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In the dark stone room, the door suddenly opened, and a middle-aged man dressed in luxurious gold walked in. This was the middle-aged man who bought Chen Xiang previously.

The moment he entered, he looked at Chen Xiang, and also felt that Chen Xiang's blood energy was much stronger than before. He nodded his head in satisfaction.

"You have to win today, or else I'll torture you for a month." After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he began to shrink the cage.

Chen Xiang's surroundings were shrouded in darkness. He closed his eyes, relaxed himself, and at the same time, tried to sense the soul of the Law.

"I wonder if I can extract the power of s.p.a.ce from the law soul and let me escape from this cage?" Chen Xiang did not dare to try, because he was not completely confident.

Otherwise, if he failed, or if he didn't run far enough and was caught, the consequences would be very serious.

"This guy should be sending me to fight right? This is a test of my progress." Chen Xiang planned to endure for a while longer. Once he could come out, he would have to take care of this middle-aged man first.

Then, he would go find that Lin Ting. Back then, it was Lin Ting herself who had made the decision to sell him off.

Chen Xiang, who was in the darkness, was suddenly exposed to the strong light. At this time, he arrived at a very large plaza, through the cage, he could see the several hundred metres wide plaza.

The plaza was circular, and there were seats at the highest points. There were a lot of people on top, and most of them were wearing armor. It was obvious that they were all from the primitive spirit race.

In the plaza, there were a total of ten cages. Some were holding humans, while others were holding beasts.

Chen Xiang observed for a bit and discovered that in one corner of the audience seating, there were hundreds of people wearing luxurious clothes. All of them had the same temperament as the middle-aged man who bought him, and they were all from Primitive Emperor Race.

At this moment, the audience was cheering loudly …

"How strong is this alien?" Was it too weak? To be able to defeat a savage beast with his bare hands? "

"That's right, they look really small and small. Who knows, they might not even be able to beat the Transcendents."

"A descendant of an Imperial clan shouldn't be stupid. This alien definitely has a certain level of strength."

Everyone began to discuss Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang also saw that out of the ten cages, he was the only alien Outsider. The other six cages were filled with roaring beasts.

"You want me to fight against a savage beast?" Chen Xiang was more concerned about the Di Clan's area. When he was in the cage, he could feel waves of powerful aura coming from there.

"Those fellows from the Imperial Bloodline Clan are truly powerful. Even someone like them, who came to join in on the fun, is so powerful!" Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart. He felt that only by stepping into the Dao Sovereign Realm would he be able to defeat Primitive Emperor Race.

Suddenly, two cages were opened!

They were the black tiger and the cage of the ancient Transcendents!

After opening it, the black tiger began to fight fiercely with the mortal. Not long after, the fight became very intense. The mortal was not allowed to eat a large chunk of flesh, and the bones could be seen from his thighs.

Chen Xiang frowned. It was obvious that the Black Giant Tiger was the strongest one among them. It had killed the Transcendent Mortal at one go and its corpse was also eaten by the Black Giant Tiger!

Everyone began to hiss because it was too weak and not something to watch.

Next, he released the remaining two Transcendents to deal with the black tiger!

These two Transcendents were relatively strong, and after trembling with the black tiger for less than an hour, they finally managed to kill the black tiger. However, they also suffered heavy injuries and were carried away in their cages.

"As everyone knows, these Black mysterious tiger's strength are terrifying, just like us Spirit Race soldiers! Right now, there are still five Black mysterious tiger s, this alien will bet with Five Tigers! "

Hearing the voice of the host, the 100,000 plus people who were watching were all shocked as they let out cries of disbelief!

Chen Xiang immediately guessed that there must be someone willing to use him to make a bet!

As expected, the host announced the bet. Many people betted that he would not be able to win five Black mysterious tiger, and even many rich people of the Imperial Family bet that he would lose!

Chen Xiang's pressure was not small, if he lost, even if he did not die, he would definitely be tortured to death by the middle-aged man who bought him, he guessed that the middle-aged man might be the one who started the business.

Of course, if he won, that person would be able to earn a lot! Although he did not want to make a huge profit for that person, in order to preserve his life, he had to win.

In the royalty area of the spectator stands, a man wearing blue clothes said, "Where does Ling Yuanguan get his confidence from? Did he just buy a very strong alien this time? But the Wan Yuxiong we just captured is still in our clan! "

"I heard that this brat was captured together with Wan Yuxiong, but he's rather weak. I wonder what Ling Yuanguan sees in him? "To actually place so much pressure on him, if we lose, this guy will go bankrupt."

"In short, I don't think that this guy will win. Even our Imperial clan's young warriors do not dare to guarantee victory in front of five mature Black mysterious tiger."

"Never mind, I will lose if I buy this guy."

was also the middle-aged man who bought Chen Xiang. It could be seen that he was quite famous in the Imperial Family.

Chen Xiang was considering whether or not he should use the Heavenly magic sword s, otherwise it would be difficult for him to defeat the five Divine Tigers. These five Divine Tigers were much stronger than the previous Steel arm ape s.

He secretly tried it and found that it could turn the Heavenly magic sword into liquid and then flood into his fists. It flowed in his blood and covered his bones, causing his fists to turn into extremely stiff steel fists.

"This is the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand?" Chen Xiang was secretly happy, this was just him thinking, that the Heavenly magic sword could actually fuse with his body and do the same.

With the help of the Heavenly magic sword, Chen Xiang was a lot more at ease now. As long as he could defeat these five Black mysterious tiger, he would be able to get through a difficult situation!

Only by living on would he have the chance to become stronger, and make those who abused him pay the price.

"The cage is about to open!" Ling Yuanguan reminded Chen Xiang.

Just as he finished speaking, all the cages opened and five Black mysterious tiger rushed towards Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang only saw five black figures flash over, and then, he smelt a foul stench. He hurriedly jumped out of the cage, and the five Black mysterious tiger threw themselves into the air.

"So dangerous. These guys can't attack from afar and only use brute force. This is still easier to deal with." Chen Xiang had previously observed the fighting methods of these Black mysterious tiger.

He could tell that these Black mysterious tiger had been trained, and had some fighting skills, but now that they had missed, they quickly moved their bodies and pounced towards Chen Xiang!

This time, one of the Black mysterious tiger pounced over, and the moment Chen Xiang dodged, the other Black mysterious tiger pounced over. Its claws suddenly revealed its sharp claws, pressing Chen Xiang to the ground, the jaws bit towards Chen Xiang, while the other Black mysterious tiger also rushed over, ready to tear Chen Xiang apart.

Previously, when everyone saw that Chen Xiang had dodged pretty well, they were still a little worried that he would kill the five Divine Tigers. However, now that they saw Chen Xiang being pushed to the ground, they felt a lot more relieved.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Chen Xiang roared angrily in his heart as the Primitive Tao Power condensed in his arms suddenly erupted. He brought his Slaughter G.o.d's Hand's five fingers together and fiercely thrusted towards a divine tiger's abdomen!

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