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Refining the G.o.d-eclipse powder required it's leaves, roots, juice, and many other things. Under the use of Chen Xiang's Creation G.o.d's Spring, the Heaven Eclipsing Tree had already become very robust, turning into a sky-high tree. % Top% Point% Fiction www.xstxt.org

"Even if the age is not enough, if I use the Crash Technique to refine it, it will definitely be enough." Chen Xiang made Chu Hongqing and the others do a lot of things, then he refined them inside the Divine Sense Sea.

The poison Du Xiaoling gave him was all used up by him, otherwise he would have been able to use it against the barbarians!

Of course, if the quality of G.o.d-eclipse powder was good enough, it would be better than using poison.

The process of G.o.d-eclipse powder refining could be considered as very simple. When Chen Xiang was refining, he was able to proceed with the refinement of the ten Crash, and at the very end, he would directly grind it into a fine powder.

"It's only a small box, I wonder how powerful it is!" Chen Xiang looked at the crystal clear powder inside the box and really wanted to try it out.

The sky had already lit up, so Ling Yuanguan also came to the stone room and brought Chen Xiang out.

Just like last time, Chen Xiang came to the plaza once again, but this time, he was the only person in the plaza.

"Zhao Qirun is not allowed to use weapons in this compet.i.tion, you need to be clear about this." Ling Yuanguan said: "After all, you are the son of the best family to forge a weapon here, if you use a weapon, no one can beat you."

"No problem, defeating this alien with bare hands is too easy!" However, don't blame me for killing your outsider. " Zhao Qirun laughed sarcastically: "After all, you asked for it, and when I am fighting, I might not be able to control myself."

When Zhao Qirun was discussing the rules with Ling Yuanguan, a commotion suddenly occurred in the plaza. Hearing the crowd's discussion, Zhao Qirun and Ling Yuanguan were surprised, they anxiously looked at the area where the Emperor Seat was located, only to see two people, causing all of the Di Clan members to stand up, and everyone present also stood up.

From this, one could see just how high this person's status was!

"Primitive Supreme Lord!" Ling Yuanguan said in a low voice: "Zhao Qirun, did you call him here?"

Zhao Qirun was also very surprised, and said in a low voice: "Of course not, I am also very surprised, and I thought you were the one who called them over!"

Chen Xiang also saw that Primitive Supreme Lord was a very young handsome man wearing luxurious golden clothes, and beside him was a very n.o.ble and elegant woman wearing a red skirt, her face had a cold and arrogant expression.

From the surprised looks of the crowd, Chen Xiang knew that the red dressed woman was the Primitive Supreme Lord's fiancee!

The Primitive Supreme Lord was the second Great Emperor of the Primitive Emperor Race and the woman had an extremely good bloodline. The Primitive Supreme Lord had only just risen up and the old Great Emperor had already went to the Divine Wasteland through the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss's tunnel.

Therefore, the current Primitive Supreme Lord was very young.

"Hurry up and stand up." Ling Yuanguan growled angrily at Chen Xiang.

The entire audience was standing, and only Chen Xiang was still sitting inside the cage. He only glanced at Ling Yuanguan indifferently, and didn't move a muscle after that, and continued to sit.

Primitive Supreme Lord and his fiancee sat down, and at this moment, everyone saw that Chen Xiang was still sitting in the cage!

It was just a slave, but he was still sitting there like the Primitive Supreme Lord. This made everyone feel extremely angry, especially the Primordial Spirit Race.

However, a sloppy-looking alien slave actually dared to look down on the Emperor!

Ling Yuanguan slashed his pole forward, and bellowed: "Quickly stand up!"

Chen Xiang said as he swung the stick, causing him to be secretly happy. This was because it wasn't a lot of pain, but he still pretended to be in pain.

"What a bold slave. Even if he wins, he must accept my punishment." When the Primitive Supreme Lord's voice sounded, he was very angry in his heart that Chen Xiang dared to disrespect him.

After all, he was a new Primitive Supreme Lord. It was one thing for those old fellows to be disrespectful to him, but now a mere slave dared to do such a thing, which made him very angry.

"Rong'er, how do you think we should punish this slave?" His voice was calm, but everyone in the plaza could hear him.

"This slave is quite special. It would be a waste to kill him, so why don't we let him pull the carriage for us?" The lady in the elegant and cold red dress said with a cold smile.

This girl was indeed very beautiful, but many people present did not dare look her straight in the eyes, as they were afraid of infuriating Primitive Supreme Lord.

"Of course, only by winning can he be qualified to pull the carriage for us. If he loses … He will definitely die. " Primitive Supreme Lord laughed out loud.

Ling Yuanguan was extremely furious in his heart, he wanted to give Chen Xiang a few blows, but he didn't, because if Chen Xiang lost, he wouldn't be able to get anything. If Chen Xiang won, although he would be taken away by the Primitive Supreme Lord, but Ling Yuanguan would still be his follower for the next ten years.

Chen Xiang still did not stand up, so everyone thought that he would stand up.

"Ling Yuanguan, hurry up and open the cage. We came here today specially to watch the compet.i.tion." Even though she was very far away from Chen Xiang, she could see Chen Xiang staring directly at his head. Furthermore, there was an extremely strong desire to conquer the world in his eyes, as if he was telling her that he was going to ride her fiercely.

Ling Yuanguan glowered at Chen Xiang, and then opened the cage.

After opening the cage, Chen Xiang slowly stood up and walked out. Right now, he was in a tattered state, but his body had a certain might.

After the cage was opened, Ling Yuanguan anxiously retreated to the side!

"Begin!" After Ling Yuanguan shouted, Zhao Qirun suddenly disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he was behind Chen Xiang and kicked his back fiercely.

Chen Xiang's back was kicked and he was sent flying by the powerful impact, crashing into a wall some distance away.

The plaza was surrounded by a thick, high wall, and on the high wall was the audience seating. Just now, Chen Xiang had flown over from the other side of the plaza and crashed into the wall beneath the Di Clan's seats.

Although Chen Xiang crashed into the wall, he wasn't injured. He only crawled back up and patted off the dust on his body.

When he sensed Zhao Qirun's attack from behind just now, he decided not to dodge and deliberately allowed Zhao Qirun to hit him.

Zhao Qirun was still far away and he was extremely shocked in his heart. This foreign cultivator was actually fine even after he ruthlessly gave him a kick, and was still able to stand up safe and sound, with an indifferent expression.

"He must be pretending to be okay, it must be like this. How can such a weak guy take a kick from me? He must be internally injured! " Zhao Qirun was very sure as he charged towards Chen Xiang.

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