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Chen Xiang's entire arm sank into the stomach of the Black mysterious tiger that was pressing him down, then his other hand stabbed in again. Pulling with great force, he tore the Black mysterious tiger apart alive.

At the same time, his body erupted with a wave of energy that came from the Primitive Tao Power that pa.s.sed through the fifth layer of the profound door, pushing all of the Black mysterious tiger that was charging at him away!

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned. The entire arena had become extremely quiet!

A seemingly weak foreign cultivator was actually able to tear a Black mysterious tiger apart alive. Even if it wasn't a foreign cultivator, even a Spirit Race wouldn't be that violent.

Chen Xiang who had ripped apart the Divine Tiger was covered in blood, he looked like a blood-soaked war G.o.d!

He held a golden beast core in his hands, which he grabbed from the divine tiger. He put the beast core into his mouth and ate it, then he thrusted his palm at the Black mysterious tiger that was pouncing towards him.

When he held his palms together, there was nothing he could not do!

The Black mysterious tiger that was flying over had its head pierced by Chen Xiang's palm and died on the spot. Chen Xiang let out a loud roar and tore apart the Black mysterious tiger, grabbing the beast core inside.

At this time, there were only three Black mysterious tiger left. Every time they wanted to attack together, they would be blasted away by the Qi waves emitted from Chen Xiang's body.

These Black mysterious tiger were still relatively weak in Chen Xiang's eyes, especially when he was using the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand.

"The power of the Primitive Tao Power that pa.s.ses through the fifth layer of the profound door is actually this terrifying, it far surpa.s.ses my expectations!" Chen Xiang sighed in his heart. Before this, he only had a rough estimate, but he had never fought in actual combat before.

At this moment, the Primitive Tao Power s of the five profound gates continuously surged, and rushed out of the five profound gates. They became extremely berserk, and this berserk energy, combined with Chen Xiang's, allowed him to easily poke his palm into the Black mysterious tiger's body.

Both of the Black mysterious tiger had been killed by Chen Xiang in just a few moves, which made many of the people who bought it for Chen Xiang to be stupefied, especially those Imperial Clans, they were all pressured. If Chen Xiang won, then Ling Yuanguan would become the biggest winner.

Ling Yuanguan was also very surprised, he knew that Chen Xiang was powerful, because he found out from Lin Ting that Chen Xiang was able to keep up with his speed, then his strength would definitely not be weak.

But now, it far surpa.s.sed Lin Ting's estimation of Chen Xiang's strength back then!

Of course, the current Chen Xiang was much stronger than when he was captured. Although he was surprised, Ling Yuanguan had a very happy smile on his face.

Before, it was all the Black mysterious tiger's attacks, but now it was Chen Xiang's turn.

Without waiting for Black mysterious tiger to fly over, he immediately rushed over and ruthlessly smashed his fist onto a divine tiger's head. When his fist landed, there was a loud 'bang' sound as the divine tiger's head was smashed into the ground, with blood and flesh splattering everywhere.


Chen Xiang violently punched a few times consecutively, smashing the entire Black mysterious tiger's head to pieces. Then, he barely avoided a Black mysterious tiger that pounced at him.

When the Black mysterious tiger pounced at Chen Xiang, its claws were still trying to grab him, but Chen Xiang dodged it!

There were two more left!

It was getting easier and easier for Chen Xiang. Now, everyone could see that Chen Xiang was becoming more and more valiant as he fought, and the more he fought, the stronger he became.

Chen Xiang's Primitive Tao Power continued to pour into his fists. That was the White Tiger's Slaughter G.o.d's Hand, and that kind of aura was exactly what the Black mysterious tiger was afraid of.


Chen Xiang rushed over, a pair of explosive fists continuously smashing at the Black mysterious tiger, in a few moments, a Black mysterious tiger was smashed out of the meat, and the remaining Black mysterious tiger was already terrified!

The Slaughter G.o.d's Hand that Chen Xiang was currently using was just too terrifying, and that kind of White Tiger Qi was extremely powerful against Black mysterious tiger s.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang ran over and threw a punch across the air, releasing a burst of fist force that shattered the leg of the Black mysterious tiger.

The Black mysterious tiger's thigh broke as it roared crazily. Chen Xiang rushed over and unleashed a series of crazy punches!

After finishing the punch, the Black mysterious tiger was already badly mutilated, and Chen Xiang's body was also covered in flesh and blood.

At this time, he was suppressed to the point of incomparable anger. If he had the strength now, then he would exterminate all of those Imperial Clans!

He obtained another beast core, and all of these beast cores were eaten on the spot!

Just when he had killed five Black mysterious tiger, a cage suddenly appeared and enveloped him. Chen Xiang was also extremely tired, he had been frantically venting and using his most powerful strength.

Ling Yuanguan laughed as he walked in, and even gave a beast core of that kind to Chen Xiang. Right now, he had won a lot of treasures, and the excitement in his heart was clear, his laughter made many people angry.

"This alien is quite powerful. However, he's just like that. He's just beating up a savage beast." a man's voice sounded. His voice carried a hint of sourness, and it was obvious that he was jealous that Ling Yuanguan had such a strong helper.

"Beating up a savage beast? Give me three more months and this guy can beat you. " Ling Yuanguan's arrogant voice echoed in the plaza.

"Beat me? I am a warrior of the royal family, why would I be afraid of such a guy? " That man sneered, then floated in front of Ling Yuanguan.

"Zhao Qirun, after three months, how about we fight with this outsider? Do you dare to come? If you lose, I don't need anything from you. Be my follower for ten years. " Ling Yuanguan said: "If you win, I will give you everything I won today. You should know how much I won today, right? This will make me into one of the ten richest people in Primitive Sacred Land."

"Three months is three months!" Zhao Qirun looked at Chen Xiang who was covered in blood: This guy can't even take a single blow, it's just that those Black mysterious tiger are too weak.

Chen Xiang merely glanced at Zhao Qirun coldly. If he really could fight with Zhao Qirun in three months, he had to kill off this imperial clan!

Ling Yuanguan brought Chen Xiang and left, leaving Chen Xiang in the secret room. Furthermore, he washed Chen Xiang clean with some water.

"You have to win three months from now. Although your performance today is not bad, you don't need to be arrogant. "Don't look at me like that." When Ling Yuanguan saw Chen Xiang's cold and murderous gaze, his expression suddenly darkened. He took out a stick and used it to viciously hit Chen Xiang.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Just a single strike from the rod caused Chen Xiang to feel extreme pain. He felt as if every inch of his body was being torn apart, ignited, and pierced through.

The pain slowly faded as Chen Xiang collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath. The hatred in his heart grew even stronger!

"Now do you know how powerful I, Ling Yuanguan am! "I have a lot of slave fighters, and they are all beaten up like dogs by me. They never dare to look at me like that." Ling Yuanguan gave a cold laugh, "Eat these three beast cores. These are all inner cores of the Sovereign Barbaric Beast, and one is worth hundreds of millions of beast crystal coins! "Of course, you won tens of billions of demon crystal coins for me today. This is what you deserve."

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