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Chen Xiang bid farewell to the woman inside the Hundreds of Flowers Village, and then proceeded towards the Heavenly Dragon City. He bid farewell to everyone, and left with Wan Yuxiong, Great Landlord, Long Jiuxiao, and Huang Jintian.

To reach the Divine Wasteland, one would need to be at the center of the Natural Law Divine Realm. Now that the Natural Law Divine Realm had merged with the Heavenly Evil World, it would take a long time to reach the center.

In the center, in the place where the two worlds intersected, Chen Xiang controlled the Six Realms mirrors. After more than two hours, he finally arrived at this place.

At this moment, the sky had turned completely dark.

Great Landlord and Wan Yuxiong looked at the sky and said, "There's still time. Wait for the few of us to work together and open a spatial tunnel here."

"I should be able to do it myself. I don't need any effort from you all." Chen Xiang said. His spatial energy was very strong, so he felt that there was no problem.

"Although you can do it yourself, it will take a lot of energy, so let us do it. This way, when you go to Divine Wasteland, you will have a certain amount of power. The Great Landlord said.

Wan Yuxiong nodded at Chen Xiang, "Divine Wasteland is much more dangerous than this place. You should know that the people inside the Divine Wasteland are all strong people who can control an entire world, and they can absorb a lot of powerful forces from their own world."

"Alright then." Chen Xiang sat on the Six Realms mirrors and walked over.

Great Landlord, Long Jiuxiao and the others had started to train. It was already noon, but the world was still covered by darkness, releasing waves of Evil Qi.

Chen Xiang raised his head and looked at the place where the scorching sun had blocked out the sky, there was a crack right there.

"Why is it that we can only open the way to Divine Wasteland under these circ.u.mstances?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's mainly because the power of s.p.a.ce will become weaker at this time, and the reaction between the world we're in and the Divine Wasteland will be even stronger. Once a very strong power is condensed and sensed in the Divine Wasteland's s.p.a.ce, a door will open."

"The reason it is like this is so that the strong can go to the stronger Divine Wasteland. It is to prevent chaos in this world."

Wan Yuxiong pointed to the crack, and continued: "Chen Xiang, once the crack has opened to a certain extent, you must immediately enter. If you're too slow, you must start from a new beginning, and by the second time, you will need even more strength."

Chen Xiang nodded: "I understand." He carefully examined the crevice.

The cracks slowly opened, and after a while, it opened wider. Chen Xiang made the Six Realms mirrors smaller, so it could fly in at once.

"Let's go." Chen Xiang said.

"Take care. If you can come back, come back and visit often." Huang Jintian shouted.

"Got it." Chen Xiang had already controlled the Six Realms mirrors and instantly entered the crack.

After they entered the crevice, Great Landlord and the rest stopped working. They had consumed a lot of energy just now.

… ….

The Six Realms mirrors was shuttling through the spatial tunnel. It was extremely unstable and it was vibrating very strongly. If it wasn't for the Six Realms mirrors's powerful protection, Chen Xiang and Wan Yuxiong wouldn't have been able to fly through this pa.s.sage so easily.

"Elder Wan, if we go to the Divine Wasteland, we'll probably find him somewhere." Chen Xiang asked.

"Hard to say. After all, these s.p.a.ces aren't things we can control." Wan Yuxiong said: "But you don't have to worry, my strength is not that strong in the Divine Wasteland, but I can still protect myself, and you, brat, are also very strong, nothing will happen to you."

Chen Xiang nodded, he was also looking forward to see the Divine Wasteland.

Before he came, Lin Xirong had asked him to find her father if he had time, and he agreed. But he didn't go look for him immediately.

The Six Realms mirrors suddenly became stable, making Chen Xiang feel much better, he was worried that he would encounter some accidents.

"Now that's good, we can safely head towards the Divine Wasteland." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Don't relax, the road to Divine Wasteland is not that simple." Wan Yuxiong said.

Sure enough, not long after he finished speaking, the Six Realms mirrors suddenly started to shake violently, and that protective shield was under an extremely huge pressure, even though they were inside the Six Realms mirrors, they could still clearly feel it.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang immediately used his Spirit Qi and infused it into the Six Realms mirrors, causing its protective shield to strengthen.

"We have already entered the s.p.a.ce Domain, the s.p.a.ce here is very strong, you can tell from this tyrannical power of s.p.a.ce." Wan Yuxiong frowned: "Can you hold on to this thing of yours?"

"I don't know yet. I'll try my best to hold on." said. Six Realms mirrors was a very strong Heavenly artifact, but in Divine Wasteland, it was unknown if it was strong enough.

Wan Yuxiong also released an energy shield to cover both him and Chen Xiang. If the Six Realms mirrors was unable to hold on, they wouldn't be affected much.

"The Divine Wasteland's spatial energy is terrifying after all." Chen Xiang was horrified. He was an expert in the use of the power of s.p.a.ce, but now that he was in the midst of the Divine Wasteland's turbulence, he felt extremely insignificant.

"Of course. This is the greatest world, the peak of all worlds." Wan Yuxiong said.

"Elder Wan, I can't hold on any longer." Chen Xiang didn't think much of it before, but the spatial turbulence was much stronger than before.


The Six Realms mirrors's protective shield suddenly shattered. Chen Xiang anxiously kept the Six Realms mirrors into his body, luckily he had Wan Yuxiong's protective shield to protect them, otherwise, it would be very troublesome.

"I really didn't expect that after so many years, Divine Wasteland's spatial enchantment would become stronger and stronger." Wan Yuxiong's expression changed, and became extremely ugly.

"Elder Wan …" Chen Xiang saw Wan Yuxiong's expression and had a bad premonition.

"Be careful!" Wan Yuxiong suddenly shouted, his energy shield also crumbled.

Just as the energy barrier was collapsing, Chen Xiang was sucked away by a surge of energy.

Chen Xiang felt his body spinning non-stop, and his surroundings became pitch-black. This continued for several days before his eyes suddenly lit up, and then, his entire body slammed onto a very hard stone.

"Ah!" Chen Xiang's head was thrown down by a strong force, which heavily smashed onto the stone and made him cry out in pain.

"It should be the Divine Wasteland. This rock is even harder than my face, I can't be wrong." Chen Xiang punched the stone hard in order to shatter it.

Although he was separated from Wan Yuxiong in the pa.s.sage, the good thing was that he was only carried away by the spatial turbulence. His body was not harmed at all, and he finally arrived at Divine Wasteland.

"This is the peak of ten thousand worlds." Chen Xiang patted his body and then floated. However, he had only floated for about three meters before he was pressed down by a very strong pressure.

"Can't fly, could it be that he's the same as the Primitive Land?" Chen Xiang was currently floating under the pressure. Although he could fly, he couldn't fly high and flying was very difficult.

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