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Previously, Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan were even better, as they prepared to explore the depths of the stone mountain. At the same time, they would hunt some of the savage beasts to collect their beast cores, but they were delayed in doing so.

"Yue Lan, I think you should stay here!" Chen Xiang took out a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan and gave it to Ji Yuelan. This was something that he had refined using the Crash method.

Ji Yuelan wanted to go with her, but she also saw that Chen Xiang's strength was much higher than hers. Chen Xiang was worried that she wouldn't be able to handle any accidents when the time comes, since the stone mountain was rather dangerous.

"En!" Ji Yuelan nodded.

"Eat this and rest for a while. It will help you." Chen Xiang gave her a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan.

"Directly?" Ji Yuelan received it and looked at it. Previously, Chen Xiang had told her that this was a pill, but she had never eaten it before.

"Yes, just eat it. After you eat it, rest in your room and you will understand." Chen Xiang said.

Ji Yuelan also didn't know what use this would have, but the things Chen Xiang gave her would definitely be of great help to her. She sent him off the Ji Tribe, and then watched him leave with her eyes.

Chen Xiang ran towards that stone mountain and quickly reached the center of the mountain range. He then climbed to the top of a mountain and looked into the depths of the mountain.

"Hopefully there will be a big discovery, the demons in the Heavenly Evil World might have already entered the Natural Law Divine Realm, I need to quickly return."

Chen Xiang was worried about this matter the whole time. The Jiuyang Dao power that he cultivated in had a very strong killing power towards the demons, and with its strengthening, killing the demons would be as easy as cutting gra.s.s.

"What exactly is this Primitive Land hiding?" Chen Xiang ran down from the top of the mountain. After arriving on the ground, he walked with light footsteps into the depths of the mountain range. He had been extremely careful along the way and followed the instructions Ji Yuelan gave him to look around to see if there were any signs of beasts.

Along the way, Chen Xiang discovered quite a few traces of savage beasts having walked past, but he had not met any savage beasts. This was already the first time he had been inside the stone mountain for two days!

Previously, they had only met a group of huge bears outside the stone mountain. However, Chen Xiang had entered the stone mountain for two days now, which was equivalent to entering deep into the mountain.

"Why can't the Primitive Land fly? If only he could fly! " Chen Xiang looked at the sky. If he could fly, he would be able to find a savage beast faster.

He had two main reasons for coming here. One was to hunt for beast cores, and the other was to probe the depths of this place to see if he could find a way out. He felt that there was a source of energy for the Primitive Land inside.

Just when he was trying to locate the savage beast with its footprints, he finally made a discovery.

"It's the traces of a fight. It seems like two big guys fought here." Chen Xiang saw a small mountain collapsing, and the ground here was cracking due to the immense force. After seeing this, he was sure that there were savage beasts nearby, and they might even be injured in battle.

This way, he could avoid being overheard by the savage beasts. Otherwise, the moment the savage beasts were alerted, it would be difficult for him to hunt them down.

When hunting beasts, Chen Xiang could use the Nine-Soaring Sky Divine Bow to attack from afar. It was very easy to succeed, but most of the time, the beasts had to miss him.

After searching for an hour, Chen Xiang finally found a savage beast.

"That fellow isn't injured. Seems like the savage beast he has targeted is quite weak, and he managed to kill it." Chen Xiang took out the Nine-Soaring Sky Divine Bow and looked at the distant black rhinoceros that was as big as a hill.

This rhinoceros was using its steel teeth to bite down on a giant bear!

"This fellow is really cruel when it comes to eating meat!" Chen Xiang suddenly saw a bead drop out from the Giant Bear that was bitten into pieces.

That was the beast core!

Chen Xiang nocked an arrow and pulled the bow open, aiming straight at the rhinoceros's head!

"It's all mine!" Chen Xiang let go of the bow and shot the arrow out. Just as it was about to pierce through the head of the rhinoceros, the black rhinoceros moved.

"Motherf * cker, this is too much of a coincidence!" Chen Xiang cursed in his heart, he anxiously pulled on his bow and shot another arrow, just as the rhinoceros was charging towards him.

With a swoosh, Chen Xiang's Arrow Rhinoceros pierced its eyes. The huge black rhinoceros also caused brain damage on the ground, which was very fatal for savage beasts.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, then went over and collected the rhinoceros's corpse as well as picked up the bear.

The ground was filled with blood, all of it was beast blood, and it reeked of blood. Just as Chen Xiang was about to get rid of the blood, he suddenly felt the ground trembling.

"This is bad!" Chen Xiang was shocked. This type of vibration meant that there was a beast herd approaching, which was usually a large beast herd with a large number of beasts.

Just as he was about to feel the ground trembling, the herd of beasts had arrived. It was a group of gigantic savage beasts that were running on their two feet. They looked like prehistoric dinosaurs.

The quant.i.ty was very large, and their front claws were agile, their fingers as sharp as swords!

"There are over a hundred. I better run!" Before, Chen Xiang thought that he only had around ten to twenty, that way he could give it a try. But now that he saw so many of them, he anxiously ran.

Chen Xiang could not teleport, and the Dragon beast chasing after him from behind was about the same speed as him. If this continued, who knew how long he would be chased.

Furthermore, this mountain was relatively flat, so even if there were some larger rocks, they would be easily broken by this group of Dragon beast.

"Sorry for the trouble, this isn't a good way to go on!" Chen Xiang was secretly worried, with this group of Dragon beast, the commotion caused would definitely attract the attention of the other beasts hiding here.

Sure enough, after an hour of pursuit, he sensed a roar that sounded like a wolf's howl coming from the front.

"Hopefully, this isn't a bad thing. The Dragon beast in the future might even start fighting with the group of wolves." Chen Xiang had already seen the pack of wolves up ahead. There were a few hundred of them, and all of them were gigantic, snow-white white wolves.

Chen Xiang immediately rushed towards the pack of wolves, and then leaped into the air with great force. It was only at this moment that he saw the wolf pack below had already started fighting with the pack of Dragon beast, causing him to heave a sigh of relief.

"If only I could use the Power of s.p.a.ce." Chen Xiang looked down at the Dragon beast that had fallen out of the beast cores bitten by the wolves and thought to himself that at this time, he had already climbed onto the top of a mountain and was thinking of ways to get hold of those beast cores.

Just as Chen Xiang was looking down at the chaotic battle, he suddenly saw a black figure jumping around inside. This made him almost cry out in alarm.

Who was this person? Chen Xiang's heart was filled with questions.

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