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Hearing this, Chen Xiang could not help but laugh: "How did they manage to poison those Divine Wasteland's envoys to death?"

Huang Jintian made a fortune-telling motion with his fingers, and said: "They came to Undead Divine Race to calculate … "It's those evil Undead Divine Race, I am a good Undead Divine Race."

"Why didn't they count me back yet?" Chen Xiang said.

"Forget about them, I can't even calculate it now. Last time, Imperial Concubine Lian and Xu Youqing, the Cursed Witch, teamed up together to figure out which Primitive Land you were in." Huang Jintian said: "This is truly strange, why can't I calculate it out now?"

Chen Xiang felt that this was probably because he was getting stronger and stronger.

Although Huang Jintian and the others knew that Chen Xiang had stepped into the Dao Sovereign Realm, they were not clear about the terrifying situation inside his body. Only Chen Xiang himself was clear about what was going on.

Long Jiuxiao sneered: "Your Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland s deserve death. If you have the guts, pick a few more. I'll kill them all too.

Jin En laughed: That's right, we did pick out a few Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland s, so we came to find your little brats to practice, I heard that your little brats are itchy too, I think you guys won't refuse, right?

Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland had to choose after a period of time, and he could only choose one at a time. Later on, with Natural Law Divine Lord's help, he was able to choose two, but now he was able to choose a few within a short period of time.

"Are all of them Dao Sovereigns?" If not, I'm not interested. " Mu Qianxiang said.

"Of course he's at the Dao Sovereign Realm. You're Chen Xiang's recognized sister, right? Your power should be pretty good, are you willing to fight?" Jin En laughed sinisterly.

"Of course." Mu Qianxiang was already impatient to take action.

"Qianxiang, pay attention, don't get injured." Long Jiuxiao had only warned them once, and then, they retreated together, as well as setting up a barrier around them.

Xue Ying looked around but she did not see Chen Xiang. She frowned slightly as she thought that Chen Xiang would come.

Leng Youlan already knew that Chen Xiang had returned, and she was also looking around. She even asked Xue Ying about it secretly, and Xue Ying did not know where he was right now.

Mu Qianxiang had already started fighting with the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland.

"Xiao Xiang is actually using the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, it's pretty powerful!" Chen Xiang frowned: "Doesn't this require the inheritance of the G.o.d-killing sword to be used?"

"w.a.n.g Jinshi used a secret technique to teach it to her, that is not a problem, but come to think of it, Xiao Xiang has mastered it very well." At this moment, she was also dazzled by what she saw.

"Brat, won't you go up? You should be able to beat this kind of guy, right? " Huang Jintian said.

"This guy, I can kill with a finger." Chen Xiang smiled slightly.

"Don't boast! This is the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland, after all. Yue'er replied, "Furthermore, they have that inheritance of Heavenly Desolate Force. That's the most terrifying thing. Even my father would not dare to underestimate a disciple of the Heavenly Desolate Clan who has stepped into the Dao Sovereign level."

However, in his eyes, it was very weak. He felt that as long as he used the Primitive Tao Power, he could directly kill the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland with the Devil Subduing Method and the profound Gang Finger.

If Yue'er and Huang Jintian still felt that Chen Xiang was trustworthy after pa.s.sing through dozens of years, but he was only in Primitive Land a few months, he would need at least the cultivation of a Dao G.o.d to instantly kill a Dao Sovereign.

Chen Xiang also mentioned that he had just stepped into the Dao Sovereign Realm.

Although Mu Qianxiang was using the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, he could not gain the upper hand. The Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's foundation was still very thick, and with the addition of her strong dao ability, she was able to open the very wide profound door, so she was very strong.

Although Mu Qianxiang's sword technique was sharp, it was very difficult to injure the opponent. There were several chances, but all of them were because of the lack of strength, unable to break through the opponent's defense.

After a fierce battle, Mu Qianxiang finally managed to make her spit blood, while she herself was not much better off. Her face was slightly pale, obviously she was injured from the backlash from her opponent's strength.

Jin En never thought that a female like Mu Qianxiang would actually be so strong that she would be at the same level as their Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland. He immediately told the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland to come back because he was worried that he would be killed again after the tragedy had occurred.

"I'll do it this time!" Huo Lin suddenly walked out, and rubbed his fists together. He was a Earthly beast, and was born with a big opening.

The other party's Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family did not know of Huo Lin's background, and only knew that he was Chen Xiang's good brother.

Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family sent out another Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland, this one looked a lot bigger than the previous one, but after a few moves, he was engulfed by Huo Lin's fire fist and burned black, his arms were even destroyed by Huo Lin's berserk fire fist.

"Earthly beast is really strong." Huang Jintian exclaimed, he had almost killed that guy.

The other party's Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland also ran away quickly, or else he would definitely be killed by Huo Lin!

Jin En's face was extremely ugly, the other side was stronger than the last. Although they were on par with Mu Qianxiang previously, they still could not get any benefits from him, and if they continued to fight, one more from their side would definitely die.

There were three more in Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland, but Jin En did not dare to send them out. He was worried that they would die, and he had underestimated the strength of the Heavenly Dragon City.

"It's not good to always be a little kid. How about we old guys fight a few moves too?" Jin En laughed.

A cold faced man dressed in black suddenly walked out from Heavenly Evil World. Sensing the aura on his body, Chen Xiang felt that he was familiar.

Long Shuangru and Long Huishan looked at each other, and Long Shuangru nodded at Long Huishan, signalling for her to make her move. Just as Long Huishan walked out, Long Jiuxiao suddenly stopped him and said: "You are not a match for him, he is in the tenth stage of the Dao Sovereign realm, and he is even in the first stage of the Evil Dragon Emperor. From his bloodline, he should be the brother of the Evil Dragon Emperor."

The black clothed man smiled indifferently: "Long Jiuxiao, could it be that you want to make a move?"

Long Jiuxiao was the manager here, under his management, the Heavenly Dragon City developed very well, if he was injured, it would definitely be an impact to the Heavenly Dragon City.

"I'll do it!" Chen Xiang took Yue'er with him and teleported to Long Jiuxiao's side.

Chen Xiang's sudden appearance shocked everyone. They were happy that Chen Xiang was back, but to have Chen Xiang fight against such a strong Evil Dragon surprised them.

"Chen Xiang!" Jin En's face changed as he shouted.

"Who are you? How do you know me? " Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Although I do not recognize you, but I do know that you are from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, are you tired of living?"

"Evil Dragon Holy King, this is Chen Xiang … He should have been sent to Heavenly Evil Abyss, but who would have thought he would be able to get here! " Jin En said.

Evil Dragon Holy King summoned a black sword and looked at Chen Xiang: "You really want to fight me? You have the ability to do so? Or are you tired of living? "

Long Huishan walked up, originally wanting to pull Chen Xiang back, because she had just gotten back from danger and wanted to fight with such a powerful fellow. However, after thinking for a bit, she didn't pull Chen Xiang back.

Although she was not clear about Chen Xiang's abilities, she understood Chen Xiang, and never did anything without confidence!

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