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"What technique is this?" Many people who saw this were astonished. There was actually someone who could make their arms grow so much longer?

Chen Xiang obtained a Natural Law Dan and immediately ran, he was worried that he would be ganged up on.

Only after running a few streets did Chen Xiang stop. At this time, he was hiding in a small alley and looked at the Natural Law Dan in his hand.

"This is a middle tier Natural Law Dan." Chen Xiang did not dare believe it, because the quality was too poor. The Taoist Emperor Dan he refined with so many Crash were much better than this.

"I don't know what pill this is, but just by looking at it, one can tell it isn't any good pill. Sell it first." Chen Xiang strolled along the street and found a very small medicine store.

After he walked in, he took out the pill he had just s.n.a.t.c.hed and handed it over. "Old sir, are you going to take back this pill?"

When the old man at the counter saw the grey and dull pill in Chen Xiang's palm, his extremely narrow eyes miraculously opened wide, as if he had seen a treasure.

"Collect, Collect. Five hundred dao stones." The old man said.

"So little." Chen Xiang immediately realized that this pill was worth a lot in the eyes of this old man.

"Six hundred." The old man said again.

"Eight hundred, do you want it or not?" As soon as Chen Xiang finished speaking, he regretted it a little. He didn't think that the old man would agree so readily.

"Here. Eight hundred Dao-stones." The old man pa.s.sed Chen Xiang a bag of Dao Stones.

The Dao stone was the size of a grain of rice and with a sweep of Chen Xiang's consciousness, he could immediately check it out. It was indeed eight hundred Dao stones.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that he was at a disadvantage. But what he did not understand was why such a pill breakage was so popular here.

"Could it be that all of the powerful Alchemist here died, and those who were able to concoct that kind of pill breaking pill are also known as master alchemists?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious about this.

Of course, that pill was something he had picked up. It could give him 800 dao stones. That was already quite good, because staying here was only worth 20 dao stones a day. It was very cheap.

Eating something would only be two Dao Stones.

In an inn, Chen Xiang thought back to the pill he had s.n.a.t.c.hed. It had indeed just been refined and was still warm.

But how could a guy known as a great master of pills be able to concoct so many pills of such inferior quality? No matter how he thought about it, he just couldn't understand it.

After running for so many days, he was tired and fell asleep very quickly.

The next day, he went to Grand Red Building again, and at this time, there were not as many people as yesterday. After asking around, he found out that the Pill Master did not distribute Natural Law Dan s, so there was no one here, but at this time, many people knew that there was a Pill Master who came to visit him.

Chen Xiang also entered the Grand Red Building, it was very lively here, all the seats for the lower floors were reserved, and the upper floors were very expensive, with 100 dao stones per day.

"Motherf * cker, why does it feel like that Grandmaster Pill Dao is a scammer? But there are too many idiots here." Chen Xiang looked at the people who were drinking and eating here, most of them were waiting for the Alchemy Master.

According to his inquiries, he knew that if he wanted to meet the Grandmaster, he would have to use even more Dao-stones in order to eat with him. He also knew that this quota needed to be auctioned off.

"He's obviously a liar." Chen Xiang was sure, but he just wondered why the people here would be so easily deceived.

After thinking about it, he felt that it was very possible that there were not many powerful Alchemist in the place.

Chen Xiang did not have that many dao stones, so he would not buy the chance to meet with the Pill Master.

At night, Grand Red Building was still very lively. Below Chen Xiang, he could hear the deep and clear laughter of the Alchemy Master.

Chen Xiang used his transformation technique and transformed into a small insect, crawling to the third floor. The window was opened, and as he leaned towards the window, he saw the so called Alchemy Master, talking and laughing with a few well-dressed middle-aged men.

"These middle-aged men are all Dao G.o.ds. It looks like they are a lot stronger than Elder Wan." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart: "This guy actually believes in this scammer."

The reason they came to look for this alchemist master was mainly to seek pills. Furthermore, they all had the same pill, called Jinyuan Dao Dan, and this was also a Natural Law Dan.

"This is the medicine required by the Jinyuan Dao Dan. There are three ingredients in total, Master only needs to help me refine one." A red-clothed middle-aged man laughed.

"Don't worry, it'll be completed in a hundred days at the earliest."

"Master is truly incredible. He was able to master it within ten days. As expected of a grandmaster from the Way of Pills." The middle-aged man hurriedly praised.

Chen Xiang discovered that all of them had brought three sets of Jinyuan Dao Dan s' medicinal ingredients with them, and only requested to refine one of them.

"This is so profitable …" "Furthermore, ten days for one pill. Just what kind of pill is this? It's very difficult to concoct." Chen Xiang was extremely curious, at this time, the Pill Dao was also sending those people off, and the medicinal ingredients were still on the table.

Chen Xiang immediately went in.

"The Jinyuan Dao Dan only requires two sets of medicinal herbs. These are the golden ginseng and the unknown golden fruit." Chen Xiang looked at them, and then quickly took out a drop of juice from the two different medicinal herbs to store, before quickly leaving.

Chen Xiang returned to the tavern and took out the juice. After that, he entered the You Yao Mountain Villa and poured the juice into the soil, watering the World G.o.d Spring.

"They should be able to grow it soon, but I wonder what its uses are." Chen Xiang patiently waited inside. In order to increase his speed, he even added in the condensed out spirit pearls.

Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin were not in here, so he felt a little lonely. He really hoped that he could find a way to return to the Divine Wasteland quickly and freely, so that he could return from time to time to visit Natural Law World's old friends.

The next morning, Chen Xiang saw a fruit tree, as well as a mature golden ginseng. He took the seed from the golden ginseng and grew it.

"It seems that the quality of the golden ginseng is relatively low, so it can quickly mature. It should be a high-grade Emperor Rank medicinal ingredient. This fruit tree actually needs a bit of time." As Chen Xiang's cultivation increased, his ability to grow the Divine Spring of World's G.o.ds increased by a lot.

Today, he had once again arrived outside the Grand Red Building. There were many people waiting here, because that master had thrown away his Natural Law Dan yet again.

"Another pill like that? What kind of pill is that?" Although Chen Xiang had s.n.a.t.c.hed one pellet and even sold it, he still could not figure it out.

This time, Chen Xiang managed to s.n.a.t.c.h another pellet, and because of this, he was chased for over ten streets.

"Hehe, it's good to have long hands." Chen Xiang walked into the shop and when the old man saw him, his eyes lit up.

"Lad, are you here to sell Jinyuan Dao Dan again?" The old man chuckled.

Chen Xiang was startled, the grey pill in his hand, was actually the Jinyuan Dao Dan.

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