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Chen Xiang asked from the back, "Senior Wan, how did they discover you? Is it because of me? "

Wan Yuxiong said, "I don't blame you. My guess is that those beasts had some connection with them, and the Primordial Spirit Race was able to communicate with the dead spirits of the beasts. That's why they knew I was nearby."

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that there was no need to run with Wan Yuxiong, because he did not offend Primitive Sacred Land.

"Senior, can I not run? I didn't offend them! " Chen Xiang said.

"No, quickly follow me!" Wan Yuxiong said: "If you are caught by them, it will be very troublesome, even if they do not do anything to you, they will still catch you and interrogate you for hundreds, or even thousands of years.

Hearing Wan Yuxiong's words, Chen Xiang ran even faster, he did not want to be caught, he wanted to rush back to Natural Law Divine Realm to fight the evil demon.

"Wan Yuxiong, you won't be able to escape this time." When a voice transmitted over, Chen Xiang felt himself enveloped by a golden light. And when he was certain that it was a golden light, he discovered that his body could not move.

"It's over, we've been captured." Wan Yuxiong sighed, he was currently unable to move, and as he was jumping, he stopped in mid air.

That golden light was clearly a strange power that could make people unable to move even if they were suspended in the air.

Chen Xiang and Wan Yuxiong were currently unable to move, and could not even use their strength!

He never thought that the power of the Primordial Spirit Race was that much stronger than the Primordial Fan Clan. Especially this method of converting the Primitive Tao Power into a miraculous power, it was something that the Primordial Fan Clan could not compare with.

"I've finally caught you!" A handsome middle-aged man wearing white armor laughed, he waved his hand and threw out a golden cage, locking Wan Yuxiong inside.

At this moment, another five handsome white-armored youths walked over. One of them said, "Captain, this is also an alien. How should we deal with him?"

"He's not very strong, but let's take him back first." Then, he also took out a golden cage and placed Chen Xiang inside.

These cages were all made out of those strange golden things. Chen Xiang tried to use the power in his body if he wanted to touch them, or go near the golden steel bars.

"Lin Ting, this brat has nothing to do with me. Don't make things difficult for him, let him go." Wan Yuxiong shouted.

Lin Ting was the middle-aged man, the captain of Wan Yuxiong's team who was in charge of chasing after them.

"How do you prove it has nothing to do with you? He's with you, and he's from another world, so it's possible that he's your comrade after you escape. " Lin Ting said.

Chen Xiang allowed himself to remain calm, because those few white armored men were very strong. They could easily capture Wan Yuxiong, and even if he could escape from this cage, it would be useless.

"Bring them back to the Sacred Land!" Lin Ting shouted, and then shrunk the cage, placed it on his waist, and started running.

These primitive spirit race people were truly powerful. To be able to refine such a powerful magical equipment, not only could it easily trap a person, it could also shrink and enlarge them.

What made Chen Xiang the most curious was that golden power. He felt that it was extremely similar to the power of s.p.a.ce, which was why he couldn't move at all.

"There is something in the cage that can quickly absorb power. As long as I touch it, my power will be quickly consumed, causing me to feel completely powerless." Chen Xiang pondered. As long as he could figure it out, it would not be difficult for him to escape.

Of course, he was not planning to escape now, but to try again when he got to Primitive Sacred Land. He was not sure if he could escape.

At this time, Chen Xiang could only see a patch of gold around him. The cage had already shrunk to a small size and he was trapped in the s.p.a.ce inside the cage, unable to see anything outside.

After lying inside for a few days, he felt a bit shaky. He opened his eyes and found that he was surrounded by many people in a large hall.

The cage had become larger, and he could now see outside as well!

"These guys are all from the Primordial Spirit Race?" Chen Xiang saw that the people around were all dressed in armor, looking very st.u.r.dy.

"It's been a thousand years, you've finally managed to capture this old fellow Wan Yuxiong. Lin Ting, you've done a great service this time! I have to say, these cages are really useful! " An old man wearing blue armor laughed.

"Not only are these cages useful, but this Empyrean G.o.d Bestowal Mirror is also extremely useful. It can cause a person to be unable to move at all." Lin Ting took out a golden mirror.

Chen Xiang finally saw what made him unable to move. It turned out to be an extraordinary treasure.

"Right, isn't this Wan Yuxiong an old guy? "How can it be that after a thousand years, you have become so young?" a man asked.

"This is not Wan Yuxiong! It's just that I have already pa.s.sed Wan Yuxiong, the person from a foreign land, to the people of the Imperial Family. " Lin Ting patted the cage, and laughed: "The Di Clan says that I will handle this guy, I don't know how to handle him right now!"

Chen Xiang suddenly said: "Wan Yuxiong and I have only known each other for a short while, I do not know about his matters, furthermore I have never offended any of your Primitive Sacred Land, let me go!"

"That won't do, Wan Yuxiong looked like a good person back then, but he sneaked into the forbidden grounds, at least we found him in time." Lin Ting said.

"You guys are so strong, are you worried that I would barge into that forbidden place? Furthermore, with Wan Yuxiong's previous example, do you not know how to strengthen your defense? " Chen Xiang said, he felt that these people were all alike, and could not be considered to be bad, but they were somewhat stubborn.

Lin Ting ignored him and said: "If I let you out and you cause trouble here, I'll be responsible for it."

There were more than a hundred people in the hall, and they all agreed with Lin Ting's words, and nodded their heads.

Chen Xiang really wanted to curse, but he could only hold it in, or else these people might torture him.

"Lin Ting, why don't you sell him off! Didn't those Imperial clan disciples really like raising this kind of foreign country b.u.mpkin? " An old man said.

"That's right, this kind of guy might even sell for tens of thousands of demon crystal coins." Lin Ting patted his head and said: "Let's go, throw him into the auction and sell him."

Just like that, Chen Xiang was sent to an auction house. He had partic.i.p.ated in many auctions before, but had never partic.i.p.ated in one like this before.

"Everyone here have Storage magic treasure s, I wonder what those demon crystal coins are." Chen Xiang thought, right now he could only wait and see, he hoped that the person who bought him was someone easy to talk to, or at least not be mistreated.

The auction started, Chen Xiang realised that not only was he being sold, he was also selling some other savage beasts.

"d.a.m.n it, who gave you the authority to sell me out?" Chen Xiang suddenly roared.

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