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"Of course not, that was something my royal father tried to do when he collected the blood of all the people of the Overlord Realm … "Because the Emperor seal will only react if it touches someone's blood." Lin Xirong said: "In the past, my royal father had already secretly tried to use my blood, but there was no response."

"Therefore, it's useless for Zhao You to have obtained this thing."

Chen Xiang looked at Wan Yuxiong, feeling a little doubtful: "Then why do you want to do it so much? And you even used his family's phoenix feathers to exchange with you! This thing is just a broken rock! "

"Hmph, Emperor seal is not a broken stone. In front of my royal father, there were a hundred primitive ancestors, and one of them used the Emperor seal to create this Primitive Sacred Land to beat back the many experts who came down from the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss. Lin Xirong coldly snorted.

Wan Yuxiong exclaimed: "So the rumors were true! The Primitive Land does have a hundred ancestors, and every time they went through a round of destruction, one of them would die. But in the end, one of them was extremely powerful, blocked that destructive force, and even killed many experts from the Divine Wasteland. "

"Elder Wan, try and see if there's any reaction." Chen Xiang handed the stone over.

Wan Yuxiong immediately dripped blood on it, but there was no reaction at all.

"No matter how I look at it, this old fellow doesn't seem to have the will of the Emperor. It's normal that he doesn't react …" Even though Zhao You is a bit more arrogant, after all, he is the person with the most Emperor's fate after my royal father, but there is still no reaction to his blood! Of course, he does not know about this. If I had told him, he definitely would not have agreed to give me the phoenix feather! "

Lin Xirong laughed coldly: "Don't think that I don't know that Zhao You married me for the sake of the emperor. If he brought along the Emperor seal, then he would be able to sit firmly in Primitive Supreme Lord and the subordinates of my royal father back then would also listen to his orders."

"With the phoenix feather, I can really fly?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course. Back then, there was a phoenix that came down from the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss and engaged in a great battle with its ancestors. Although it lost in the end, it was able to escape in time, and even dropped a huge feather. Lin Xirong said: "Right now, I will wear it on Zhao You's body."

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of the Little Vermillion Bird he released previously. At that time, he felt that it was strange too, but now that he heard Lin Xirong's words, he understood that all the Heavenly beast birds could fly here.

"Lin Xirong, although you are proud and arrogant, you look quite good. You are also a daughter of the Primitive Supreme Lord. "You really make me feel better. How about this, if you obediently become my female slave, I can give you a few sets of phoenix feathered clothes. How about that?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Dream on!" How could the phoenix feathered robe be that good? " Lin Xirong snorted: "You only know how to brag!"

Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed: "I'm serious right now, I know a Phoenix, she … She is already considered my wife, so I can ask her to give me some feathers to make a phoenix feather coat. "

"You can't even fool a kid who plays with sand with a lie like that, and you want to trick me? Do you take me for an idiot? " Leng Lin Xirong looked at Wan Yuxiong and said: "Old man, do you believe his words?"

Wan Yuxiong looked at Chen Xiang, shook his head, and nodded. Then he laughed bitterly: "I don't know either, but don't you think this brat is very powerful? to capture you in front of Zhao You, and then save me. "

Lin Xirong was right, what Chen Xiang did was really unbelievable. Even now, she still could not understand how Chen Xiang did it.

Chen Xiang looked at the Emperor seal in his hand and muttered to himself: "What a strange thing, there's a ball of gold inside, I wonder what that thing is, what kind of power does this Emperor seal have?"

"Hmph, no matter how powerful you are, it's not yours. You don't have Emperor's Mandate." Lin Xirong said from the side: "Let me go quickly. Otherwise, if my royal father comes down from the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss and finds out about this, he definitely won't let you off."

Chen Xiang ignored her and took out his Heavenly magic sword s to cut his own finger. A drop of blood fell and dripped onto the black stone.

The stone still did not respond.

"Haha …" Lin Xirong laughed loudly: "I already told you that you don't have an Emperor's Mandate, but you didn't believe me! If you really have the Imperial Mandate, so what if you are a female slave? However, how could someone like you possibly be someone with Emperor's Mandate? "

"Oh? "Don't go back on your word!" Chen Xiang smiled slightly.

"What is it? Didn't you just try it? Look, even the Emperor seal in your hand didn't react. Do you really think you can do it? No matter how much blood you drip, it won't work. " Lin Xirong said.

Just as she finished speaking, she saw another drop of blood flowing out from the place where Chen Xiang's finger was cut, but not long after that drop of blood came out, it turned golden and started to shine with a gold-red glow.

"This is the golden blood of a Dao G.o.d …" Why is it that you, kid, have such a dense amount of Dao G.o.d gold blood? " Wan Yuxiong cried out in shock. He himself had managed to cultivate the Dao G.o.d gold body, but it was only an extremely faint gold color.

As for Chen Xiang's golden blood of the Dao G.o.d, it was indeed a thick golden color and it was also emitting a golden red blood aura.

Seeing the golden blood on Chen Xiang's fingertips, Lin Xirong was also stunned: "This is … This is the G.o.d Emperor's blood! "

The golden blood on Chen Xiang's fingertip had already dripped onto the Emperor seal, and immediately, a golden light exploded out from the Emperor seal's body. That blinding light caused Wan Yuxiong and Lin Xirong to close their eyes, because that light caused them to feel too much pain, as if their eyes were about to be blinded.

On the other hand, Chen Xiang was fine. He saw that the thing on the surface of the stone was falling off, and the black color was a solidified blood clot. It had been acc.u.mulating for many years already, which caused the Emperor seal to become a black stone.

After shedding, Chen Xiang saw a small imprint made of gold and jade. He quickly grabbed it and looked at it carefully, the imprint had a dragon carved on it, and on it sat a golden jade dragon, looking lifelike.

Chen Xiang grabbed the little golden jade dragon on the back of the Emperor seal and firmly imprinted it onto the ground …

Roar …

A m.u.f.fled dragon's roar suddenly sounded out, and then the surrounding mountains started to collapse, and the ground began to undulate up and down like the surging waves of the sea.

Chen Xiang took his Six Realms mirrors and teleported away with Wan Yuxiong.

After leaving the forest far behind, Chen Xiang put Wan Yuxiong and the Six Realms mirrors down. The green forest formed by the hundreds of thousands of mountains just now had already been razed to the ground.

"This is the power of the Emperor seal!" Chen Xiang exclaimed, looking at the small and exquisite Golden Jade Seal, he liked it more and more, because the power was too terrifying.

"You … How did you get the Imperial Mandate? It's impossible, it's impossible, you are a rascal like you, it's impossible for you to get the Emperor seal's approval. " Lin Xirong shouted crazily, as if his entire world had been turned upside down.

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