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"Elder Sister Xiao Ling has a father? Who is her father? " Chen Xiang asked in his heart. He had already seen Du Xiaoling, she was currently floating in mid air, facing the palms of two average-looking white-clothed women. One look was enough to tell that Du Xiaoling was being suppressed.

It was one against two, and those two women looked stronger than Du Xiaoling, as if they had a way to suppress Du Xiaoling's poison. Otherwise, Du Xiaoling wouldn't use his own strength to fight against them, he would definitely use poison. Ybdu.

"I have never seen a father who uses such despicable means against his own daughter! After having controlled my soul for so many years, wasn't it enough for him to harm me? All these years, it's been like I'm living in h.e.l.l. " Du Xiaoling's voice was filled with anger.

Chen Xiang had already guessed who Du Xiaoling's father was, to actually be Natural Law Divine Lord!

"So what? He gave birth to you, so if he wants you to die, you have to die. Furthermore, you are still alive right now, and you even obtained such powerful strength. " A lady in white said coldly.

"Stop talking nonsense. You and I both know this very well. I don't have any blood relation to him at all. It can be seen from my personality." Du Xiaoling said: "Since I was young, I have never admitted that he was my father. He clearly knows that I don't like to do things, yet he let me do them on purpose. He even wanted to kill me time and time again."

"I instead feel that I'm the daughter of his enemy, and treating me like this … "Of course, you are his daughters. Your characters are very similar, and he is very good to all of you. Otherwise, they would have left you here and tortured you for countless years."

"Humph!" The two lady in white's hearts were enraged, they instantly used force, Du Xiaoling's mouth revealed traces of blood.

Although it was a clash of palms, it was a test of one's own Dao power. Du Xiaoling versus two, obviously much weaker.

"Even if I die, don't even think about leaving … How about I make a bet with you guys and see if your father can open the Celestial squad. " Du Xiaoling suddenly revealed a smile: "Do you think you can still leave? Even though I am unable to defeat all of you, I can still delay you for a period of time. "

"s.l.u.t, quickly stop."

A lady in white felt her palm holding Du Xiaoling tightly together, and furthermore, her entire body could not move, she could only circulate the energy in her body to fight Du Xiaoling.

"What is it? Anxious? You guys know how ruthless that guy is, right? " Du Xiaoling laughed: "Didn't you say that earlier? Even if he wants you to die, you have to die obediently. What he said just now was so nice, why are you afraid now? "

In the face of death, who wouldn't be afraid? Especially someone with such a top-notch strength and high status, he was extremely afraid of death!

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, how do I make my move?" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Du Xiaoling. He did not want to be buried alongside the two daughters of the Natural Law Divine Lord, not to mention that there were so many people in the Heavenly Dragon City.

"Just use your sword to look at their heads!" Du Xiaoling replied with a light smile: "I knew you would come, that's why I dragged them out. You didn't let me down!"

"Hehe, Elder Sister Xiao Ling, you are also crafty now!" Chen Xiang laughed, he was already behind the two women.

"Was I stupid in your eyes before?" Du Xiaoling said.

Chen Xiang, who was using the Counter Power Invisibility, was not discovered in the slightest, and even Du Xiaoling did not know where he was located. This caused Du Xiaoling to be extremely shocked.

"Stupid girl, hurry …" A white clothed female had her head chopped off by Chen Xiang before she could finish speaking.

Chen Xiang had chopped off two heads at once, and threw them into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace!

Du Xiaoling bellowed, her palms surging with scorching power, burning the two bodies!

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, you aren't stupid at all. You're cute, beautiful, and very smart." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Little Scoundrel, don't try to be mean with me. I have stayed in Hundreds of Flowers Village for so many years, so I know that you have done many good deeds." Du Xiaoling laughed, "I really didn't expect you to be so daring, in my little house …"

Chen Xiang immediately coughed twice: "How do I get rid of the Celestial squad?"

Du Xiaoling looked up in the sky and fiercely struck out with his palm into the air. A streak of white light flashed out and struck the thick clouds that covered the entire sky.

The white light struck the clouds, causing them to explode. The thick clouds were also scattered by the power.

"Alright..." Just as Du Xiaoling finished speaking, his expression changed. "Nothing's good, the clouds have gathered again!"

Chen Xiang immediately let Xue Xianxian and the others out.

"This... It really is the Celestial squad. " Xue Xianxian's expression became serious.

"Do you know how to break it? At this time, the clouds are already gray. If it is completely black, then the power of annihilation will descend. As long as the area is covered by the black clouds, all living beings will be slaughtered. " Du Xiaoling was also getting anxious.

"The core of the formation isn't here. We're just very close to it right now." Liu Meng'er said.

"Where is the heart of the formation?" Du Xiaoling looked around.

"Separated by a s.p.a.ce! The core of the array is hidden in that s.p.a.ce, and that is also where the base of the array is. If the base and core of the array is not destroyed, then the destructive power will continue to condense. " Xue Xianxian looked at Chen Xiang. "Husband, you know about the power of s.p.a.ce.

"I'll try!" Chen Xiang immediately gave it a try, closed his eyes, and released a powerful spatial energy to investigate.

A moment later, he opened his eyes, "I sensed it. There is a barrier around that s.p.a.ce. If we were to attack from outside, I'm afraid that it would not be easy to destroy it."

"Then enter. You will definitely be able to enter that s.p.a.ce, right?" Du Xiaoling said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I will go in first, if I am unable to solve it myself, I will come out to look for you guys!"

With that, he used the White Tiger to jump in, causing Liu Meng'er to stomp her feet in anger. Of course she knew that Chen Xiang would go in by himself, but she was also worried that some accident might happen to them.

Chen Xiang entered the s.p.a.ce used to lay the array foundation. Upon entering, a powerful force attacked him, and just as he felt the Qi, his entire body was in extreme pain.

The current him, his physical body was already strong enough, but just that aura alone was enough to cause intense pain to his entire body. From this, it could be seen how powerful that energy was.

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang hurriedly took out his Six Realms mirrors to protect himself.

"You are Chen Xiang, right! After cultivating the Heavenly Alchemy, you should have a complete Heavenly Alchemy. " After a voice was transmitted over, a middle-aged man dressed in black appeared in front of Chen Xiang.

The middle aged man emitted a black Qi, he looked very similar to the Black Hairs Human!

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang took a few steps back. This person's aura was extremely scary and was filled with an evil aura which filled Chen Xiang's heart with fear.

"Who am I? I am the Natural Law Divine Lord! " The middle-aged man sneered, "Of course, this is only one of my clones. Do you suddenly feel that you're very insignificant?"

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