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Lin Xirong watched on resentfully from the side, especially when she thought about how he had forcefully kissed her earlier. Even though fury surged up in her heart, when she saw the current appearances of Chen Xiang and Xue Ying, she didn't know why but for some reason, her heart felt an indescribable yearning.

"This guy is really …" "Before, he was still very weak, but after three months, he became so strong. He ate his master, and now that he's cooking with his disciple, he's truly a bad guy." Lin Xirong thought.

A short while later, Xue Ying struggled free from Chen Xiang. After that, he hugged Chen Xiang and softly said, "I'm about to heal my injuries, I want to quickly recover and bring you back. Master and the others are really missing you."

"Mm, take good care of yourself." Chen Xiang tenderly embraced Xue Ying in his arms, caressing her beauty as he sucked in the intoxicating fragrance from her body.

"Xiao Rong, the old guys in your Primitive Emperor Race are really scary. If I hadn't left quickly, I might have been caught by them." Chen Xiang said.

"Isn't that so... They are all from my father's generation, and most of them are from the Zhao Clan. " Lin Xirong said softly. She was worried that if her voice was too loud, it would disturb Xue Ying's recovery. She treated Xue Ying very well and was very gentle.

"Hey, after killing Zhao You, what about his body?" Lin Xirong was very concerned about Zhao You's body, because there was a phoenix feather coat on top of his body.

"There's nothing left. It's completely destroyed. The Emperor seal's power is just terrifying." Chen Xiang said: "Didn't you want that phoenix feathered robe for the sake of flying? You can come to our world and fly however you want."

"Really." Lin Xirong could not believe it, because she had never heard of such a thing before, "But … But how do we fly? "

"When the time comes, Xue Ying will teach you. It's simple, and with your strength, you can be considered very strong in our world." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, I've decided to go with you to that world then …" I apologize to you here, and you even got your revenge on me. After you return to your world, you are not allowed to bully me. " Lin Xirong said seriously, it was a rare occasion for the proud and arrogant her to lower her head and admit her mistake.

"Whatever. Anyway, the person who directly harmed me was killed by me. Honestly speaking, if it wasn't for your beauty, I would have asked you to be my female slave. I would have already killed you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Hmph, big scoundrel." Lin Xirong scoffed, "Do you really need female slaves that badly? As your female slave, you will definitely be bullied to death."

Who said I would bully them to death? Right now, I have two little maid on me, they are doing well, and are carefree all day. As Chen Xiang said this, he let Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing out.

This was also the first time Chen Xiang released Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing since arriving in Primitive Land.

Looking at the two beauties in front of him, Lin Xirong could not help but curse in his heart. She did not think that Chen Xiang would actually hide two women.

"Xiang Yin, quickly play a song." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Understood, Master." Yang Xiangyin immediately took out his zither and played a beautiful tune, making the healing Xue Ying even more comfortable.

Especially Lin Xirong, who was stunned listening to the zither music. This was the first time she heard it, so she did not have this thing with her.

After hearing it, Lin Xirong couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. Only now did she know how ignorant and ill-informed she was, and she couldn't understand why such an outstanding girl would become someone else's female slave.

"Hehe, I have four female slaves, and two in the world above. They can all be considered my wives. When you go there in the future, you will get to know them." Chen Xiang laughed.

Lin Xirong stopped talking, and only looked at Yang Xiangyin. Then, he asked a little embarra.s.sedly, "Can you play a song again?"

"Of course." Yang Xiangyin laughed sweetly and continued to play.

Just like this, Yang Xiangyin flicked his fingers many times, while Chu Hongqing stayed at the side to concoct pills.

Only at night did Xue Ying recover. At this time, Chen Xiang also let Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing enter the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Are we going to that world now?" Lin Xirong asked. She was already impatient, because Chu Hongqing had told her a lot of things about that world today, which made her very curious. She had been in the Primitive Land since she was young, fighting and killing all day.

"No, I need to find two people first." Chen Xiang said, "They are all my friends, and also … There's also a woman. When I first fell into this world, I was saved by that woman. "

"Then let's go now. The time here is different from the time above. The longer we stay here, the faster the time pa.s.ses." Xue Ying said.

"How about this, all of you enter my Divine Sense Sea World, it will be more convenient for me to move out by myself this way." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright." Xue Ying knew that Chen Xiang's You Yao Mountain Villa was extremely beautiful and nodded.

Lin Xirong also nodded in agreement. Xue Ying had already agreed to it, and Yang Xiangyin was also there, she really liked listening to Yang Xiangyin play the zither.

After Xue Ying and Lin Xirong entered the You Yao Mountain Villa, Chen Xiang immediately teleported to there.

After more than two hours, he arrived at Ji Tribe, where many were sleeping, while Chen Xiang teleported to Ji Yuelan's stone room.

"Who is it?" Ji Yuelan sensed something and suddenly woke up. As he spoke, he took out a blade from the bedside and slashed towards Chen Xiang.

"Yue Lan, it's me." Chen Xiang dodged anxiously and laughed.

"How did you get in?" Ji Yuelan was very surprised, she did not know that Chen Xiang knew about the power of s.p.a.ce, it could be said that she had never even heard of it before.

"It's a long story." Chen Xiang said, "Yue Lan, I've found a way to return to my hometown now. Are you coming with me?"

"Ah, really." Ji Yuelan was a little surprised, but when Chen Xiang asked her this question, she also hesitated, because there were many children and her father here.

"Why don't you consider it? I'll go to the Jiang Clan to find my friend." Chen Xiang said.

"I... Chen Xiang, why do you want to bring me along? " Ji Yuelan had helped her so much before, and he was also a very strong man. His relationship with her was also very good, so she had a good feeling that it was impossible for her to not have any feelings for Chen Xiang.

"I think I'll see you more often." Chen Xiang sighed, "If I think about how you and I will be in two different worlds in the future, I feel very uncomfortable in my heart."

"In your world, do you have many women?" Ji Yuelan asked again.

"Yes." Chen Xiang did not hide from him.

"I knew it." Ji Yuelan bit his lower lip.

"Then are you coming with me?" Chen Xiang was indeed unwilling to part with Ji Yuelan, but he would not force her.

"Follow me." Ji Yuelan threw himself into Chen Xiang's embrace and said softly: "I'm leaving with you, you better not abandon me in the future."

"How could I?" Chen Xiang laughed.

Ji Yuelan had already planned to go hunting with Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang didn't let her go later on. Now, she really wanted to know what Chen Xiang had experienced during this period.

Chen Xiang told Ji Yuelan everything about the Primitive Sacred Land, allowing him to have a certain understanding of the world he resided in.

Just as the sky was about to turn bright, the ground suddenly shook, and the sounds of horns could be heard from within the tribe.

"There's an intruder." Ji Yuelan anxiously said, "Let's go out and take a look."

When he came outside, he saw a strong white horse with a body emitting a holy white light, surrounded by the Ji Tribe warriors.

"This is …" The Primordial Holy Horse. " Ji Yuelan said in shock.

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