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Chen Xiang also didn't know the reason why, but he didn't tell him that the Strong of Divine Wasteland he had swallowed previously didn't have any related memories either.

"Let's see if I can teleport." Chen Xiang immediately used his spatial energy to teleport, but after teleporting, his surroundings became dark.

Arriving at this place made him feel very familiar. He suddenly recalled that this was the chaotic s.p.a.ce that he was in before.

Sure enough, he was rushed out by a turbulence, and he returned to the place he was previously at.

"Why is it like this?" Chen Xiang sat on the ground, his face full of suspicion. He had used the power of teleportation to return to that d.a.m.ned place.

He thought about it carefully and finally understood that the spatial laws he was using were from the Natural Law World and not from this Divine Wasteland.

Although they were both spatial energy, they had different operating methods, and their laws were different. If he were to use the Natural Law World's spatial laws here, he would only go to the Natural Law World.

It was just that his spatial energy was not strong enough, so he went to the s.p.a.ce layer between Divine Wasteland and himself.

"Right now, all of my spatial energy is extracted from the Dao G.o.d soul, this is my own spatial law. If I want to teleport within the Divine Wasteland, I have to learn the laws here, and make my Dao G.o.d soul release the spatial energy that is similar to the laws here."

Chen Xiang opened his palm and released out a flame.

"Fortunately, fire can still be used. Looks like the fire laws in Divine Wasteland are no different from other worlds." Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, his flames wanted to concoct pills, if he could not use fire then he would not be able to use it to concoct pills.

"Now we can only walk." Chen Xiang stood up, and ran upwards. He raised his head to look at the sky, and started running frantically in the direction of the sun.

He was in a forest. The trees in this place were very large and strange. The trees had strange shapes and shapes. Some looked like humans or beasts, but they weren't the type that went straight up. Some even had strange trees intertwined together.

"All of the plants here contain fairly dense Dao energy. It seems that there will be quite a few monsters here." At this time, Chen Xiang was also feeling gloomy in the forest, which made him speed up his pace and run wildly.

After running for more than ten days, he finally saw something different. There was a huge mountain up ahead that was several times taller than the mountains around him.

"Red mountain, it seems like the plants and rocks on the mountain are all red. I wonder what is the cause of this." At this time, Chen Xiang was extremely curious about that mountain, and he started running with full strength.

However, when he got closer, he found that the mountain was surrounded by many buildings. All around it were stone buildings of varying sizes. This was not a city, because there were no walls and it was a mess.

"Although it is not a city, the number of buildings built around the red giant mountain is more than the number of big cities combined." Chen Xiang could guess that it was because of the gigantic red mountain.

After he entered this bustling area, he found out that this place was called the Great Divine Red Region, and the mountain in the middle was called the Great Divine Red Mountain.

The Red Mountain was surrounded by a very strong barrier. If one did not enter through the gate, they would not be able to reach the Red Mountain from other places.

Through asking around, Chen Xiang gained a general understanding of the place.

The G.o.d of Red Mountain was one of the Fire Sect.

"There's a fire going on. The green dragon didn't tell me." The green dragon among the Emperor seal had told him before that the three great Daos were the Heavenly Dao, the Sword Dao, and the Original Tao.

Although it was also one of the three Great Daos, it was the Heavenly Dao, the Fire Dao, and the Sword Dao.

"The Fire G.o.d, the Red Mountain, is one of the five great gates of the Fire G.o.d, the Seven Mountains. The Fire G.o.d, the Red Mountain, is one of the nine great sects of the Fire G.o.d, and the Fire G.o.d, the Red Mountain, is one of the nine great sects."

Chen Xiang felt that his luck was good. He had only just arrived in the Divine Wasteland, but he was already able to come to this place. This helped him quickly understand the Divine Wasteland, and along the way, he had not encountered any strong Divine Wasteland beasts.

As Chen Xiang walked on the street, he felt extremely depressed in his heart. This was because he did not have a thing like the "Dao Stone".

Of course, as long as there was a huge demand for pills in the Divine Wasteland, he would not have to worry about not having this in the future. Previously in the Natural Law Divine Realm, Jade money were the currency, he did not want them.

It was just that it was useless to be here now.

The Dao stone was not as useless as the Jade money, it still had a lot of uses here, mainly because it could be used to exchange for power of law.

As for how to execute it, Chen Xiang wasn't too sure. He only got it from the memories.

"A Alchemy Master suddenly descended on Grand Red Building and started refining the Natural Law Dan there. It is said that he threw more than 10 pills there and many people fought over them, but after obtaining the Alchemy Master's pill, it is worth it even if he lost his arm."

"Shh, don't be so loud. It would be bad if too many people knew about it."

"Alright, alright. Let's go and take a look."

Chen Xiang pa.s.sed by a building. With his sharp hearing, he heard people talking above, and then he waited there for a while.

When he saw the two of them walk down in a hurry, he quickly followed them.

"There should be very few people in the Dao of alchemy." Chen Xiang had heard from the dragon in the Emperor seal that the members of the clan were mysterious and rare.

Now that he had met one, Chen Xiang was very excited as well. He was able to see for himself how a Alchemist of the Alchemy Dao looked like.

He followed the two for more than half a day before reaching the so-called Grand Red Building. This Grand Red Building had ten floors, and it couldn't be considered to be the tallest building.

There were hundreds of people standing under the Grand Red Building. Just by looking at their clothes, one could tell that they were from a lower cla.s.s, and all of them were here to pick up Natural Law Dan s.

"These fellows are all Dao Sovereigns or G.o.ds. Is there a need to be like this?" Chen Xiang also planned to try his luck and see if he could pick it up.

He carefully observed his surroundings and discovered that there were quite a few bloodstains. It seemed that the fight for the blood on his head was not an exaggeration.

"Grandmaster Pill Dao has appeared." someone suddenly shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately looked towards the Grand Red Building, only to see a handsome white clothed man standing on the balcony on the third floor. He laughed heartily: "Because there was an error in the pill refining just now, I can only refine a middle ranked Natural Law Dan, I normally will throw away middle ranked Natural Law Dan."

As he spoke, the man in white threw down the few Natural Law Dan s in his hands. Right at this moment, Chen Xiang stepped onto the Shrinking step and used the change in the firmness within it to make his arm flexible. Then, he swung his fist out with great force.

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