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Zhao Qirun belonged to the Primitive Emperor Race, and the Imperial Bloodline in his body allowed him to wield an extremely strong power. This time, when he rushed towards Chen Xiang and was still a distance away from him, he punched out towards Chen Xiang, releasing a cold wave.

Most of the primitive humans here used their power to fight. Only the Primordial Spirit Race and Primitive Emperor Race knew how to convert their power into natural power to attack from afar.

Right now, Zhao Qirun was the same, releasing a burst of cold Qi, when rushing over, the ground around Chen Xiang was covered with ice.

When the cold air hit Chen Xiang's body, Zhao Qirun was elated. He thought that he guessed right, Chen Xiang had been injured by him just now, and he had already arrived in front of Chen Xiang to throw a punch at Chen Xiang's face.

The instant Chen Xiang's fist arrived, he dodged with a turn of his head. At the same time, he smashed towards Zhao Qirun's abdomen with a palm.


When he struck out with his Heaven Blasting Palm, the shaking power caused all the ice on the ground to shatter. The shaking power spread into the ground, causing the entire plaza to shake and the nearby ground to crack even more.

This wave of Heaven Blasting Palm was produced by Chen Xiang using the thick and profound Primitive Tao Power through the ten layers of the profound door.

Although Zhao Qirun was a member of the Imperial Family and his body was very strong, after taking the blow from Chen Xiang's Heaven Blasting Palm, he vomited a mouthful of blood, and his clothes were torn apart as well. His skin was leaking blood continuously, and the seven orifices on his face were bleeding.

"Humph, not even one hit!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, under everyone's surprise, he released another Heaven Blasting Palm, this time he was afraid it might hit Zhao Qirun's head.


With that palm, Zhao Qirun's head exploded like a watermelon, it was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y!


Following that, Chen Xiang struck his body consecutively multiple times with all his might. Waves after waves of berserk palm force tore Zhao Qirun's body into pieces, shaking the entire ground.

To think that this alien had such a terrifying power, it was something that even the Primordial Spirit and Imperial Clans present could not believe!

Everyone was dumbstruck. This was because this alien had slain an Imperial clan!

The Primitive Emperor Race s were all extremely n.o.ble people in this Primitive Sacred Land. Normally, they rarely lost their lives, and the last time someone from the Di Clan died was many years ago!

But now, an Imperial Bloodline Clan member had actually died in front of so many Imperial Clan members, and in fact, in a miserable manner. Many people simply couldn't believe that a powerful Imperial Bloodline Clan member would be so weak in front of a Outsider like this!

Just as everyone was shocked, Ling Yuanguan had already rushed over. Chen Xiang was his slave, killing the Di Clan was already a huge disaster to him. He had to kill Chen Xiang with his own hands, otherwise, if he continued to blame himself, it would be very troublesome.

Ling Yuanguan's speed was extremely fast. He was just at the other end of the plaza a moment ago, but had already rushed over in the blink of an eye. After arriving, he took out that black colored long rod.

The moment the black rod appeared, it immediately smashed towards Chen Xiang's face. Just as it was about to hit Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang flashed strangely, and then, he grabbed the black rod.

Ling Yuanguan's strength had far surpa.s.sed his imagination. He was very clear that Chen Xiang wasn't that powerful three months ago, but he was now this much stronger than before, and he was very suspicious. Just what had this alien experienced in the past three months, for his strength to actually increase so frighteningly.

Just as Ling Yuanguan was panic-stricken, he suddenly felt something locking his body in place, preventing him from moving.

It was the power of the spatial laws that Chen Xiang had absorbed from the Dao G.o.d soul.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'll let you hit your father. Now, I'll let you have a taste of the power of this stick!" Chen Xiang sneered, and then fiercely smashed the rod towards Ling Yuanguan's face.

When the long rod landed on Ling Yuanguan's face, Ling Yuanguan immediately screamed miserably like a pig being butchered, and a new cut appeared on his cheek.

"Hmph, I'll let you hit me!" Chen Xiang madly whipped Ling Yuanguan, causing Ling Yuanguan to scream miserably, his throat was hoa.r.s.e and his head was beaten black and blue.

Everyone watched with trepidation. Even two of the Emperors were unable to defeat this kind of Outsider!

"Haha …" Primitive Supreme Lord suddenly laughed out loud. "Rong'er, this outsider is really amazing, pulling a carriage for us is the most appropriate choice. Let's see how I can tame him!"

When Chen Xiang heard the voice, he immediately threw out a Fire cloud palm towards Ling Yuanguan. Although the palm image he produced was small, when it smashed into Ling Yuanguan's body, it released a large circle of fire.

When the flame burst out, it covered an area of several hundred feet. The flame rose high into the sky, affecting the audience.

"Alien, don't be so arrogant. Let's see how This Emperor will subdue you." Primitive Supreme Lord's voice came over, he waved his hand at the flames, and a gust of wind swept over, sweeping away all the flames.

When everyone saw this, they immediately shouted out, talking about how mighty the Great Emperor was.

Primitive Supreme Lord had his hands behind his back, looking down at the world arrogantly, as if Chen Xiang was an ant in his eyes.

"Kneel!" Primitive Supreme Lord said coldly, his voice was filled with power.

Chen Xiang clenched his fists. The Primitive Supreme Lord was indeed very strong, and was not someone he could handle right now.

"Kneel your a.s.s!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he teleported to the area of the Di Clan's seats and threw the Six Realms mirrors out.

The Six Realms mirrors was currently in a very small shape, only the size of a palm. After Chen Xiang threw it out, under his control, he stuck it closely on the abdomen of that "Rong'er".

This Rong'er is Primitive Supreme Lord's fiancee. Primitive Supreme Lord also didn't think that Chen Xiang had such a miraculous ability and instantly went up there. And when he went over, Chen Xiang was already behind Rong'er.

The moment Rong'er saw Chen Xiang, the Six Realms mirrors had stuck itself onto her abdomen, preventing her from moving at all. And in the next moment, Chen Xiang was already standing behind her.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what are you going to do to Rong'er?" Primitive Supreme Lord's forehead was immediately filled with veins.

"In your eyes, I'm just a carter, but I, the carter, want to taste the Emperor's gentleness." Chen Xiang laughed wildly, then fiercely kissed that n.o.ble and cold Rong'er, revealing her s.e.xy lips.

This caused the Primitive Supreme Lord to be enraged. The power unleashed by the explosion spread out in all directions, causing the Imperial Clans beside him to cough out blood, and the entire plaza to shatter into pieces.

"I'll take your wife, haha … I will definitely treat her gently. " After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he controlled the Six Realms mirrors to keep Rong'er inside, and threw a handful of the G.o.d-eclipse powder out. After hearing the waves of screams, he didn't even look at the people who were hit by the G.o.d-eclipse powder, and immediately teleported away.

The fact that Chen Xiang was able to use his spatial energy made him like a fish back in the water. He easily left the plaza and arrived at the underground chamber that Wan Yuxiong had locked up in within a few moments.

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