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Chen Xiang followed behind the two disciples and carefully probed their auras.

"Looks like the art of alchemy is quite strong. Both of them are in the tenth place of Dao G.o.d realm, so I am weaker than them in terms of strength. I just don't know what will happen when I concoct pills. I really want to compete with them." The two walked very fast, and in a short while, they had already followed a group of people to the small hotel that Ye Jiang was in.

At this time, Ye Jiang was scattering the Jinyuan Dao Dan s around, since they were all of the worse quality.

Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to Ye Jiang: "Ye Jiang, the dao core's people are here. You must prepare yourself, I'll watch from the side first, if they want to make a move, I'll immediately make a move."

Ye Jiang was secretly shocked and a little worried when he heard this. After being a swindler for so many years, he knew that he had already attracted the attention of a true disciple of the Pill Dao.

He never thought that the moment he stepped into the G.o.d Murdering Mountain area, the disciples of the Pill Dao would come and find him!

Although Ye Jiang's strength was not very strong, his mental strength was still very strong. He was very calm at the moment, and after sprinkling out two Jinyuan Dao Dan, he walked into the room.

Ye Jiang was on the second floor's balcony just now. After he finished scattering the Jinyuan Dao Dan and walked in, the two disciples immediately jumped up to the second floor.

Especially that young man, who even rushed in and pulled Ye Jiang out.

"Everyone, this fellow is a swindler. You were all tricked by him." The man in green said loudly to the people below.

Just now, many people had gotten their hands on Jinyuan Dao Dan. Although the quality was not high, the Jinyuan Dao Dan in their hands were all real.

"How can it be a liar? The Jinyuan Dao Dan he threw away is also worth a lot of Dao stones, hey, quickly release this Master alchemist. " Someone shouted, this man had obtained a Jinyuan Dao Dan, so he was definitely looking at Ye Jiang when he said that.

"We are the true disciples of the Pill Dao... Furthermore, we, the disciples of the Alchemy Dao, have never refined such a low quality Jinyuan Dao Dan. " At this time, he was still holding onto Ye Jiang's sleeves.

Ye Jiang was very calm at the moment and there was even a trace of a smile on his face. Adding to his handsome appearance, it made him look like a person of high cultivation.

"Those Jinyuan Dao Dan were all created by a disciple of mine who wasn't paying attention when he was refining the pills, and were not personally refined by us." Ye Jiang said: "Oh right, you said that you are people of the Pill Dao, why don't you bring out proof?"

When the people below heard this, they hurriedly shouted, "That's right, a pill master does not lack pills. Why don't you throw a few for us to see! "Not just any cat or dog can call themselves a disciple of a Dao Dan."

When the youth and the azure-robed man heard this, they became anxious. They were true disciples of the Dao of alchemy, but now they were deemed as fake.

"This is proof!" The youth took out a white jade token with the word "Dan" written in gold on it. The golden word Dan was very dazzling and it gave off a powerful aura. Many people felt an impulse to kneel down and kowtow when they saw it.

Chen Xiang now believed that the two of them were true alchemy disciples, because one could tell that the jade tablet was refined using a special method, and it was even infused with a strong âDao Force ', it was not something that could be created so easily.

"This is a jade token of our Dao of alchemy. Only by entering a Dao Pill can one obtain this jade token. This is proof that it is enough." When the young man saw that everyone was stunned, he secretly felt proud of himself. At this moment, his aura had also become much stronger.

Ye Jiang was the closest to the jade tablet, and the pressure was the greatest. However, he was still able to maintain his calm;

Chen Xiang saw that the scene was quiet, and suddenly shouted: "All of the Jinyuan Dao Dan s that you all obtained were truly refined by me, in my master's eyes, they are pills that cannot even be placed on stage, thus my master abandoned them."

Everyone regained their senses and looked at Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang had a pretty good face, he could give people a good impression of him.

"Of course, I am not a disciple of the Dao of alchemy, and my alchemy skills are self-taught. I only took him as my master because I saw the good intentions of my master!" "He has never pa.s.sed down his art of pill refining to me. He has only occasionally given me some pointers because he said that the art of pill refining is not something that can be pa.s.sed on to outsiders unless I can join the Dao of alchemy."

Chen Xiang said as he was transferred to the second floor's balcony. This place was the same as the Primitive Land, although one couldn't fly, one could jump onto the balcony.

Everyone felt that Chen Xiang was very powerful, they could actually be able to refine so many Jinyuan Dao Dan, in their eyes, this was considered a pretty good Alchemist.

"You … You are also a liar. " The youth said.

"I've long heard that alchemy disciples have extraordinary skills. If we're really scammers, then your alchemy skills will definitely far surpa.s.s ours. How about we compete here?" So let's compete in refining the Jinyuan Dao Dan. " Chen Xiang said: "The outcome will be decided by everyone!"

When everyone heard this, they all loudly shouted their support for this idea. No matter what, it would be better to have a round of sparring.

When the youth saw the man in green, he said, "Senior Brother, let's compete with them. Let them experience the power of true disciples of the Pill Dao."

"Alright!" The azure-robed man nodded. "Tell me the rules!"

"Let's compete with the quality of the refined Jinyuan Dao Dan!" Chen Xiang said: "A strong Alchemist, even if it was a very ordinary pill, the quality would still be very high … You guys should have a divine tool to test quality, right? "

"Of course!" The youth immediately took out a jade plate. There was a depression in the middle of the jade plate, which was where the pill was placed. If placed on top, the jade plate would display the value of the pill.

Chen Xiang had seen many of these weapons before.

Afterwards, the youth took out two pills to test the authenticity of the divine tool.

Chen Xiang also took out a pellet of that black colored Jinyuan Dao Dan and placed it on the test. Only three hundred quality, and then, there would be a pellet of good quality Jinyuan Dao Dan on the test.

"Alright, let's start the compet.i.tion to forge the Jinyuan Dao Dan now. The time limit is six hours. How about it?" Chen Xiang said.


The light robed man nodded his head. He was doing this to prove that he was a true alchemy disciple. At the same time, he was also showing to everyone how big of a gap there was between a true alchemist disciple and a swindler.

"You want to compete with me?" The light robed man was startled. It was mainly because Ye Jiang had performed too well, so he thought that Ye Jiang seemed to be more powerful than Chen Xiang.

"As a disciple, it's enough to compete with me!" Chen Xiang said.

"Hmph, then you will lose for sure. Although we are the youngest disciples in the Pill Dao, our alchemy skills far surpa.s.s yours. We can learn the most orthodox alchemy techniques in the Pill Dao." The youth said.

"The winner isn't out of your mouth, it's out of your mind!" Chen Xiang smiled at the young man: "Did your alchemist master not teach you this? From the way you talk, you don't seem to be someone from the Pill Dao at all. "

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