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had heard Chen Xiang say before that he knew of the Phoenix. At that time, she didn't believe him and said that Chen Xiang was just bragging, but now she believed him.

What surprised her the most, was that Chen Xiang was actually the man of the Phoenix Master!

Lu Qiren was Xue Ying's master, and also Chen Xiang's woman. Xue Ying had already known this since a long time ago, and she herself had some kind of indescribable emotion towards Chen Xiang.

"Alright, you saved me again. Help her!" Of course, Xue Ying could tell that Chen Xiang and him had grudges, and anxiously urged, as it was not Chen Xiang's first time saving her.

When Xue Ying was being attacked, Lin Xirong suddenly appeared to help her, which made her extremely grateful, so she was very concerned about Lin Xirong right now.

"No need, I just need to endure for a while to recover from this kind of injury!" Lin Xirong said: "Anyway, he doesn't like it!"

Chen Xiang squatted down and touched her arm, only to see her screaming in pain.

"Is there really a need? Are you sure you can do it? " Right now, she was wreaking havoc in Lin Xirong's body. As long as he touched her body, the energy in her body would become active, stimulating her body like needles, causing endless pain.

Lin Xirong clenched her teeth. That kind of pain had indeed made her feel fear, and if this continued, even a slight movement on her own would cause her to die from the pain.

"Then what can you do?" Lin Xirong asked.

"Chen Xiang, since you're so powerful, you must have a way, right?" Xue Yingyi frowned slightly, she wanted to wipe the perspiration on Lin Xirong's jade-like face, but Lin Xirong's face was in pain, she did not cry out because it was the Phoenix that was wiping her sweat.

"Of course I have a way!" Chen Xiang held Lin Xirong's hand, then channeled his Devouring magic kungfu and sucked the energy out.

"You …" Lin Xirong thought about the matter of Chen Xiang absorbing the power from her Primordial Orb. If Chen Xiang could do this, it would definitely be possible.

"Will you be okay after absorbing this power?" Lin Xirong suddenly became worried and asked softly.

"Lin Xirong, why are you so concerned about me?" Chen Xiang giggled.

"Humph!" Lin Xirong snorted. "Don't expect me to be your female slave."

She was a phoenix, so her regeneration ability was extremely powerful. As long as she could rest for a while, she would be able to recover.

"Xueying, what's the situation up there?" Chen Xiang asked: "After I entered the Heavenly Evil World, when I returned, I was thrown into the Evil Heaven Abyss, falling into this d.a.m.ned place … "I never thought that it would be decades since I've been here!"

"The time is different. This is a relatively higher level world." Xue Ying said: "Everyone is worried about you, although it was difficult for the Heavenly Evil World guys to attack us, but in the end we endured them. Now that the two worlds have completely merged together and are in a peaceful period, there are actually quite a few small fights … In short, they will still fight in the end. "

While speaking, Chen Xiang had sucked out the power from Lin Xirong's body, causing his complexion to improve a lot.

"Thank you!" Lin Xirong suddenly did not feel that Chen Xiang was that detestable anymore. Just as she was thinking about that, Chen Xiang rubbed her face.

"You scoundrel, go to h.e.l.l!" Lin Xirong pushed Chen Xiang away and scolded her.

Xue Ying chuckled on the side.

"Your name is Xue Ying? I never thought that a phoenix could turn into a human and become so beautiful. " Lin Xirong looked at Xue Ying and revealed a very sweet smile.

Chen Xiang was very surprised that the usually cold and arrogant Lin Xirong would actually treat Xue Ying with such gentleness. Now that she had started to smile sweetly, she looked like a completely different person.

"Mm, you can just call me Xueying. You're called Xiao Rong?" Xue Ying also smiled at Lin Xirong.

"Why do you know this guy, and you're on such good terms with him? This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is really annoying." Lin Xirong looked at Chen Xiang.

"He saved me before. If it wasn't for him, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to sit here right now … And my master is his wife. " Xue Ying said.

Just as Xue Ying finished speaking, she cried out because she saw Chen Xiang suddenly take out a head.

Seeing the head, Lin Xirong also shouted, his face was filled with shock!

Since Zhao You's head was actually in Chen Xiang's hands, it meant that Zhao You was already dead and had been killed by Chen Xiang!

"This guy's memories cannot be devoured!" Chen Xiang tried to understand more about the Primitive Emperor Race, but he did not expect it to be successful.

"You actually killed Zhao You!" Lin Xirong took a deep breath. "How did you do that? This guy is amazing! "

"Emperor seal!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"No wonder. The Emperor seal is indeed terrifying. In addition to your crafty plan, it is no wonder that he died." Lin Xirong said.

Xue Ying said: "Chen Xiang, you have been here for some time, right? "You've actually become so strong, it's only because I inherited the Ancient Phoenix's legacy, ate some pills, and trained for a few decades that I reached the tenth stage of the Dao Sovereign realm. In the Hundreds of Flowers Village, I've progressed quite quickly."

"Who am I? What's so surprising about that? " Chen Xiang said, he caressed Xue Ying's face: "You inherited the Ancient Phoenix's legacy, you must have suffered a lot, right?"

"Un, but you've improved so much in such a short period of time. You must have suffered much more than me. Compared to you, I'm nothing at all!" Xue Ying said.

As he said that, Chen Xiang held Xue Ying in his arms. Xue Ying also enjoyed Chen Xiang's embrace, which made Lin Xirong feel uncomfortable looking at it. It was obvious that Chen Xiang was showing off to her.

"Chen Xiang, once I've recovered from my injuries, I'll bring you back … You want to come with us? Go to our world. Although your world is also quite nice, those people don't seem to welcome you. " Xue Ying said.

Lin Xirong looked at Chen Xiang, and said in a low voice: "I have a grudge with this guy, and you all seem to be treating him well, I'm worried that I'll be bullied in the future."

"Do I look like such a petty person to you? Furthermore, didn't we write off all of them previously? " Chen Xiang laughed.

Xue Ying pinched Chen Xiang's chest, and pouted: "You little scoundrel, you definitely took advantage of me!"

"It's nothing, just a kiss, and a kiss in front of her fiance …"

"You still have my fiancé's head, do you want to compensate me?" Lin Xirong curled his lips.

"Didn't I treat your wounds just now? If it wasn't for me, you would definitely be grieving for the rest of your life. Chen Xiang chuckled: "How about, you be my female slave!"

Xue Ying did not say a word. She only let out a light sigh, then laid in Chen Xiang's warm embrace, closed her eyes and recuperated from her injuries.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang couldn't help but kiss Xue Ying's small mouth. Xue Ying was shocked as she opened her eyes. After struggling for a while, she closed her eyes and continued to cooperate with Chen Xiang.

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