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Until now, Chen Xiang still did not know what use the Jinyuan Dao Dan had.

"The same price as last time, 800. How about it?" The old shopkeeper said.

"No problem, but can you tell me what's the use of these Jinyuan Dao Dan?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You don't even know that … "No wonder you sold it to me!" The old shopkeeper was a little shocked and said: "Sell this Jinyuan Dao Dan to me, and I'll tell you right away. I'm worried that you won't sell it to me after I tell you."

The quality of the Jinyuan Dao Dan in Chen Xiang's hands were very poor. Even if he knew what it was used for, he would not eat this pellet.

"Here, you can tell me now." Chen Xiang handed the pellet over to the old man in charge.

The old man took it over and scrutinized it carefully, then said with a smile: "It's indeed a Jinyuan Dao Dan, not bad, here are 800 dao stones!"

Chen Xiang took the dao stones, and the old man said slowly.

"The main function of Jinyuan Dao Dan is to help people cultivate the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds … In the Dao G.o.d Stage, one would mainly need to cultivate to the Dao G.o.d gold body and the Dao G.o.d soul. In order to break through to the Dao G.o.d Stage, one would need to have the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds. The old man said.

"So that's how it is!" Chen Xiang was aware that there was an even higher realm above the Dao G.o.d Stage and it was extremely difficult to reach that level. Right now, there were many people who had yet to break through to the Dao G.o.d Stage in this place.

Chen Xiang had not stepped into the Dao G.o.d Stage yet, but he felt that there were still some medicinal fields.

"Shopkeeper, I'm only in the Dao Sovereign Realm right now. Will that help me?" Chen Xiang asked, he was not very clear about his future cultivation.

"Of course there is. You are only at the Dao Sovereign Realm but you have already cultivated Dao G.o.d soul. If you start preparing now, it will be easier for you to cultivate Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds in the future." The old man said, "But its actual usage isn't that great. It's just a little bit of use."

"Actually, Jinyuan Dao Dan are lower tier pills, especially something like you that looks dark and una.s.suming. This is a very low ranked pill, if it's gold coloured …" It can be sold for thirty thousand pills! " The old man said.

"So expensive! The Three Myriad Tao Stones should not be much for many Rankers here, but why would they ask for other people's help to refine them? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Isn't this still the reason why there are less Alchemist s? The main reason is because the powerful Alchemist s are all in the sects of the three great Daos, and since they can get an even richer reward from there, they rarely appear in these places." The old man sighed, "The moment Alchemist appears, many people will welcome him."

Chen Xiang finally understood that the was monopolized by the big powers, he had encountered such situations before, but at that time, although the Alchemist did not allow him to sell pills privately, but the big powers would sell themselves.

But now, those big powers did not allow Alchemist to come out, and he did not want to sell them himself either. This caused the Alchemist to rarely go out.

"Aren't these days going to be tough?" Chen Xiang said.

"Of course it's not so good … If you want more pills, you can only join three sects, and these sects are currently very difficult to enter. The Heavenly Dao from many years ago was still very easy to enter, but now a threshold has been set. "

Chen Xiang had heard the Azure Dragon say before that the Heavenly Dao could be entered anytime. However, that was a Heavenly Dao from a long time ago.

"For example, there are two conditions that must be met to enter the Fire Path's Divine Red Mountain. The first is to reach the tenth place of Dao G.o.d realm and cultivate out a Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds. The second is to pay the ten Myriad Tao Stones as the entrance fee and then receive ten Myriad Tao Stones every year. "

This condition was indeed very harsh, and exceeded Chen Xiang's expectations. He had thought that it would be very easy to enter.

"Then what about the Heavenly Dao and the Sword Dao?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"The Dao of the Sword is similar to the Dao of Fire, but the Dao of the Sword is even more difficult. Not only does one have to cultivate Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds, one also has to pa.s.s their examinations in the way of the sword. The old man continued, "But I have to say, in the path of the sword, one's strength will be much stronger. Amongst those of the same level, the path of the sword will be slightly stronger."

Chen Xiang had actually planned to go to the Sword Truth to take a look, then figure out the way to enter the Pill Dao.

"Manager, what if you want to join the Dao of alchemy?" Chen Xiang had previously understood that it was extremely difficult to join the dao of pills, not even at the level of the Azure Dragon.

"The Dao of alchemy?" That was even more difficult. Not to mention needing a certain level of alchemy, he also needed the acknowledgement of the four great elders of the alchemy world... "Of course, the hardest part is that you have to find a sect in the Dao of alchemy." The shopkeeper shook his head, "That's almost impossible. The path of alchemy is very mysterious, and the legends say that the majority of the people in the Dao of alchemy are descendants or disciples of the Alchemist."

"Is the Alchemist in the Alchemy Dao very strong in alchemy?" Chen Xiang looked at the Jinyuan Dao Dan in the shopkeeper's hands and asked.

"Of course... However, I heard that there are many unlucky kids in the Pill Dao, and the master in Grand Red Building could very likely be one of them. " As he spoke, the storekeeper lowered his voice and said, "Don't say that it was me who said that. It will cause trouble."

Chen Xiang nodded, then left the shop and returned to the inn.

"The Jinyuan Dao Dan's medicinal ingredients are still not bad. I'll try to see if I can refine high quality ones!" Chen Xiang lacked a few Dao Stones so he planned to refine them and sell them.

In any world, it's the same. Without money, it's hard to do many things.

Since Chen Xiang was refining in his own You Yao Mountain Villa, he didn't need to use too much Crash. Even if he failed, there wouldn't be much of a ripple, so he was not worried that it would affect his own Divine Sense Sea.

The Jinyuan Dao Dan only required two types of ingredients, a golden ginseng and a golden fruit. Chen Xiang did not know what this was called, but he was confident that he could refine it into a pill.

He put these two ingredients into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, and in just half a day, he had completed it.

"The quality isn't low, is this the Natural Law Dan?" Chen Xiang looked at the two Jinyuan Dao Dan s in his hands. Refining this kind of pellet was not difficult for him at all, it was much easier than refining more pills out of Crash.

It was just that the output of the pill was a little low. Previously, he had thought that it would be three pills, but it was all due to the medicinal ingredients.

After refining the Jinyuan Dao Dan, Chen Xiang immediately headed to Grand Red Building.

He wanted to confirm if the Alchemist from the Spirit Pill was real. If it was, he wanted to see if he could get the other party to recommend him in.

Grand Red Building was still very lively. Chen Xiang originally wanted to go upstairs, but was informed that the upper seats were full. He had to come another day to settle down.

"Manager, I am also a Alchemist, but not a cultivator. I am here to seek advice from this pill master, this is the Jinyuan Dao Dan that I have just refined, can you help me pa.s.s it to that master and let him give me some pointers?" After Chen Xiang was stopped by the shopkeeper, he took out a Jinyuan Dao Dan and gave it to him.

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