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The people of Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family were instantly enraged, they wanted to kill Chen Xiang immediately. They still remember very clearly that Chen Xiang had killed their two outstanding Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland s back then.

Evil Dragon Holy King had heard of many of Chen Xiang's stories and were very interested in him. Although Chen Xiang was very famous, he didn't think that Chen Xiang had the power to defeat him.

Although dozens of years had pa.s.sed, Evil Dragon Holy King had a deep understanding of the Primitive Land below. He had calculated the time just now, and the time Chen Xiang spent below was not even a year yet.

It was impossible to have any improvement in one year, let alone the fact that dozens of years had pa.s.sed!

"Right, who are you in Evil Dragon Prince?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked, Evil Dragon Prince had already died in his Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

"You … Could it be that you were the one who killed him? " Evil Dragon Holy King was instantly enraged. When he went to hunt for Sword wing tiger back then, he had never returned.

Hearing Chen Xiang's question, Evil Dragon Holy King's face changed, it was actually Chen Xiang who killed them!

"That's right. I originally thought that he was very strong, but I never expected him to be so weak. Right now, you look just like that guy." Chen Xiang summoned his Heavenly magic sword, although the Evil Dragon Holy King in front of him was of the tenth stage of the Dao Sovereign realm, he was an Evil Dragon, and his body was filled with Evil Demon power.

And Chen Xiang's power in training was precisely used to restrain this power, so he held the upper hand in this aspect.

"Originally, I was very interested in you and didn't want to kill you. Since you killed my nephew, today, I must take your life. Unless you dare to fight with me, I will definitely kill you." Evil Dragon Holy King enunciated every word, filled with rage.

"Then let's not waste time, I want to see how strong you are, boasting shamelessly here!" Chen Xiang held the Heavenly magic sword, and teleported to the battlefield where the barrier was located.

Many people behind Chen Xiang were secretly worried. They knew that Chen Xiang was strong, but the opponent was after all, a Evil Dragon Holy King, and he was the younger brother of the Evil Dragon Emperor. Furthermore, he was favored by the Natural Law Divine Lord, and was very strong.

Although they were worried about Chen Xiang, they were very confident in him!

"Evil Dragon Holy King, if possible, try not to kill him!" Jin En suddenly said: "No matter what, we will capture him today, you should know how important he is."

Evil Dragon Holy King took a deep breath and nodded!

The importance of Chen Xiang lay in the Heavenly Alchemy that he was cultivating. That was a divine art that even the Divine Wasteland s had gone extinct in, and that was what Natural Law Divine Lord wanted right now!

If they could bring Chen Xiang back and interrogate them about the Heavenly Alchemy, they would all get rich rewards. Although the Evil Dragon Holy King was angry, he did not lose his reason.

As long as they could capture Chen Xiang and force him to reveal the Heavenly Alchemy, it would not be too late to kill him in the future!

"So even if I win today, do you guys still want to fight here?" Chen Xiang looked at Jin En. If it was in the past, he would definitely be very wary of a powerhouse like Jin En who was at the ninth or tenth level of the Dao Sovereign Realm.

But now, he wasn't afraid at all!

This was all because he had gained another powerful strength, causing him to be filled with confidence.

His words just now, contained a faint, powerful aura that caused even Jin En to feel somewhat terrified.

After all, it has been a long time since we and the Heavenly Dragon City have had a head-on battle. Today, everyone is here, so it's not a big deal if we have a big fight. Jin En looked at Long Jiuxiao and the others, there were quite a few people, and they were all experts.

What's more was that at the entrance of the Heavenly Dragon City, there were still many Rankers that had yet to come out, so Jin En was not very confident at the moment. He had already secretly sent word to get the Rankers on his side to come and reinforce them.

In terms of aura, their side was inferior, which was very disadvantageous for their side. In order to increase their aura, Jin En boasted.

"Don't think that just because you have more people, I will be afraid of you? We are from the Desolate G.o.d Clan, and although you guys are stronger than us humans, compared to us, the n.o.ble race of the Desolate G.o.d Clan, you guys are just bullsh * t. " Jin En sneered, then looked towards Evil Dragon Holy King and said: "Brother Xie Long, although we can't kill this brat, but let him suffer a bit, just use all of your tormenting methods on him!"

Chen Xiang stretched his back and said: "Are you done yet? Luo Li, just wait a while. Even if you don't attack us, I will definitely exterminate this prideful Heavenly Desolate G.o.d Clan of yours. Let's see who's the one that isn't right! "

As Chen Xiang was speaking, the Evil Dragon Holy King suddenly turned into a black mist, and in the blink of an eye, it had enveloped Chen Xiang.

After the black mist that shrouded Chen Xiang dissipated, there were a few black vines wrapped around his body. It looked like many skinny dragon claws that were entwined together, tightly locking Chen Xiang up. Evil Dragon Holy King's voice suddenly came out, his long sword had already reached Chen Xiang's chest.

Everyone was shocked, they thought that Chen Xiang's chest was going to be pierced, but when Evil Dragon Holy King's sword touched Chen Xiang's chest, the black sword tip was covered by a layer of golden mist.

"You want to stop me with such little tricks?" He is underestimating me too much! " While Chen Xiang was speaking, his body flashed, and all of the black vines wrapped around his body disappeared, the Heavenly magic sword s in his hands had already pierced out.

Although Evil Dragon Holy King was shocked, his reaction was extremely quick. His body turned into black mist, dodging Chen Xiang's sword, and then suddenly appeared beside Chen Xiang, slashing horizontally at Chen Xiang's waist.

"You want to defeat me like this?" Chen Xiang's body shook for a moment, then eight Primitive Tao Power s from the Primordial Profound Gate surged out, and then, pa.s.sed through the ten layered profound gates, and poured into his body.


Chen Xiang's body erupted with a burst of rumbling thunder, the power was exploding in Chen Xiang's body, coming out from the pores of his body, forming a powerful force, which surrounded Chen Xiang's body.

When Evil Dragon Holy King's sword touched the force, it was immediately repelled away and flew out of his hand.

"Evil Dragon Holy King, there are so many evil forces inside your body, and I just so happen to be your nemesis. You still want to catch me alive, you are simply boasting shamelessly." With a teleportation, Chen Xiang arrived behind Evil Dragon Holy King. His Heavenly magic sword had already been absorbed into his body, flowed to his two fists, and transformed into Slaughter G.o.d's Hand!

The shock in Evil Dragon Holy King's heart, the burst of energy that Chen Xiang had just released had truly scared him. He did not dare believe that Chen Xiang would actually become so strong under the Primitive Land.

Feeling that the force was right behind him, he wanted to immediately dodge, but just as he turned into the black fog, he suddenly couldn't move. Even if he turned into the black fog, he was still locked in one area and couldn't rush out.

He had already been frozen in place by Chen Xiang using the power of s.p.a.ce!

Chen Xiang's power of s.p.a.ce had pa.s.sed through ten layers of profound entrances, its might was limitless, it wouldn't be difficult to stop this Evil Dragon Holy King at all!

"Humph!" Chen Xiang groaned, his G.o.d Killing Fist had already landed on Evil Dragon Holy King's face. Even though it had turned into mist, after being punched by Chen Xiang, he immediately reverted back to his original form.

Otherwise, he would die more easily, because his atomized state made him die more easily!

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