and was called a swindler. Just by thinking about it, one could tell how terrible the moods of the two alchemy disciples were right now.

News of this spread quickly, and soon enough, everyone in the G.o.d Murdering Mountain knew of it. Many people rushed over to the small restaurant, where alchemy disciples were rarely seen, so everyone came to catch a glimpse of the grand master of the Pill Dao.

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