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"Weak alien, if you continue to roar, I'll cut off your tongue." (dot) 23 wx. " The man in charge shouted sternly and waved his hand, sending a Thunder power in.

Chen Xiang was struck by this power until his entire body trembled, his heart was filled with fear, with a casual wave of his hand, he was able to produce such a terrifying force.

He tightly clenched his fists. His strength was too weak, otherwise, he would have definitely destroyed this cage and caused a huge ruckus here.

"All of you, just you wait. I'm just temporarily weak. When I become stronger, I'll definitely make you pay ten times the price." Chen Xiang roared fiercely in his heart, and then kept silent.

After a round of bidding, he was finally bought by someone for 11,000 demon crystal coins. The one who bought him was a middle-aged man from the Imperial Family!

Chen Xiang sat inside the cage, closed his eyes and continued to cultivate, constantly taking in Primitive Tao Power s from the primordial profound door in his body.

Pa.s.sing through the two profound gates was his limit, but pa.s.sing through the three profound gates caused his entire body to be in extreme pain, and what he did, was all for the sake of using the powerful Primitive Tao Power to temper his own body!

He endured the pain, the muscles on his face twitching, the berserk Primitive Tao Power wreaked havoc in his body, tearing apart his muscles and smashing into his bones!

After his muscles were torn apart, under the nourishment of the Primitive Tao Power, they quickly recovered. The shattered bones also recovered in the same way, being destroyed and then being ravaged by the violent Primitive Tao Power that was circulating within his body.

Chen Xiang had no way to refine pills, and could only strengthen his own body through such a brutal and painful method!

At this moment, his body was in a state of being damaged, healed, damaged, and healed, constantly alternating between each other. And the pain within, was something that only Chen Xiang himself knew the best!

Although it was painful, in order to teach these people who had recklessly auctioned him a lesson, he had to endure. Even if his body was smashed into smithereens, he still had to punish these people!

"I am weak, but I will grow! Primitive Sacred Land also speaks with their fists, so I will make myself stronger. I will speak with my fists to make you all kneel and beg for forgiveness, I will make you all do my best. "

Chen Xiang's heart was burning with burning fury, this anger had turned into endless motivation, urging him to endure the torments of pain nonstop, and temper his own body.

During Chen Xiang's brutal training, he suddenly felt a change in his body, and a ball of something appeared in the middle of the Divine Sense Sea, which looked like a soul!

"This is …" The soul of law! What is the law? " When Chen Xiang saw that bundle, he was ecstatic. Cultivating the soul of the Ancient Code meant that he had stepped into the Dao Zong realm.

"With the Law Soul, I will be able to cultivate the Tao technique and the Profound Body!" Chen Xiang stopped using such crude methods to refine his body, and went to check on the newly formed soul laws.

The soul of law could create its own power of law. In other words, after obtaining the soul of law, one could cultivate their soul of law to the Great Perfection. Once they could cultivate a profound body of law, they would not need to absorb the power of law from the heavenly dao, but could instead absorb it from their own body!

"The soul of this Law contains the power of many different laws …" "Currently, I can feel the Fire Laws, s.p.a.ce Laws, and also a strange power. Could it be the Primordial Laws?" Chen Xiang was a little doubtful, he had absorbed a bit of that strange power from the soul of the Ancient Code.

"That's right, it is indeed the Primitive Tao Power, but it is extremely weak. It might be because my soul of laws is still too low leveled!" Chen Xiang was still able to absorb the power of the Natural Law Principles from the Tao profound Door.

If one cultivated to the Great Circle of the Dao Zong realm, the dao energy absorbed by the Law Soul would be much stronger than what they absorbed from the Heavenly Dao. After all, that was their own Law Energy!

Chen Xiang looked around him. He was currently thrown into a dark bas.e.m.e.nt, took out a small stone, and then, secretly extracted the power of s.p.a.ce within the Code Soul. He used the spatial technique to grab that small stone.

The small stone beside the cage disappeared with a grab from Chen Xiang's hands. It reappeared in Chen Xiang's palm.

"This Primitive Land doesn't have the spatial laws, but after I cultivate the soul of the laws, I can release my own spatial laws, and I can release the s.p.a.ce Domain. In my s.p.a.ce Domain, I can freely use the power of s.p.a.ce." Chen Xiang was secretly delighted.

But now, his Law Soul was too weak. If he was strong enough, he would be able to break out of this cage.

"Continue to cultivate the body. The Dao Zong realm mainly cultivates the body, using the power of Natural Law Principles to temper the body! The stronger the physical body, the stronger the Law Soul is. " Chen Xiang clenched his fists and activated Primitive Tao Power. He pa.s.sed through the three layers of profound doors and continued to temper his body.

When Chen Xiang was brought back by a middle-aged man, he had always been thrown in the secret bas.e.m.e.nt, it was just that that person would occasionally throw him some raw beast meat, he completely treated him like a wild beast and kept him in captivity, which caused the suppressed hatred in Chen Xiang's heart to grow!

Chen Xiang had been stuck in this environment for three months, and currently, his body could already bear the weight of having pa.s.sed through the fourth layer of profound entrances!

And now, he was using the Primitive Tao Power of the fifth stage of the profound art to temper his body. Although it was very painful, in order to leave this place, in order to trample on the person who trampled on him, no matter the price, he was willing!

"Of course, I must let these guys feel my pain." Chen Xiang's body was overflowing with blood, all because of the explosion of the berserk Primitive Tao Power s that had pa.s.sed through the fifth layer of profound entrances.

His Law Soul had also grown by a size, which was equivalent to the second stage of the Dao Zong realm. At the moment, he could absorb power from both the Law Gate and the Law Soul at the same time.

"These are beast cores. Delicious. In ten days, you will be competing. When that happens, don't embarra.s.s me." The middle aged man who bought Chen Xiang walked in. He was from a Primitive Emperor Race and was very strong.

Now Chen Xiang finally understood that the reason these Primitive Emperor Race bought him was to compete and fight, and was similar to a beast.

Chen Xiang took the beast core silently. This beast core was not an ordinary beast core, it contained a burning hot and powerful energy, after he ate it, he felt his entire body burning hot, the power contained in the beast core suddenly erupted.

"What a terrifying Primitive Tao Power, just what beast core is this?" Chen Xiang anxiously went forward to refine it, he guided the energy to quickly flow through his entire body and wash over his body.

Seeing Chen Xiang had entered a state of cultivation, the middle-aged man nodded his head in satisfaction and left the underground chamber.

"My current strength is still too weak. Even if I were to refine this beast core, it would still be far inferior to that middle-aged man!" "It seems I'll have to endure for a while longer. I'll soon reach the Dao Sovereign Realm, and then I'll turn this place upside down!" The resentment and hatred in Chen Xiang's heart had not receded.

Ten days later, under the effect of the beast core, his physical body had improved by a lot. After the Primitive Tao Power gushed out of the five primordial profound gates, he did not feel the slightest of pain!

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