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The one fighting Zhu Rong was a middle-aged man, and he couldn't gain the upper hand for Zhu Rong.

Suddenly, due to a moment of carelessness, the injured left shoulder of the middle-aged man reacted slightly slower, and was grabbed by Zhu Rong and ripped off.

"I've lost!" the middle-aged man shouted before hastily retreating from the battlefield, returning to the group of people behind him.

"Do you have any Dao Sovereign Realm experts on your side? Come here and have a fight with your older sisters!" The one who spoke was Mu Qianxiang, she was actually in the Dao Sovereign realm, which surprised Chen Xiang.

"Qianxiang, I'm also a Dao Sovereign, it's my turn now, you were the one who fought last time." Yun Xiaodao suddenly shouted.

"You lost last time, so you have to make a move every two rounds. Didn't we already say that?" Mu Qianxiang laughed.

"Xiao Dao, if your hands are itchy, then you can just fight with me. I can guarantee that you'll have a good fight." Leng Youlan laughed and was about to make his move.

Yun Xiaodao anxiously hid behind Gu Dongchen and said: "Forget it, I will just fight with the little baldy instead. I will not fight with you!"

Xiao Chou laughed: "Xiao Dao, you are even afraid of my master's sister, how are you going to compete with my master in the future? Didn't you say that you would beat him? "

"Who can win against the abnormal Elder Brother Shen? I was just saying that. " Yun Xiaodao curled his lips.

Mu Qianxiang held onto a slender sword, slowly floating to the battlefield, waiting for the opponent to come out and fight.

Chen Xiang had already arrived at the top of the city walls, but he was concealing his presence, so Yun Xiaodao and the others did not know of his arrival.

Chen Xiang took a look, and saw that it was actually Jiu Hanrou and Long Huishan leading the team, as well as Little Lizhi, Xiao Baifeng … Xue Ying, who had just returned, brought Lin Xirong and Ji Yuelan to watch the show. In addition, there were Feng Wu, w.a.n.g Jinshi, Bai Ziqian, Lv Qilian, Xiao Yulan and the Imperial Concubine Lian.

These were all members of the Hundreds of Flowers Village's War G.o.d Squads. They were all dressed in battle attire.

"The Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family is here!" Long Jiuxiao suddenly said: "Seems like we have to play big this time, we just need to watch."

"I just came back and it's already so lively? Could it be that Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family knows that I'm back? " Chen Xiang said. Yuan Feng and the other two should still be inside Heavenly Evil World fighting.

"Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family is very concerned about you, and it seems like it's because of your Heavenly Alchemy, you should not show yourself for the time being!" After Long Jiuxiao finished speaking, he immediately teleported over. Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family was Long Jiuxiao's old enemy, he had to personally step in.

Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Jiu Canghai, Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d and the other Rankers from the Heavenly Dragon City also came out. It seemed that they had experienced this kind of thing before.

"Master, where is Uncle-Master?" Chen Xiang looked around.

"This guy is in closed door training. Hehe, it's all because he lost to me last time." Huang Jintian laughed: "Your Little Naughty Dragon is also a bird. He has been in closed door cultivation for many years, it is truly rare!"

"The old dragons of the dragon clan have come out!" It was Yue'er, she could sense Chen Xiang, and at this moment, she was already in Chen Xiang's embrace.

Chen Xiang pinched her two times, then laughed: "Yue'er, did you miss me!"

"I missed you so much, Little Scoundrel!" Yue'er giggled. "You've been missing for dozens of years, aren't you bored that you lost me?"

In the past, when Chen Xiang had gone into closed door cultivation, Yue'er had always been by his side.

"Of course!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Yue'er laid on top of Chen Xiang's head, looked down at the group of people, and used her little claws to point at the two of them as she said: "That's my father, that's my grandfather …"

They were all experts from the Star Moon Divine Race, so Chen Xiang rarely saw them. Although there was still some distance between them, the white haired old man had a very dense amount of star power.

Littlemoon's father was not weak either, and the energy of the stars in his body carried a very arrogant aura!

"How is it? They are all very powerful, right?" Yue Er said.

"Yeah, it's very powerful, but it feels a bit weaker than mine." Chen Xiang laughed.

Yue'er and Huang Jintian were slightly surprised. Chen Xiang had gone missing for dozens of years, so according to Chen Xiang's speed, his improvement must be extremely fast. However, Yue'er and Huang Jintian could not feel any strong aura undulations from his body.

Although Chen Xiang had only just entered the Dao Sovereign Realm, his physical body was extremely strong, capable of obtaining the divine golden blood of the Dao, and capable of opening all ten levels of profound entrances. There were still eight Primordial Profound Gates, which could release Primitive Tao Power through all ten of them.

"Just how strong are you?" Yue'er licked Chen Xiang's cheeks. "I can't tell!"

"I just stepped into the Dao Sovereign Realm!" Chen Xiang said: "Alright, I'll simply tell you all about the matter of me being in the Primitive Land …"

When Chen Xiang told Yue'er and Huang Jintian, they were extremely shocked. It was because Chen Xiang had not stayed long down there, and already had such a cultivation.

The time differences between different worlds were also very different, and they were all very familiar with this.

"Dao Sovereign Realm?" Many women in Hundreds of Flowers Village had already reached that level … For example, Bing Yan and Jin'er, who rarely fought, were in the Dao Sovereign Stage … "After all, the Pill Fragrance Garden belongs to our Hundreds of Flowers Village, and pills are our priority." Yue Er said.

Fragrant Pills Garden was where Feng Yujie and the others refined their pills. It was a very important place in the Hundreds of Flowers Village and there were over a hundred outstanding Alchemist that had already been developed.

"That's right. I'm also in the Dao Sovereign Realm. The pills I have right now are simply too terrifying. It's easy to get there. That shouldn't be too difficult. However, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to beat that kitten's father and grandfather." Huang Jintian said.

Xue Ying had actually told Chen Xiang these things before. Because of the multiple refining methods the medicinal power of the medicinal pellets were very strong, they were not like him who sought to open all the profound entrances, thus it was much easier to advance.

The people of Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family had also arrived, the disciples of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family were born with profound entrances and were born with profound entrances, thus they were strong, and the evil cultivators of Heavenly Evil World were also like this, all because of the Natural Law Divine Lord.

"I say, aren't you all annoying? Come here and cause trouble every few days." Long Jiuxiao bellowed, the voice was filled with deterrence, causing the weaker evil cultivators to all retreat.

The Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family had already allied with the Heavenly Evil World, and was now on one side.

At this time, Fan Shixin had also rushed over through the Heavenly Dragon City's Transmission array.

A middle-aged man from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family laughed: "Nothing much, I just feel that you all are living a peaceful life. This is not good for you guys, we are only here to add some liveliness to your life, this is our good intentions."

Yue'er replied: "This guy is Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, the strongest Dao Sovereign of the Jin family, his name is Jin En!"

"I did kill two of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland. I wonder if they remember?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course!"

Just as Yue'er finished speaking, Jin En continued, "Speaking of which, has Chen Xiang really died? For all these years, there hasn't been any news at all. He killed two of our Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland s, and even poisoned our Divine Wasteland's envoys.

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