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Chen Xiang himself did not dare to go down, because these beasts were all very strong, especially those white wolves. With their large mouths full of sharp teeth and claws, it would only take a few seconds to tear a Dragon beast apart.

"He looks much more terrifying than those Steel arm ape. "Ybdu!" Chen Xiang watched the hundreds of savage beasts fight to the death and felt extremely satisfied. However, when he looked at the black shadow that would occasionally appear, he felt very uncomfortable.

"Who is this guy? His speed is too fast, I can't see what he looks like at all!" Chen Xiang just saw the black figure appear, but not long later, the black figure disappeared again. When there were more corpses, the black figure would appear and quickly retrieve the Barbaric Beast's corpse.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d really has a bountiful harvest! If I can use the power of s.p.a.ce, it won't even be this guy's turn! " Chen Xiang thought, this time he focused all his attention on the black figure.

He could finally see where the black shadow was hiding. It was right beside a large rock!

Chen Xiang immediately rushed over carefully. When he arrived next to the boulder, he saw the black shadow just in time to pick up the corpse.

He had only waited for a short while before the black shadow returned!

Chen Xiang could clearly see what the man looked like. He was actually a skinny old man, except that his hair was black.

"h.e.l.lo, Senior!" Chen Xiang asked politely.

"En!" "Yes." The old man replied before disappearing again. He dashed toward the battlefield at an extremely fast speed, and found an interesting corpse of a savage beast.

"Elder, can you give all of those beast cores to me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No way!" The elder smiled at him before taking out a beast core. "Fine, I'll give you one. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have had such a rich harvest today!"

Chen Xiang took the beast core, his heart becoming even more surprised. This old man clearly knew the uses of the beast core, and he was definitely not from a tribe.

What shocked Chen Xiang the most was the strength of this old man. It could be said to be the kind of thing that was extremely powerful!

After a while, the battle was about to come to an end. The Dragon beast had been defeated miserably, and even though the white wolf had won, it had lost more than half of its members!

As for the corpse, it had been picked up by the black-haired old man!

"Hurry up!" The old man chuckled, then ran off. Chen Xiang immediately followed, and the group of wolves also noticed them and chased after them.

This old man specifically picked up the steep mountains that were connected to each other, climbed a few mountains, and then left those huge white wolves far behind.

At this moment, the elder was on a mountain, brewing a savage beast soup. The top of the mountain was extremely cold, and it was unknown where the cold air came from.

Chen Xiang knew that the old man had slowed down, otherwise, he would not be able to catch up!

"Elder, you are incredible. Why didn't you kill the savage beast yourself?" Chen Xiang gasped for breath as he climbed up, and asked.

"I never do it when I don't have to." The elder chuckled, "Brat, you're quite powerful yourself. To be able to follow me here, you shouldn't be a primitive man!"

"Neither are you." Chen Xiang said as he sat beside the pot of soup and took a sniff. The pot of soup was very fragrant, making him want to drink it.

"Did you fall from Heavenly Evil Abyss?" the old man asked.

"Mm, Senior, you too, right?" Chen Xiang finally met someone from a different world. Previously, Yuan Feng did not count, because he knew the person and he fell down together, but the old man in front of him had obviously been here for a very long time and was very familiar with the terrain.

"No!" The old man's words surprised Chen Xiang.

"If it didn't fall from Heavenly Evil Abyss, then where did it fall from?" Chen Xiang asked quickly.

"Even if I told you, you wouldn't know." The old man was also very interested in Chen Xiang, because it was not easy for him to meet a powerful human here.

"Come to think of it, I have seen a lot." Chen Xiang said.

"I fell from Myriad G.o.ds Abyss." When the old man finished, he saw Chen Xiang's expression and laughed: "That's right, I knew that you had never heard of it before."

"Is the Myriad G.o.ds Abyss above the Divine Wasteland?" asked. Even though he had never heard of it, he had heard it from the memories of a Strong of Divine Wasteland he had devoured before.

"Yes, you've heard of it?" The old man was surprised.

"I've heard rumors!" Chen Xiang was shocked, this old man was actually an expert of Divine Wasteland.

"The Myriad G.o.ds Abyss said that a place where many powerful G.o.d Realm cultivators died." Chen Xiang said.

"How do you know?" It's not like you've ever been to the Divine Wasteland. " The old man was a bit curious.

"A guy from Divine Wasteland told me before." Chen Xiang said: "Senior, do you know how to leave this place? "I have something important to do outside. I'm in a hurry to get out."

The old man took out two bowls and made a bowl of soup for Chen Xiang.

"Young man, finish your soup first. It's cold here." The old man chuckled.

Chen Xiang took it and drank two mouthfuls. It was very tasty, and after drinking it all in one go, the old man filled it up for him.

"Tell me why did you fall from Heavenly Evil Abyss." The old man asked: "I do have a way to help you leave Heavenly Evil Abyss, but it's a little difficult."

Chen Xiang explained about the Heavenly Evil World briefly, telling the old man that he was taken down by a guy called Natural Law Divine Lord.

After the old man finished listening, his face turned serious. He seemed to know something.

"Natural Law Divine Lord... Natural Law Divine Lord... " The old man recited these words repeatedly, then lost himself in his memories.

A moment later, the old man said, "I really did not expect this!" This fellow is exactly as Master said! "

"Senior, do you know anything about the Natural Law Divine Lord?" Chen Xiang never thought that this Strong of Divine Wasteland actually had a very good understanding of him.

"There are ten Divine Masters in the Heavenly Dao. There should only be one left now and my master is one of them. Back then, I made a mistake and was sent to this place. I can't leave this place forever." The old man sighed, "I don't know how many years I have stayed here. When I was sent here, there were only two out of the ten Divine Masters left, one was my Master, and the other one … It's the guy now. "

This was actually a Divine Master's disciple, Chen Xiang was dumbstruck!

"Senior … Who did you get here? is he the only G.o.d? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, and he intentionally framed me. At that time, even my master couldn't do anything about him, and originally, my master wanted me to stay here for a while before getting me out. He also told me that if he didn't come to save me, that would mean he was already dead."

The old man drank a bowl of soup and let out a long sigh. Grief could be seen in his eyes; after all, that was his master.

"Even though he is only a Natural Law Divine Lord, this Natural Law World is still not completely under his control. The other nine Divine Masters' power of law is still within the Natural Law Divine Realm, so he cannot control this Natural Law World completely. That's why he intends to destroy the entire Natural Law Divine Realm and then absorb the power of law that erupted when the Natural Law Divine Realm was destroyed, so he can use it for himself." The old man revealed the purpose of the Natural Law Divine Lord.

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