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Long Jiuxiao's strength was beyond their expectations. They knew that Chen Xiang would definitely be able to win against Evil Dragon Holy King, but they never thought that he would be able to suppress her so quickly.


Chen Xiang's explosive fist strike landed on Evil Dragon Holy King's face, causing a series of explosions. This was the Devil Subduing Method!

"Didn't you want to kill me? Don't you think I'm bulls.h.i.t? Then what are you! " Chen Xiang's fist directly struck towards the Evil Dragon Holy King's mouth that was about to scream, causing all his teeth to crumble, and blood to flow unceasingly.

"Stop!" Jin En suddenly rushed over, just as he arrived, Chen Xiang took Evil Dragon Holy King and teleported to the sky, using the White Tiger to jump out!

"You … He is the younger brother of the Evil Dragon Emperor … " Just as Jin En finished speaking, Chen Xiang chopped off Evil Dragon Holy King's head with a sword and then smashed a fist onto his body. Fresh blood violently gushed out from Evil Dragon Holy King's body and sprinkled onto his and the group of evil forces like rain.

The black and stinky blood drenched the evil, making those people feel disgusted. At this moment, they were even more furious, their great general had been killed just like that!

Of course, this also frightened them. Chen Xiang's strength was actually that terrifying, a tenth stage Dao Sovereign Evil Dragon Holy King was killed so easily!

"Hmph! I said it before, these evil spirits aren't even worth a single blow in my eyes. Although they're only of the tenth level of the Dao Sovereign Realm, because of the restraint of my power, they're only of the first level of the Dao Sovereign Realm. A few moves can kill them." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he took out a small seal.

This seal looked very ordinary, but Xue Ying and Lin Xirong, who were below, knew how terrifying it was.

This is a Emperor seal!

At that moment, Chen Xiang immediately used the strongest sound transmissions he had on Long Jiuxiao, Jiu Hanrou, and the others, telling them to set up an enchantment so that they could defend themselves against the power that would burst out later. Otherwise, the waves that would come later would destroy the outer city of Heavenly Dragon City.

Long Jiuxiao and the others worked together and soon created a barrier. They already knew what Chen Xiang was going to do next.

"What are you doing?" Jin En had also detected the movements of Long Jiuxiao and the others, and had actually set up a large barrier to protect the Heavenly Dragon City behind them.

"So? Do you think you can go back after causing trouble this time? With me, Chen Xiang, here, you guys can forget about leaving this place alive! But I can send you all to see that darn Natural Law Divine Lord, no need to thank me! "

Chen Xiang used all his might to grab onto the Emperor seal and imprint onto the group of people who were being poured with the stinky Dragon Blood.


A crazed dragon's roar suddenly exploded, shaking the earth and causing it to shake violently. The surrounding mountains were not destroyed by the shockwave, but were directly smashed to pieces by the sonic wave!

Roar … Roar …

A dragon roared without end, its entire body shining with golden light. It was solemn and solemn, carrying an incomparable might as it charged downwards!


As the huge dragons pressed down, many people spat out blood from the pressure. Some even fell onto the ground, and as they were torn apart by the pressure, the earth rumbled and split into pieces.


The colossal dragon collided with the ground, and a powerful golden light burst out, like a raging roar of the blazing sun. The heavens collapsed, as if thousands of stars had gathered and crashed into each other.

Ah, ah, ah...

Miserable screams rang out unceasingly. Although the cries were loud, no one heard them. Furthermore, the screams did not last long before those people were completely gone.

Only after an entire hour had pa.s.sed did he gradually recover!

Everyone's faces turned white. Even though they were experts here and even though they had powerful enchantments to protect themselves, they were still intimidated by the boundless might.

It was as if the world was flipped upside down. The area that was originally flat ground was now filled with huge rocks. The mountains that were originally continuous before were now completely razed flat ground. Some places even had deep cracks on them.

The people from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family were all gone, they were all dead!

Chen Xiang slowly descended, his clothes fluttering with the wind, his face carrying a faint smile, at the moment he still had a calm and relaxed appearance, he did not look like he had just killed a group of strong Evil Demons!

"This fellow..." Lin Xirong looked at Chen Xiang, not knowing what to feel. She felt that even she was not a match for Chen Xiang right now.

At this moment, everyone was shocked speechless by Chen Xiang's power. This power had already far surpa.s.sed them. In the entire Natural Law World, he was definitely an existence which seemed to be an overlord.

"Everyone can go back now, I'll go talk to Great Landlord!" Chen Xiang said, then disappeared with a teleport.

Long Huishan laughed out loud, "This brat is still the same as before. When he attacks, he's always so shocking.

"Anyway, with him here, we are not afraid of the Evil G.o.d Mountain attacking us."

"He should be worried about the Evil G.o.d Mountain!"


Everyone returned to the Heavenly Dragon City. The defenses of the Heavenly Dragon City were still very strong, and in the undulations just now, she was still safe and sound. The people outside the barrier of the Heavenly Dragon City were completely unrecognizable.

Chen Xiang had already arrived at the Sacred Wasteland and found the Great Landlord!

The Sacred Wasteland was originally an independent s.p.a.ce, but now, it had already fused with the Natural Law World.

"Great Landlord, long time no see!" Chen Xiang suddenly appeared in Great Landlord's study room. At this time, Great Landlord was also reading an ancient book.

"Chen Xiang!" Great Landlord laughed heartily and stroked his beard, "I knew that you would definitely be able to return. Right, there was quite a commotion just now, what exactly happened? Fan Shixin didn't ask me for help.

"It's nothing, I was just killing a bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that come to the Heavenly Dragon City's gate all day long to cause trouble." Chen Xiang smiled slightly.

"This... It's all gone? " Great Landlord was shocked. "It seems your strength has increased quite a bit, I really can't tell what kind of people you've killed?"

"He's a guy who claims to be a Evil Dragon Holy King, and he's also called Jin En. Since they're all dead, it doesn't matter what they call him anymore." Chen Xiang waved his hands, he sat on a chair and started flipping through an ancient book.

Great Landlord took a deep breath, "Good boy, you have annihilated them all! "Fine, since these guys are always here every two or three days, and since Jiu Xiao and the others can't do anything about it, if they really fight, it won't be good for Jiu Xiao and the rest either. This is also because they don't have enough strength."

"But now... You probably don't have to be afraid of them anymore. Later, you and I will go to the Evil G.o.d Mountain and level that mountain. "

Chen Xiang laughed, "Why don't we go now!"

A voice suddenly came from outside: "No need to go, Evil G.o.d Mountain is already flat, haha …"

The Yuan Feng who spoke!

Great Landlord was shocked, and after sensing a bit, said. "Isn't this Natural Law Divine Spirit and Earth's Core Divine Spirit? What's wrong with all of you? You actually dare to flatten the Evil G.o.d Mountain! "

Of course they didn't have that kind of strength, but Wan Yuxiong did, and Wan Yuxiong was one of the disciples of one of the Natural Law Divine Lord s back then, so he was very strong.

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