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Chen Xiang laid inside the cage and kept quiet, cursing Ling Yuanguan in his heart. He swore that if he ever had the strength, he would use that rod to ruthlessly hit Ling Yuanguan a hundred times, a thousand times!

When Ling Yuanguan left, he took in a small breath. At this moment, he already had four beast cores of that kind of Sovereign Beast. When he won the previous match, Ling Yuanguan gave him another one.

"Eating this kind of beast core directly would be too wasteful!" Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and in a concealed place within the Divine Sense Sea, a real body was formed.

"I want to refine pills in the Divine Sense Sea, and I want to use the Crash method to do so!" Chen Xiang summoned his Six Realms mirrors, and the Six Realms mirrors could guarantee that if it lost control, its power would not affect the Divine Sense Sea.

There were still some small dragons in his Divine Sense Sea. If his Divine Sense Sea collapsed, it would affect them!

Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin were not aware of what was happening outside, but Chen Xiang had already sealed off the connection between the You Yao Mountain Villa and the outside world, so they could not see it directly.

Chen Xiang did this for the sake of them not being so worried!

Inside Divine Sense Sea, he could teleport at will and catch the materials needed to refine Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan. He wanted to refine the beast cores of the four Supreme Barbarian Beasts into a pill.

This would mean advancing into the Taoist Emperor Dan!

He took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and immediately began to refine it. In order to quickly obtain power, he had spent a very precious amount of time.

If the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace s had the medicinal ingredients and the Supreme Beast Pill, although the power of the Supreme Beast Pill was extremely strong, Chen Xiang could still control it.

Right now he had already stepped into the Dao Zong realm, and his physical body was even stronger than before;


With a dull thud, the pill furnace completed the first layer!

All the way up to the third level, he went very smoothly and did not create much of a disturbance. Furthermore, it was very stable!

"Fourth stage!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath. Before this, he had never tried the fourth stage of refining Taoist Emperor Dan.

But now, in order to further enhance the effectiveness of the Taoist Emperor Dan, he needed to increase his numbers.

Rumble rumble rumble!

A series of sounds echoed within Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea, and Chen Xiang's actual body outside was also shaking.

"That was close!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. He wasn't feeling dizzy from the power, but he was still full of energy.

Seeing that he was still in good condition, he decided to activate the Five Crash!

This was something that he had never tried out on a high grade pill before.

"The Taoist Emperor Dan should be at least at the upper level of the Emperor Stage. After going through the Five Crash, their abilities will definitely be even stronger. This is also what I'm after."

Chen Xiang closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then, controlled the eight clumps of things inside the pill furnace to collide with each other.


The moment they collided, Chen Xiang felt that he almost split apart. After all, this was a body that he condensed inside his body, and it was just a pa.s.sage for him to transfer through the Primitive Tao Power. Fortunately, he had the help of the Six Realms mirrors s, and was able to withstand the force.

"Looks like the Five Crash is already my limit." Chen Xiang would now enter the process of condensing a pill, and this would allow him to condense an even higher quality pill.

After many high level Crash pills, all of them would condense a spirit soul, and during the process of condensing the spirit soul, it would be completed on its own, with a very fast speed.

"It's a success!" Chen Xiang took out this pellet from his Divine Sense Sea and consumed it. During the refining process, he continued to refine pellet.

In addition, he still had fifty ordinary Savage Beast Pills, and he wanted to refine all of them into Taoist Emperor Dan within three months, using the Five Crash Technique to refine all of them!

If it was an ordinary Barbarian Beast Pill, perhaps I would be able to use the Six Crash Technique. In short, if I ate four of them and refined them into Taoist Emperor Dan, I would definitely be able to improve a lot. Chen Xiang thought.

He still had about three months. Previously, when he was refining that pill, it only took him one day. Now, it would definitely be faster!

Taoist Emperor Dan s were very helpful to the strengthening of the body, especially when refining the Venerable Barbarian Beast Pill. At this moment, Chen Xiang could clearly feel it!

"The imperial family in the Primitive Sacred Land are just a bunch of primitive people. They probably don't know how to refine pills, right? To actually treat Alchemist like me like this, I must definitely teach them a lesson. "

After a month, Chen Xiang was already strong enough to refine seven Crash Taoist Emperor Dan s. The current him was concocting pills that were becoming more and more terrifying, and he was refining them inside the Divine Sense Sea.

"Fine, my Law Soul is getting bigger and bigger, but it's still not strong enough. I still have two more months, at that time, my Law Soul will definitely be even stronger, and I'll be able to maintain enough Spatial Force to allow me to undergo the White Tiger Leap!" Just you wait, you arrogant Primitive Emperor Race, this old one will show you what the might of an Emperor is. "

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and continued to refine pills …

Three months of time was almost up, and it had not even been a few days, but the Ancient Code Soul inside Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea had already grown to become as strong as a white sun hanging in the sky.

Even he didn't think that he would become so big. Of course, this was a good thing.

"Primitive Tao Power s that have pa.s.sed through the tenth layer of the profound door!" Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, feeling the berserk energy, as though the entire world was in his hands.

He had already successfully transported the Primitive Tao Power out of the ten layered profound doors, and did not let his body feel any pain. This meant that his current physical body was extremely terrifying as well.

"Is this the Dao G.o.d gold body? "Seems like I have successfully cultivated it!" Chen Xiang looked at the golden blood flowing under his skin, and could feel how powerful this blood was.

"The Infinite Dao power is still very strong, and after fusing with my Primitive Tao Power … That is the Limitless Origin! " Chen Xiang experimented and fused the Primitive Tao Power that had pa.s.sed through the ten stages of the profound door with the Infinite Dao power that had congealed in his body.

At the moment of the fusion, an even more powerful force exploded out, but the aura caused the entire cage to shake. If it wasn't for the fact that he had retracted that force, the bas.e.m.e.nt would have already collapsed.

"I am already at the tenth stage of the Dao Zong realm, and have also cultivated it. Now it is time to cross Tao Doom!" Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and tried to sense the Robbery power.

As long as he could lure the Robbery power, and pa.s.s through the Tao Doom, he would be able to step into the Dao Sovereign Realm, and at that time, his strength would definitely increase even more. As for how much it would increase, he was unsure, but he knew that was the only way, to have sufficient strength to kill that Primitive Emperor Race Cultivator!

"How do I attract the Robbery power?" Chen Xiang pondered, because he had already tried it but was unable to feel the power of the Tao Doom, so he did not know how to trigger it.

"Attack all of our powers together and see if we can succeed. I remember Sister Bai Ling telling me that the Tao Doom is very strange." Chen Xiang thought.

The Void Holy Man he had met back then was just a child. He was an example of the Tao Doom's failure, but he had not lost much of his power.

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