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"Yes... Is the place of refuge special? So we can't go in there. " Chen Xiang asked, Ji Yuelan had also gone in, he had planned to bring Ji Yuelan away.

The Guardian G.o.d looked at the sky and sighed: "After they enter, they will gradually sink into a deep slumber. They will wake up when the destructive power of the Primitive Land is back to normal and at that time, I will modify their memories and make them forget something."

"Lord Guardian G.o.d, I promised a friend of mine that I would bring her to my world, and she has already agreed." Chen Xiang said again: "Can you let her follow me out of Primitive Land?"

"Oh, if she really wants to, I won't stop her. What's her name?" the Guardian asked.

"Ji Yuelan."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, the Guardian G.o.d closed its eyes and Ji Yuelan soon appeared by Chen Xiang's side.

"Chen Xiang." Ji Yuelan immediately pulled Chen Xiang's hand. She was extremely worried that she did not see Chen Xiang when she went to the place they had taken refuge.

"Senior, why are you in Primitive Land? Are you from there?" Wan Yuxiong asked.

"No, I am the Primal G.o.d, and also the guardian of this place. I am responsible for protecting the most primitive race here." The Primordial G.o.ddess replied, "I will not interfere in other places' matters."

"What about the Primitive Sacred Land? There are a lot of primitive people in there too." Chen Xiang asked.

The majority of them are descendants of people exiled from the Divine Wasteland many years ago, which is something that happened many years ago. Therefore, these people have always been thinking about counterattacking the Divine Wasteland, which has a huge conflict with the Divine Wasteland, and the Divine Wasteland has also periodically taken care of this group of people. It's just that, during this period of time, I don't know what problems have occurred in the Divine Wasteland, but the effort to clean them up has weakened.

When Chen Xiang and Wan Yuxiong heard it, they were very surprised. They never thought that it would be like this, no wonder the Di Clan and Spirit Clan were so different.

"Alright, you guys better take care of yourselves. It's best for you to quickly leave the Primitive Land, because a great disaster will soon befall this place. Even the Primitive Sacred Land might not be able to withstand it." With that, the Guardian G.o.d disappeared.

"What a mysterious fellow."

Chen Xiang looked at Wan Yuxiong and the others, and said: "I am now preparing to enter the Primitive Sacred Land's forbidden grounds, preparing to return. Have you guys made your preparations yet?"

Yuan Feng and Yuan Xin both took out a golden chest and laid inside it.

It's ready, we just need to lie here, chance will fall into a deep sleep, you just need to load the box into your Storage magic treasure, if necessary, throw us out. After Yuan Feng finished speaking, he closed the lid on the box.

Wan Yuxiong also had a box like that, they said the people of Natural Law Divine Lord, these things looked very st.u.r.dy, as though they were used to protect their lives.

Chen Xiang placed the three chests into a quiet place in You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Yue Lan, you can enter my Divine Sense Sea World. Inside, my little maid will accompany you and there are also some children. You can play together with them. When you can come out, I'll let you out." Chen Xiang said.

Ji Yuelan nodded, and then entered the You Yao Mountain Villa. Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin immediately received her, since there were many small dragons inside, and Ji Yuelan wouldn't feel lonely.

Of course, Chen Xiang had sternly warned Lin Xirong before to tell her not to bully Ji Yuelan.

Seeing Chen Xiang letting a woman in, Lin Xirong was secretly surprised in his heart. Chen Xiang actually could even get hold of this kind of woman from the Primordial Clan.

Xue Ying had already rested well. She wanted to be together with Chen Xiang. Her current strength was not weak.

"Let's go to the forbidden area now." Chen Xiang said, and then, holding onto Xue Ying's jade hand, they teleported into the Primitive Sacred Land.

Under Xue Ying's guidance, he quickly approached the forbidden grounds.

The barrier of the forbidden grounds was getting stronger and stronger. What made Chen Xiang alarmed was that there were many strong auras here, and these auras were what he sensed when he killed Zhao You.

"Those old guys are all here. Why are they here?" Chen Xiang immediately asked Lin Xirong who was inside the You Yao Mountain Villa.

Lin Xirong was chatting with Ji Yuelan, but hearing Chen Xiang's question, his face changed uncontrollably, and he said: "If it's really like this, then there's only one possibility, it's that the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss is preparing to send down the destructive force, it should have arrived long ago, I did not expect that I would be here right now, and have to leave quickly, if not it would be troublesome."

Suddenly, a strong pressure came over. Chen Xiang was startled and immediately teleported Xue Ying to You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Who is it?" With an explosive shout, a powerful golden light shot out.

With a thought, the Six Realms mirrors gushed out of his chest. Facing towards the front of the mirror, the lump of golden light hit the mirror and rebounded back.

Although Chen Xiang was not hit, that ball of power was extremely terrifying. After being hit, his entire body was sent flying, and luckily he could use his spatial energy to teleport.

Right after he teleported, several b.a.l.l.s of light shot out and several experts attacked him at the same time.

"That was close." Chen Xiang used the White Tiger to jump and entered the enchantment. At this time, the strong warriors were all outside the enchantment of the forbidden grounds, Chen Xiang guessed that they would not come near.

After Chen Xiang entered the barrier, a few old men suddenly appeared outside, looking inside with a serious expression.

"Just what is the background of this person? He is able to use Spatial Force under the seal of the Primitive Land's Code."

"It should be that guy who killed Zhao You. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to escape our range the last time."

"No matter who he is, if he enters the forbidden area now, he will undoubtedly die. We need to quickly reinforce the Spirit Formation, otherwise, if that power is used, we will also die."

After Chen Xiang entered the barrier, he did not immediately release Xue Ying because the environment inside was extremely vile. Waves after waves of powerful and destructive energy continuously flooded over.

This power came from the same direction.

"Could it be that someone came down from Myriad G.o.ds Abyss?" Chen Xiang was currently approaching that direction, and with the protection of the Six Realms mirrors, that energy was unable to do anything to him, but in order to defend against the terrifying energy, the Six Realms mirrors had absorbed a large amount of Primitive Tao Power from his body.

An hour later, he finally saw the pa.s.sage to Myriad G.o.ds Abyss. It was a gigantic black vortex in the sky, flickering with grey light.

The huge whirlpool was like an evil beast opening its mouth, wanting to swallow everything on the ground. Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim in surprise, Xue Ying had come down from the inside, so it could be seen how much pain she had to endure.

Chen Xiang tried to move his spatial energy.

"Could it be that because the environment is too harsh, only Xue Ying can fly up?" Chen Xiang could not bear to see Xue Ying flying up through the air under that attack.

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