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Xue Ying and Ji Meixian couldn't help but laugh coquettishly as they held each other's hand and quickly walked out of the small hall.

Du Xiaoling stuck his tongue out at Chen Xiang, then asked him to sit down.

After sitting down, Chen Xiang asked: "Elder Sister Xiao Ling, how long have I been unconscious for?"

"It's only been a little more than ten years." Du Xiaoling poured something for Chen Xiang to drink.

"It's been more than 10 years!" Chen Xiang was shocked, and immediately drank the black wine to suppress his shock.

"I'm fine! If not for those two girls, it might have taken even longer for you to recover. " Du Xiaoling said: "Those girls from Hundreds of Flowers Village are worried to death about you, little scoundrel."

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Elder Sister Xiao Ling, you must be worried about me too!"

Of course Du Xiaoling was worried, but she didn't admit it, "No, it's just that Qinlian and Ziqian are always bothering me, telling me to think of a way …"

"Oh right, Chen Xiang, what happened inside that caused you to be injured so badly? I've examined your body carefully but I never thought that your body would be so strong, much stronger than mine, yet you still received such injuries." Du Xiaoling was very curious about this.

Du Xiaoling asked Chen Xiang seriously, but Chen Xiang laughed mischievously: "Elder Sister Xiao Ling, then wouldn't you have seen all of me? This is not fair, I want to see you back! "

"Be more serious!"

Although Du Xiaoling looked small and exquisite, gentle and kind, but when she was angry she could not be easily provoked. Now, she was pinching Chen Xiang's ears, making him cry out in pain.

"Aren't we still going to meet that heartless father of yours … No, it's that guy's clone. " Chen Xiang said, "Has he reappeared during these past ten years? That guy is too powerful! "

"Really? No wonder I sensed a trace of his aura! " Du Xiaoling frowned. She felt that Chen Xiang being able to survive the when he met it was already very powerful.

"He never appeared again, moreover, the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family was already destroyed by Long Jiuxiao and the entire Dragon clan, the Heavenly Evil World had also changed a lot, their dao energy no longer contained any Evil Spirit Force, they have now merged into the Natural Law World, and have developed very smoothly." Du Xiaoling said.

"That's good!" Chen Xiang took a sip of that black liquid.

"How did you destroy the Celestial squad? Let alone you, even I am not his match, yet you are actually able to destroy the Celestial squad in front of him. " Du Xiaoling said.

"I killed his doppelganger, or there would be no hope." Chen Xiang thought back to that strike of his, and couldn't help but feel pain in his body.

Of course, he felt a sense of accomplishment in being able to unleash that kind of power.

Du Xiaoling was startled, then shook his head: "That's impossible, how are you able to destroy his clone?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "If it's not like this, how can you be so safe for the past ten years?"

Du Xiaoling still could not believe it, "But … Are you really that strong? Right now, you're only at the first stage of the Dao Sovereign realm! "

Chen Xiang laughed, "Didn't you carefully look at my body? You said it earlier, my physical body is much stronger than yours. Elder Sister Xiao Ling, don't underestimate me, I am powerful! "

"Hmph, little scoundrel, consider yourself strong!" Du Xiaoling could only believe in Chen Xiang's words, but he could not use common sense to judge Chen Xiang's strength.

After Chen Xiang woke up, he strolled around the Hundreds of Flowers Village, entangled with all kinds of beauties for over ten days before finally going to find the Great Landlord.

Now, the Great Landlord had also moved to the Heavenly Dragon City. Furthermore, the Heavenly Dragon City was getting bigger and bigger, and there were already five city walls.

"Master, you're here too!" Chen Xiang was looking for the Great Landlord, but he saw that Huang Jintian was there too.

"Your master is a G.o.d operator, I knew you would come here today." Huang Jintian laughed.

"Then Master, do you know when Tengu will come?" Chen Xiang asked, he did not know if he had missed this chance in the past ten years.

"There are still two more days. It's about time for you to wake up!" Of course, if we miss it, we'll only have to wait another ten years. " Huang Jintian said.

Wan Yuxiong also dared to come over, he wanted to discuss going to Divine Wasteland with Chen Xiang.

"Five more days!" Chen Xiang was shocked: "Isn't this too fast!"

Great Landlord said: "Yes, with your current strength, you should be able to go. I plan to stay here forever."

"Why?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The environment above Divine Wasteland is not suitable for me. My heart is already old and I don't have that determination anymore." Great Landlord sighed: "I've lived long enough, I don't know when I'll die."

Wan Yuxiong had already decided to go with Chen Xiang, he still had many concerns in the Divine Wasteland.

"Prepare yourselves. In five days, we will depart." Great Landlord said: "Yuan Feng originally wanted to go, but since they found out about some things in Divine Wasteland from Elder Wan, they didn't dare go, haha!"

Chen Xiang wandered around Heavenly Dragon City for two days, talking with his old friends Long Jiuxiao and Yun Xiaodao. Then, he would head to that island to find Shen Tianhu and drink with his father, chat and bid him farewell.

In the last ten days, Chen Xiang had also gone through sweet nothings with her in the Hundreds of Flowers Village, and she had become extremely crazy. Now that they knew Chen Xiang was about to leave, although they were not too far away in their hearts, they were already prepared for it, since it had always been like this.

This time when Chen Xiang went, he did not even bring Chu Hongqing or Yang Xiangyin with him. Previously, when he was injured, the You Yao Mountain Villa was affected and more than half of them were destroyed.

He had already prepared for the worst case scenario while heading to Divine Wasteland. If he met with the worst case scenario, he would be able to run away with his soul intact.

When Chen Xiang returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, he found out that Bai Youyou was looking for him and he immediately rushed over.

Chen Xiang came to Bai Youyou's residence and called out from outside, "Sister You You You, what are you looking for me for?"

"What else can happen?" Bai Youyou stood behind him and pulled Chen Xiang's hand as he entered his room.

Chen Xiang was dragged into the house, her heart thumping wildly, only to see Bai Youyou wearing a purple muslin that was faintly discernible on her jade body, her long legs, broad chest, and beautiful small waist, all covered in a purple muslin that was filled with endless temptation.

What was even more frightening was that the person with such a seductive body was a very cold and beautiful woman!

Chen Xiang sat on a chair and looked at Bai Youyou's cold and beautiful face. She suddenly revealed a smile, although it was a faint smile, but it was filled with allure.

Previously, Chen Xiang had experienced the extreme charm of Bai Youyou's concealment, but now, Bai Youyou revealed it completely.

"Humph, you didn't come looking for me for the next ten days or so, you little scoundrel. For the next two days, you're mine!" There was a trace of gentleness in Bai Youyou's voice, and she couldn't help but carry her into the room … After so many years, both of them had finally succeeded!

After two days, Bai Youyou was also very satisfied. She leaned on Chen Xiang's chest and asked softly: "I really want to go to Divine Wasteland with you! "Can't you really take me with you?"

"No, Sister You You You. You don't need to worry. We'll meet again very soon." Chen Xiang crawled up from the bed. At this time, the sky was gradually getting darker as the sun started to rise.

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