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Chen Xiang looked at the middle aged man, a burst of fear involuntarily rose in his heart, the fact that the Natural Law Divine Lord's clone was here meant that the Celestial squad was set up by him.

"Just now …. Didn't you see me kill your two daughters? " Chen Xiang suddenly asked, the powerful clone of the Natural Law Divine Lord was inside, he must be able to see what was happening outside.

"Of course. I am very angry that you killed them, but they will not die in vain. I will soon send you down to meet them. " Natural Law Divine Lord only laughed sinisterly, his entire being devoid of emotion.

Indeed, it was as Du Xiaoling had said. All these so-called children were merely tools in the eyes of the Natural Law Divine Lord.

"What? Are you trying to say that I have no feelings for you?" Natural Law Divine Lord seemed to be able to hear what Chen Xiang was thinking.

"Isn't it?" Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, he had told himself that he must not continue to be afraid, otherwise, he would not even have the strength to fight, and his fighting spirit would be extinguished.

"Feelings... What was the use of such a thing? "I can't become stronger either. Previously, it was precisely because of this that I was tied down by this that I suffered many setbacks and suffered great pain. Now that I've abandoned this kind of thing, my strength has gotten stronger and stronger."

Natural Law Divine Lord suddenly laughed out wildly. "It seems like you are someone who has feelings for others, so you have a lot of weaknesses!"

"The Celestial squad will open very soon, and you are unable to leave this place … Once the Celestial squad opens, all of your friends and relatives will die, haha … Yet you survived. "

This caused his heart to be extremely worried. If he was unable to stop the circulation of the Celestial squad, then all his friends and family members around him would all die.

"What is it? Is it painful to think of them dying? " Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, Natural Law Divine Lord laughed again: "You should have your own beloved woman, but they died very quickly."

"Why are you doing this?" Chen Xiang asked coldly: "You are the Natural Law Divine Lord, and you are the one in charge of this world. Why are you destroying this world now?"

"This world has lost control, so I have to destroy it before creating a new world that I can completely control. Although it has lost control, I have to say that this world is developing very well! But this is of no use to me. I cannot draw strength from it. " Natural Law Divine Lord's expression changed, becoming incomparably sinister: "You brought this upon yourselves."

"Of course, if you want me to stop this Celestial squad, there is still another possibility, and that is to hand over all of the Heavenly Alchemy."

Hand over the Heavenly Alchemy, then we can stop the Celestial squad. I have to say, Chen Xiang was indeed tempted just now!

However, he did not believe that the Natural Law Divine Lord, even if he were to hand over the Heavenly Alchemy, the Natural Law Divine Lord would definitely continue to operate the Celestial squad!

Because he had just said that this world was not under his control, he wanted to destroy it!

"Will feelings really become my shackles? Is it really painful for me? " Chen Xiang asked himself in his heart.

When he was young, his father encouraged him and helped him. Even though he couldn't cultivate, he was very encouraging to him, and there was also Xue Xianxian, who never left him, even if he was trash!

He also met his friends and loved ones who grew up with him. They had walked the same path with him for many years, filling up his life. In order for them to not be harmed, he continued to grow stronger!

"No, feelings are what motivates me!" Suddenly, Chen Xiang's second Divine Sense Sea jolted, and the days of Heavenly beast began to howl.

"I still have the second Divine Sense Sea!"

Chen Xiang, who was originally afraid of the Natural Law Divine Lord, suddenly had high fighting spirit. His second Divine Sense Sea did not allow him to fear the ruthless Heavenly Dao in front of him.

People without emotions should not be able to withstand a single blow from him. They shouldn't be afraid!

"What, have you thought it through? This is the only path you can take now, and you should know it well enough. " The Natural Law Divine Lord said.

"Yes!" Chen Xiang's current fear had completely disappeared. As he spoke, his face even had a hint of a faint smile, and this caused Natural Law Divine Lord to be unable to fathom what he had just heard.

"Then, hand over the Heavenly Alchemy!" The Natural Law Divine Lord said.


"Oh? Didn't you think it through? This is your only path. Do you want to see your family and friends die? " Natural Law Divine Lord frowned, the aura around his body becoming even stronger.

"I have another way!" Chen Xiang sensed the powerful aura coming from that person, but he was still not afraid. This caused Natural Law Divine Lord to be secretly shocked.

"What other way do you have?" Natural Law Divine Lord felt that something was amiss.

"Just kill you!" Chen Xiang said.

"Haha …" When the Natural Law Divine Lord heard him, he raised his head and laughed loudly: "You puny little human, you want to kill me, a high and mighty Natural Law Divine Lord? Even if this is just a clone of mine, it would be easy for me to kill you with a raise of my hand, yet you want to kill me? "

"Of course, this is indeed another path. However, I am unable to take it, haha …" Give up and quickly hand over the Heavenly Alchemy. It will be completed very soon. "

The Celestial squad was indeed still in circulation, continuously condensing its energy. Chen Xiang had to make the best use of his time!

Just as Natural Law Divine Lord was laughing loudly, Chen Xiang suddenly attacked. His left arm flashed with a white light and suddenly, a whistling sound came out, filled with killing intent.

Natural Law Divine Lord felt the killing intent, and knew that Chen Xiang was serious. Just as he was about to teach Chen Xiang a lesson, his chest suddenly felt pain, and Chen Xiang instantly appeared in front of him.


Chen Xiang's fist made contact with Natural Law Divine Lord's chest, the tiger's roar exploded, releasing a burst of black killing intent that pierced through Natural Law Divine Lord's chest and came out from his back.

"You … Get lost! " Natural Law Divine Lord was immediately enraged as the aura around him exploded, sending Chen Xiang flying. At the same time, there was a b.l.o.o.d.y hole on his chest.

Although Chen Xiang had created a big hole in his body, Natural Law Divine Lord was not injured at all, and the b.l.o.o.d.y hole was still slowly being repaired!

"Azure Dragon, White Tiger!" When Natural Law Divine Lord saw Chen Xiang's arm go white and blue, he was immediately surprised. "I never thought that you would actually cultivate such a powerful thing.

Natural Law Divine Lord laughed coldly, her eyes suddenly flashed, releasing two rays of light that transformed into two fire dragons that rushed out, and wrapped Chen Xiang up in the blink of an eye.

"Don't worry. I won't kill you, but I will torture you well." After Natural Law Divine Lord finished speaking, Chen Xiang's body trembled, and an azure light exploded out of his right arm.

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