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Chen Xiang had already seen the power inside the Emperor seal before, and the power was similar to the power of Dao G.o.d gold body, so he had used his own Dao G.o.d Gold Blood Test. He did not expect it to actually succeed, and this also made him very happy.

"Hehe, perhaps you are destined to become my slave. Did your words just now count as true?" Chen Xiang smiled and caressed Lin Xirong's jade face that was filled with shock.

"Hmph, don't think about it. I was just saying it. Don't you know that a woman's words aren't real?" An arrogant woman like Lin Xirong would definitely not willingly become Chen Xiang's female slave, not to mention that she had only said those words just now.

"It's fine. Since you're in my hands, you'll follow me for the rest of your life. I have plenty of time to teach you." Chen Xiang laughed, then patted her jade face.

"Elder Wan, what are your plans now?" Wan Yuxiong had once entered that forbidden grounds, he was sure that he knew some of the secrets there. Chen Xiang planned to have him lead the way, to go in and investigate.

"This... Anyways, the area around Primitive Sacred Land is not safe. Just now, when you used the Emperor seal, you created such a big commotion, that someone would be coming over very quickly. Furthermore, you captured Lin Xirong now, so Zhao You will definitely search for you everywhere no matter what. " Wan Yuxiong replied: "It's better to stay far away from this place for now."

Chen Xiang looked at Lin Xirong and said: "Elder Wan, I plan to enter the forbidden grounds to have a look. How much do you know about the interior?"

Wan Yuxiong was shocked, and shook his head: "You better not go, the Primitive Sacred Land's forbidden area is no longer the same as before. There is a big problem with the forbidden area, there seems to be something hidden inside."

Lin Xirong also anxiously shouted, "That's right, the old fellow is right. It is extremely dangerous in the forbidden grounds, the few experts from our Imperial clan that entered have all died."

"Why is this happening?" Chen Xiang frowned, because there was a path that led to the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss in the forbidden grounds. He wanted to return to the Natural Law World through that path, and he wanted to know how the Natural Law Divine Realm was doing right now.

Thus, no matter how difficult it was, he had to give it a try. He couldn't just die here, as he had his friends, family, and his beloved woman in the Natural Law World.

"Don't ask me, I don't know either. In short, don't go in now. Once you enter the forbidden area, it will be very difficult to come back. There is a terrifying force gathering inside right now." Lin Xirong advised.

"Of course, if you want to go in, don't bring me along, I don't want to die with you."

Chen Xiang shot a glance at her, and said: "Don't worry, I will definitely bring you along. You are currently my female slave. Who asked you to have such a cheap mouth, making me a carter. Hmph hmph, now do you know how strong I am! "

"Then... That is Zhao You's business, what does it have to do with me? Quickly release me, don't bring me into that life-threatening place. " Lin Xirong said: "Unless you have the phoenix feathered robe, otherwise, only death awaits you when you enter."

"I can safely enter without using the Phoenix Feather Robe. In short, I've decided to enter!" Chen Xiang said: "In any case, since I'm dead, I have you to accompany me. What am I afraid of!"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you scoundrel! Smelly scoundrel! Smelly scoundrel, quickly release me! Otherwise, if my royal father comes back, I will not forgive you!" Lin Xirong started to curse loudly.

"With you in my hands, now that your royal father is back, what can he do to me?" Chen Xiang laughed and rubbed her jade face: "You better behave, or else I'll cover your mouth!"

Chen Xiang licked his lips, trying to kiss her!

Thinking back to how she was forcefully kissed by Chen Xiang, Lin Xirong was immediately enraged in her heart. Her jade face immediately became frosty, and her teeth itched with hatred.

"So you're going in now?" Other people might die, but I don't think you will. Wan Yuxiong said.

"No, I plan to get rid of Lin Ting first. After that, I want to return to my usual place and find someone I know." Chen Xiang said, he planned to return to the Ji Tribe to bring Ji Yuelan away.

Ji Yuelan was such a good woman, he did not want Ren Xin to stay here, and planned to bring her back to Natural Law World.

"Alright, let's go and kill Lin Ting first!" Wan Yuxiong also hated Lin Ting very much: "Do you want me to go with you?"

"No need, I'll do it myself!" Elder Wan, you can go to a place first, I have a friend there. " Chen Xiang told Wan Yuxiong the location of the tribe.

Although this Wan Yuxiong was an expert above Divine Wasteland, because he had been trapped here for so many years, his strength had weakened greatly, and Chen Xiang did not want him to take the risk.

Wan Yuxiong and Chen Xiang parted ways. He had to stay away from the Primitive Sacred Land to prevent himself from being captured again, because he did not have Chen Xiang's powerful spatial strength. Before he left, he had even instructed Chen Xiang to take good care of him.

Chen Xiang sealed Lin Xirong inside the Six Realms mirrors and then left this place. The Primordial Spirit Race had a mysterious method that could easily track him.

He teleported to a barren mountain and took out the Six Realms mirrors.

"Xi Rong, how did you primitive people find out that I'm from another world?" Chen Xiang asked while rubbing Lin Xirong's face.

Coldly cold beauties like Lin Xirong liked to touch this kind of face the most, especially when they saw the anger all over Lin Xirong's face …

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don't call me so affectionately. I don't even know you." Lin Xirong shouted in anger.

"Why aren't you familiar with it?" I've already kissed you. " Chen Xiang laughed: "Quickly tell me, or else I will strip you of all your clothes! Elder Wan is not here, I dare to do anything!"

"You … How can you go back on your word like that? Didn't you promise Elder Wan that you wouldn't do anything too excessive to me? You must keep your promise. " Lin Xirong was suddenly afraid, especially after seeing the look in Chen Xiang's eyes.

"You already said that I'm a scoundrel and a scoundrel like me, how could I keep my promise?" Chen Xiang laughed, touched Lin Xirong's earlobe, and then, placed his hand on her back, slowly slid down.

When Chen Xiang's hand had reached the small of her back, she shouted out: "I'll speak, I'll speak, hurry and stop!"

"That's more like it!" Chen Xiang laughed, and kissed her cheeks. This made Lin Xirong angry in his heart again, and wished for nothing more than to cut off Chen Xiang's mouth.

"Our primal clan all has a primal core within, this primal core can release a formless energy, we can usually sense whether the other side has this kind of primal core or not." Lin Xirong replied, "But there aren't any foreigners, so I can tell with a glance."

"So that's how it is!" At this moment, Chen Xiang was using the Dao heart Eye to look at Lin Xirong's chest. On top of Lin Xirong's chest, there was indeed a ball of golden light.

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