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Chen Xiang knew that Yuan Feng and the others had gone to the Evil G.o.d Mountain to cause trouble, but he never thought that it would be settled so quickly.

"Don't call me Natural Law Divine Spirit, I'm Yuan Feng now. Old Qian, are you enjoying your life now?" Yuan Feng walked into the study room and laughed.

"I'm Yuan Xin!" Yuan Xin cupped his hands towards Great Landlord.

"Wan Yuxiong!"

Great Landlord looked at Chen Xiang, as if he understood what was going on.

"Alright, how did you manage to escape the restraints of that kind of power?" The Great Landlord said.

The restrictions on the Great Landlord wasn't that strong, but it prevented him from being promoted and he couldn't leave the Natural Law World. That was why he had been trying to find a way to do so these past few years.

Now that he saw that Yuan Xin and Yuan Feng could get rid of them, he really wanted to know why. He had also went to find Du Xiaoling and had asked him to help him before, but he couldn't succeed.

"That brat helped me. If we didn't suddenly get dragged into the Heavenly Evil Abyss, he would have come back to help you." Yuan Feng laughed.

Chen Xiang took out a few pills condensed from Primitive Tao Power and threw them to Great Landlord, saying: "This is the pill they are using!"

The Primitive Tao Power was extremely hard to obtain for the people here, but Chen Xiang had an endless number of them.

"Primitive Tao Power... This is a pellet condensed from the Primitive Tao Power! " Great Landlord's body trembled, his body was shaking, this was too rare for him.

And the seal within his soul, required a large amount of Primitive Tao Power to be unsealed!

"This kid has Primitive Tao Power all over his body, if not he would not be so terrifying. I really don't know how he cultivates." Yuan Feng sighed.

"I am a Alchemist … When I was cultivating the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, I collected a large amount of Primitive Tao Power from those Black Hairs Human s and then used my alchemy skills to refine a pellet that contains a large amount of Primitive Tao Power. After consuming the pellet, I would cultivate up to the Primordial Profound Gate and then have an endless supply of Primitive Tao Power. " Chen Xiang laughed.

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, the Great Landlord thought about it carefully and then shook again, "I remember that your profound door was completely opened. If you use the Primitive Tao Power to pa.s.s through the profound door, then wouldn't it be very strong …? "No, it requires a very strong physical body. Could it be that your physical body is also very strong?"

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "Now, all I need to do is cultivate my Dao G.o.d soul to the Great Perfection level and I will be able to step into the Dao G.o.d Stage."

Great Landlord sighed and nodded: "You know how to refine such a strong pill, that's how great it feels!"

"Oh right, what conditions do you need to go to Divine Wasteland for?" Chen Xiang asked: "Although our current strength can suppress the forces of evil, but if we do not take care of it completely, we will come back in the future."

Everyone here understood what Chen Xiang meant. If they wanted to solve the problems of this world, they had to go to the Divine Wasteland and kill the only person that was in charge of this world!

Killing Natural Law Divine Lord required a lot of strength, but Great Landlord felt that Chen Xiang was qualified!

"To go to the Divine Wasteland, you have to first wait. Wait patiently until the moment of solar eclipse. At that time, you can open the tunnel and enter the Divine Wasteland." The Great Landlord said: "Although we can enter from the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss, that road isn't easy."

"That's right. When I first came down, I was already half-dead and had yet to recover. So I had no choice but to not take the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss route." Wan Yuxiong said.

Great Landlord still doesn't know Wan Yuxiong's ident.i.ty. He looked at Wan Yuxiong curiously, and Chen Xiang immediately introduced him to Wan Yuxiong.

"Looks like we'll have to wait for now." Chen Xiang said: "That's right, I am only a Dao Lord now, can I go to Divine Wasteland?"

"With your strength, this shouldn't be a problem." Great Landlord said, "But … You need to understand clearly that when you go to a world of higher levels, you will always be at the middle and lower levels. "

Wan Yuxiong understood this point very well, and said: "It is indeed so, but you don't have to worry. The Divine Wasteland is also filled with powers, you can just find someone to rely on, and at that time, I will go with Chen Xiang."

"Alright, while we wait for the eclipse, let's clean up the evil forces here." Chen Xiang said.

"Leave it to us!" Yuan Feng laughed: "Anyway, I have been very idle these days."

Yuan Feng dragged Wan Yuxiong along with him and went to find the evil forces to destroy everything. If he couldn't beat them himself, Wan Yuxiong would help him.

Great Landlord would go into seclusion to refine the Primitive Tao Power Pill!

Under Yuan Feng's guidance, Chen Xiang found the island his father was on.

Shen Tianhu was the Island Master now, so he managed this island well. Furthermore, the power of the Island Spirit was becoming more and more terrifying.

Previously, Feng Yujie was the one who brought Chen Xiang here, and later on, Feng Yujie himself came many times, as he came to collect medicinal ingredients.

"This island is very stable now, not like how it used to be!" Shen Tianhu entertained Chen Xiang. He was Chen Xiang's father, so Feng Yujie and the others frequently brought pills here. Therefore, Shen Tianhu's cultivation was also very high.

"Dad, your life is pretty good. This island is so magical. It's almost like a kingdom, and it can fly all over the place. The plants here can grow quickly." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Brat, is Yu Jie really your woman? Does Xianxian have any objections? " Shen Tianhu asked softly. Because the people on the island did not go out much, Shen Tianhu did not really understand much about the matters outside, especially the matters regarding Chen Xiang.

"That's what she told you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes!" She brought a few girls and called me daddy. They are all so beautiful, did you use some underhanded method? " Shen Tianhu drank the wine with a face full of doubt.

"No, you don't have that much confidence in your son?" Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"Hehe, looks like this is true? But then again, you have so many women, why don't you have any children? " Shen Tianhu continued: "It's been so many years, I really want to hug my grandson!"

Chen Xiang picked his ears and laughed: "Father, what are you so anxious about? "It's not a peaceful time right now. Wait till I settle down. Hehe, I'm worried that you won't be able to come over with me when you carry me."

"With these words of yours, I can feel at ease!" Shen Tianhu laughed.

Chen Xiang took out some medicinal ingredients and told them to give them to Shen Tianhu to grow. All these years, the Pill Fragrant Garden in Hundreds of Flowers Village was created because of the large amount of medicinal ingredients obtained from there.

Only now did he return to the Hundreds of Flowers Village to look for Xue Xianxian. Every time he returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, he would first go find Xue Xianxian and the others.

"You Qing, this girl, she has created so many curse traps!" Chen Xiang accidentally stepped on a trap and his leg became a block of wood. Luckily his Primitive Tao Power was strong enough to directly force out the curse.

"I knew you would come at this time." Xu Youqing walked out of the house, and laughed: "This is I trying to test your little test!"

In the past, the moment Chen Xiang entered the courtyard, he could feel the busy atmosphere. But this was not the case now, as he had seen several women quietly reading in the hall, he did not know what they were reading.

Chen Xiang took out the Emperor seal s, wanting Xue Xianxian and the others to study them and see what secrets they were hiding.

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