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Everyone on the first floor had sharp ears. After hearing Chen Xiang's words, they saw the shining Jinyuan Dao Dan in his hands and burst into an uproar!

At least, no one here could refine it. Even the manager of the Grand Red Building felt deep respect for Chen Xiang and hurriedly invited him to go up the stairs.

If Grand Red Building could have two Alchemist s, then the business would definitely be better.

Just like this, Chen Xiang was brought by the shopkeeper to the third floor, where the great master resided.

The shopkeeper was knocking on the master's door when he heard a lazy voice coming from inside.

"What is it?"

"I am the manager of the Grand Red Building. There is a Alchemist who wishes to see you." The manager said.

The master did not answer immediately. Chen Xiang and the shopkeeper waited for a while before their voices could be heard.

"Oh? Alchemist? where does this Alchemist come from? "

"I am just a nameless newbie, I learned it myself. I have just refined a high ranked Jinyuan Dao Dan, but I feel that I still have some shortcomings, I am here today to ask Master for some pointers." Chen Xiang immediately said.

After a while, the master said, "Alright, come in!"

The door opened, and Chen Xiang walked in, but the moment he did, the door immediately closed.

Once inside, Chen Xiang saw a handsome man in white clothes, which was the Master.

Chen Xiang immediately took out a Jinyuan Dao Dan and was going to show it to him, but what this master did next, shocked Chen Xiang!

When the master saw the Jinyuan Dao Dan that Chen Xiang handed to him, he fell to his knees with a "plop".

"Master, I'm just a swindler who blundered his way into your territory. Please spare me once, I'll get out of here immediately." The words of this "master" caused Chen Xiang to be extremely shocked.

"You …" Chen Xiang quickly understood that this was indeed a scammer.

"I am not some master alchemist at all. I just learned the art of refining pills from an old man that has been around for a hundred years. Because I was clumsy, I barely managed to learn how to refine a middle tier Jinyuan Dao Dan." The Master looked to be a handsome and elegant man, but he looked like a good-for-nothing, and spoke to Chen Xiang with a tearful face.

Chen Xiang laughed, then sat on a chair.

"I didn't expect you to be so good at acting!" Chen Xiang crossed his legs and said, this scammer was still kneeling on the ground: "How much did you earn these past few days?"

"Not much, just a few thousand stones a day. These are all given to me by Grand Red Building … "Oh right, there are still a few dozen batches of Jinyuan Dao Dan's medicinal ingredients, one portion is worth about eight thousand dao stones. The Jinyuan Dao Dan s that I previously threw out, all of their medicinal ingredients were sent by someone else." The scammer hurriedly took out a Storage bag. There were roughly two Myriad Tao Stones and many medicinal ingredients inside.

"Oh right, how much is the mid-ranked Jinyuan Dao Dan that you refined worth?" Chen Xiang wanted to know how much he had been tricked by the old shopkeeper.

"More than a thousand pills … I just wanted to stay here for a month, fish out a dozen or twenty Myriad Tao Stones, and then escape. I never thought that this would be your territory, please spare me, these are all yours. " This swindler was extremely afraid, because in his eyes, anyone who was able to refine Jinyuan Dao Dan was an incredible person.

"So you've been to a lot of places to cheat?" Chen Xiang asked again, he felt that this person could be considered a genius, he should make good use of him.

"I went too far … However, things didn't go as well as this time. In the past few years, I have only earned a total of a thousand Myriad Tao Stones.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then asked: "What is your name?"

"Ye Jiang, Dao G.o.d Level 8."

"Un, get up!" Chen Xiang said.

Ye Jiang was overwhelmed by the favor as he stood up timidly.

"Great sir, can you not expose me, or else I will definitely be beaten to death." Ye Jiang said with a bitter face: "I don't dare to do it again!"

"Don't worry, I won't expose you!" However, you must accept one condition from me, and that is to be my follower. " Chen Xiang said.

"This... "How long will it take?" Ye Jiang thought about it and said.

"Ten years!" Chen Xiang said: "Also, you must conclude a contract; you are not allowed to rebel against me within ten years."


thought for a moment, then nodded his head and agreed. Otherwise, if Chen Xiang caused a ruckus here, he would definitely be unable to leave the Grand Red Building, and in order to protect his life, he would have been a follower for ten years.

Just like this, Chen Xiang made a contract with Ye Jiang, and Ye Jiang shouted as a lord.

"Ye Jiang, how many people did you promise to help them refine Jinyuan Dao Dan?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Currently, there are fifty people. If I help them refine one, they will give me two Myriad Tao Stones." Ye Jiang said: "It's a pity that I can't refine it myself. I've tried many times."

"How about this, you continue to act as a pill master, and I will refine the Jinyuan Dao Dan for you. When that time comes, all the Dao stones will belong to me." Chen Xiang said.

"This... No problem, but it will be completed within a month! Great sir, can you settle this? These are fifty pills! " Ye Jiang said: "I had planned to leave in a few more days."

"No problem, just wait." Within this month, you must not engage in any more business. Then, you must go and tell that shopkeeper that he will be leaving this place in a month's time. "

Ye Jiang hurriedly nodded, then went to find the shopkeeper.

When Ye Jiang returned, Chen Xiang would take him to a secret room and have him refine a batch of Jinyuan Dao Dan for him to see.

"How long do you think it will take for you to refine one furnace?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Half a day." Ye Jiang said: "Although I am unable to refine high quality pills, but I can still refine three of them of medium to low quality."

After Ye Jiang finished speaking, he began to refine, and Chen Xiang watched from the side. Very quickly, he discovered many of the problems that had occurred with Ye Jiang during the process of refining the pill. With a glance, Ye Jiang could tell that his master was also half-hearted.

This Ye Jiang had been lying for many years, cheating over a thousand Myriad Tao Stones, so his brain was still alright. Under Chen Xiang's guidance, he was able to refine a high quality Jinyuan Dao Dan in six hours.

This made Ye Jiang jump up and down excitedly, and he kowtowed to Chen Xiang repeatedly. Chen Xiang never thought that this guy who looked so handsome, would actually have this kind of character.

When Chen Xiang was concocting the second batch, he had managed to get three pills in a single batch. This scared Ye Jiang to the point that he peed his pants, thinking that he had met a real alchemist master.

More than ten days had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang had only refined fifty Jinyuan Dao Dan. was then allowed to hand these Jinyuan Dao Dan over to the person requesting the pellets.

With the Hundred Myriad Tao Stones, Chen Xiang could feel at ease to bring Ye Jiang on the road.

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