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After Chen Xiang was sucked into the black mirror, everything became pitch black.

"What the h.e.l.l is this? Is there going to be an end to it!? " Chen Xiang cursed in his heart as he looked around, but he could not see anything. Everything was pitch black. The top} point {small} says 3w. 23wx

While he was cursing in his heart, the darkness gradually began to fade away. He could see the golden light all around him, which was as warm and comfortable as the morning sun.

This caused his mood to immediately improve. He felt that if he was sitting on the gra.s.s, he would definitely be able to have a good night's sleep.

Just as he was thinking this, the ground turned into gra.s.s, and he immediately lay down and quickly fell asleep!

"You're awake. You've already slept for many days. Tomorrow you will have to fight on stage." Ling Yuanguan shouted loudly, hitting the cage, producing a "Dang Dang" sound.

Chen Xiang suddenly sat up and immediately saw the stick. This was the stick that hurt him the most, the kind of pain was something that he would never forget.

If it had been before, he would have been terrified of this stick. But now, for some reason, he was not afraid of it at all, even though he remembered being beaten hundreds of times in his dreams.

After Ling Yuanguan woke Chen Xiang up, he snorted and left.

Chen Xiang had not regained his senses yet, but he could still remember the three mirrors.

"Could it be that I've pa.s.sed through the Tao Doom? Isn't this Tao Doom too strange?" Chen Xiang immediately closed his eyes and went to check on his own Divine Sense Sea. He discovered that his Divine Sense Sea's soul of the Ancient Code had turned golden, and was hanging in the sky like a scorching sun, shining down on his own Divine Sense Sea World.

"Could this be the Dao G.o.d soul? It's something that only Dao Sovereigns can do! " Chen Xiang was ecstatic, this meant that he had already stepped into the Dao Sovereign realm.

"When I cultivate the Dao G.o.d gold body, in addition to this Dao G.o.d soul, that also means that even if I don't pa.s.s through the profound door of laws, I can directly release an extremely strong power of law from the Dao G.o.d soul!"

Chen Xiang immediately released a s.p.a.ce Domain!

Formless spatial energy immediately spread out in all directions, and he immediately sensed that he was imprisoned under a mountain.

"Done!" Chen Xiang was overjoyed. Then, he used the White Tiger to jump, smoothly jumping out of the cage, and then jumping back.

He still had to fight with Zhao Qirun tomorrow, and he planned to kill Zhao Qirun then escape. Then, he would come back to find Ling Yuanguan and kill him!

In the end, he turned Primitive Sacred Land upside down.

"Now that I've stepped into the Dao Sovereign Realm, I'm much more powerful. Ordinary Dao Sovereigns definitely aren't a match for me!" "Sister Bai Ling is probably not as strong as me now …" Chen Xiang could not help but recall the scene in the mirror when all the girls were bathing together.

Chen Xiang was in a great mood. He closed his eyes and opened a small spatial tunnel, then used the Vermillion Bird's Dao mark and let the Vermillion Bird fly out. At the same time, he opened the Divine Eye on the Vermillion Bird's Dao mark.

The insect-like Vermillion Bird flew extremely fast, giving Chen Xiang a rough understanding of the entire Primitive Sacred Land. At this moment, he was looking for Wan Yuxiong.

"I wonder how Senior Wan is doing now?" He should be imprisoned in the territory of the Imperial Bloodline Clan! " The Vermillion Bird that Chen Xiang controlled could fly without being restricted by the pressure.

It had to be known that it was impossible to fly here. If one flew up, they would be suppressed by a wave of energy, and Chen Xiang also noticed that there were no flying beasts here.

But now, his little Vermillion Bird could!

"Primitive Emperor Race is also quite far behind, the formations are simple too. When Xianxian is bored, anything he does would be better than them." Chen Xiang easily broke through a formation and entered the area of the Primitive Emperor Race.

In this area, he quickly found out where Wan Yuxiong was and immediately flew towards the underground room that held him.

Wan Yuxiong was the same as Chen Xiang, in that kind of cage.

"Senior Wan!" Chen Xiang used the Little Vermillion Bird to send a sound transmission to Wan Yuxiong.

When Wan Yuxiong heard Chen Xiang's voice, he was startled, but following the flow of the divine intent, he gave Chen Xiang a reply.

"Little brother, where are you now? How did you communicate with me? How are you now? I heard you were sold to be a slave, and I was worried about you! If anything happens to you, I will be very sad. "

"You can send me a sound transmission now …" Are you dead? Is this your soul? "

Wan Yuxiong suddenly said many things.

"Of course not, I'm fine now! I'll come and save you in a while! Right, Senior, why did they want to capture you? This is definitely not as simple as you entering the forbidden area. " Chen Xiang asked, he was confused about this.

"The main reason is because I got an item in their forbidden area that is extremely important to them. That's why they came to capture me." Wan Yuxiong said.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"I don't know either. I only know that they call that thing the Emperor seal s, but that thing is just a rock." Wan Yuxiong said. He looked around and finally saw a Vermillion Bird that was the size of a mosquito.

"Chen Xiang, did you get this? It seems to be a Vermillion Bird! " Wan Yuxiong said in surprise, "The Vermillion Bird is also a divine bird in the Divine Wasteland. This kind of bird is used to protect divine beasts in many worlds."

"It's the Vermillion Bird …" Right, Senior, did you give that Emperor seal to them? " Chen Xiang asked, he was extremely curious about that thing.

"No, I won't give them even if I die..." Wan Yuxiong sighed: "Of course, this is my previous plan, but now, I plan to give the Emperor seal to them and let them let you guys go."

"Don't give it. If you delay it any longer, I will definitely come and save you." Chen Xiang said: "Can you give me the Emperor seal when the time comes?"

"If you can save me, I'll definitely give it to you." Wan Yuxiong said.

"Alright, let's leave it here. I want to stop cultivating!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he summoned the little Vermillion Bird back.

"Emperor seal, what exactly is this thing? It must be very important to Primitive Emperor Race! " Chen Xiang was extremely curious, he wanted to save Wan Yuxiong immediately, but now was not the time.

There were many Rankers guarding the place where Wan Yuxiong was imprisoned. If he went over now, he might be discovered. He had to create an opportunity to lure those Rankers away.

"Even if I have to kill a few strong ones, this is how I, Chen Xiang, do things." Chen Xiang thought in his heart, and then looked at the "Sky Cracking Tree" that was planted in the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"I'll make some of these while I still have time!" Chen Xiang sent Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing to pick some.

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