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Chen Xiang followed Leng Youlan to their house and entered a pathway.

"Will a dinner be held in the secret chamber?" Chen Xiang was a little doubtful.

"Here's a surprise for you." Leng Youlan said casually, although she was the same big and tall, but she had a lot of experience in the human world, and a lot of clever ideas.

"If you tell me there's a surprise, then won't you let me know? Then what's a surprise? " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Brother, I can a.s.sure you that you won't be able to guess what kind of surprise this might be!" Leng Youlan smiled mysteriously, and his smile was very cunning.

Chen Xiang was already prepared to be tricked, he felt that being teased by these girls did not matter, as long as they were happy, he would not lose anything.

Just like this, he followed Leng Youlan into a secret room. Inside was pitch black, and the moment he entered, he could feel a few auras.

"Qianxiang and Jingjing are here … And Lingling! " Shen Lingling was also a very doting person. He would usually follow Long Huishan, so it was impossible for him to see her often.

However, she was also very happy that Leng Youlan was able to get her to come.

The dark secret room suddenly lit up!

A white figure pounced over. It was Mu Qianxiang, and he was not wearing any clothes!

Chen Xiang was immediately stunned. Before he could even react, Mu Qianxiang had already thrown him onto the ground, and the ground was extremely soft.

"What are you guys doing!" Chen Xiang didn't know why, but his body suddenly became powerless, as though he was poisoned.

However, he possessed the body of impenetrable, so it would be difficult for him to be poisoned.

Only now did he realize that the delicate fragrance was very familiar, it was actually Lv Qinlian's love poison!

However, he had never known that emotional poison could have this kind of effect. It could make his entire body weak and evil.

"Brother, hehe …" Leng Youlan kissed his earlobe, and continued to tease him while Leng Youlan took off her clothes.

"Little Scoundrel!" Shen Lingling laughed, she was extremely charming, she was not like this in the past, but she was obviously affected by the Goblins.

"It's over!" When Chen Xiang saw the clothes on Dongfang Jing's body sliding down, he sighed in his heart. When he saw Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang's tiger-like expressions, he knew that even if he said anything, it would not be able to stop what happened next.

Sure enough, Chen Xiang was tormented like this for an entire day and night!

… ….

The next morning, Chen Xiang took great pains to recover his vitality. He was glad that he managed to cultivate the Dao G.o.d gold body, otherwise, it would not be tormenting.

"All of you are really messing around!" Chen Xiang snorted.

"Hmph, acting good even after getting a bargain." Leng Youlan ruthlessly pinched his soft waist.

"But... However, this is rather useless for a man like me. If I were to say it out loud, I will be laughed to death. " Chen Xiang rolled his eyes at her.

"Alright, we promise not to speak of it!" Leng Youlan said while laughing, and then he helped Chen Xiang up.

"You d.a.m.n girls, you're underestimating me too much. I can still leave." Chen Xiang scolded her with a smile.

After walking out of the secret room and arriving at the top of the stairs, they had all been busy with their own matters, as if nothing had happened, while Chen Xiang had come to Lv Qilian's place.

"Sister Qinlian, you're here too!" Chen Xiang suddenly thought back to yesterday's incident with the love poison. The love poison in Leng Youlan's hands was very strange, he had forgotten to ask even if it made his entire body weak.

Lv Qinlian's nose wrinkled, as if he had smelled Chen Xiang's scent. His face was also filled with an ambiguous smile, as if he knew something.

Lv Qilian didn't know, but she already knew about the relationship between Chen Xiang and Lv Qinlian, so she didn't say anything.

"Little Scoundrel, were you happy yesterday?" Lv Qinlian smiled and asked.

"Very happy!" Chen Xiang purposely revealed a happy smile.

Lv Qinlian stuck out his tongue at him and then left.

"Oh right, Sister Qilian, have you guys cultivated the Ancient Code and Mysterious Gate yet?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Hmm, what's wrong?" Lv Qilian nodded his head, "I have long since cultivated it. I am already at the ninth level of the Dao Sovereign but I am definitely not your match."

"That's right, I've already opened all my doors. How many have you opened?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"So it's like that, no wonder your Dao power is so frightening, I can only use this kind of skill for seventy percent of the time," Lv Qilian said as she faintly smiled, "I'm not as strong as you!"

"Sister Qilian, do you think that we can change the profound laws here?" Chen Xiang said: "What I am using is not any ordinary dao power, but a Primitive Tao Power. The reason why I am so strong is not only because my profound door is completely open …"

Chen Xiang picked Lv Qilian up and allowed her to cuddle in his embrace. Then, he told Lv Qilian about his cultivation situation.

After hearing it, Lv Qilian immediately understood Chen Xiang's intentions. If he wanted to become stronger, then he would have to change the Ancient Code's profound door that she had cultivated right now, into the Primordial Profound Gate.

"For you guys, you don't need to be like me, eight Primordial Mysterious Gates. One is enough, it can allow you to crush your opponents at the same level." Chen Xiang caressed her pretty face and laughed: "You are the big sister, so you have to try it yourself. If you succeed, then let your little sisters cultivate first."

"Hmph, return my little sister. Don't think that I don't know that you are secretly eating in my Hundreds of Flowers Village. My Hundreds of Flowers Village is your big harem!" Lv Qilian pinched Chen Xiang and pouted: "d.a.m.n little scoundrel, I know everything."

Lv Qilian was taking off Chen Xiang's clothes, but after seeing that Chen Xiang was not taking the initiative anymore, he chuckled: Have you guys been tormented by those girls? Now do you know fear! "

"Alright, it's worth it even if I die!" Chen Xiang laughed bitterly.

… ….

Chen Xiang gave Lv Qilian quite a few Primitive Tao Power Pills. She wanted to see if she could cultivate a Primordial Profound Gate, and if she succeeded, let her teach Su Meiyao and the others, and then let all the Alchemist in the Pill Fragrance Garden learn it. Then, they would be able to extract and refine a large number of Primitive Tao Power Pills on their own, and spread them throughout the entire Heavenly Dragon City.

Chen Xiang took out the Emperor seal from Lv Qilian's secret room.

If not for Leng Youlan and the rest delaying him, he would have tried to enter the Emperor seal.

"Maybe only I can go in and take a look, because I have already fused with the Emperor seal." Chen Xiang closed his eyes and released a strand of divine soul, allowing the divine soul to enter the pearl in the middle of the Emperor seal.

After entering, he quickly found the problem!

"The defense of the outer layer of the crystal is very strong. No wonder Meng Er and the others couldn't enter. It was blocked by a very strong barrier. That barrier must have come from the bead." Chen Xiang guessed, and then he used the White Tiger to jump, instantly crossing the barrier.

After pa.s.sing through the barrier, he could clearly feel how powerful that bead was!

The golden pearl in front of his eyes was like a huge golden sun, emitting waves of intense light and scorching power.

"Come in!" Suddenly, a voice resonated, causing Chen Xiang to be shocked, his divine soul was almost scattered.

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