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Everyone now felt that Chen Xiang should hurry up and come up, since he had already won against Zhou Tianqiang, there was no need to continue fighting. After all, he no longer had a weapon and the two Steel arm ape s worked together well, the Steel arm ape s that were thrown out just now had already recovered after eating their comrades' corpses.

If he really couldn't persevere anymore, Chen Xiang would definitely go up.

To him, this was only the beginning. He had already defeated Zhou Tianqiang, and now, he had to complete his own challenge. Other than that, he had to make Zhou Tianqiang convinced of his defeat!

Only by displaying their strength would the warriors here respect them.

The Steel arm ape that was full of food rushed towards Chen Xiang, waving both of its arms around, Chen Xiang anxiously dodged. His speed was still very fast, during this month of closed door cultivation, he improved a lot.

Now it was time for this Steel arm ape to fight him, replace the other one, and let that Steel arm ape replenish its energy. These Steel arm ape knew that this was the only way to defeat the human in front of them.

After eating their fill, the Steel arm ape's strength had increased a lot, its speed and reaction time had increased by a lot!

"I have to get rid of this Steel arm ape as soon as possible, otherwise, when the other one is full, the pressure will be even greater." As Chen Xiang dodged, he thought about his tactics.

"I can only try using my formidable strength. My strength is not weak either!" Chen Xiang looked at the gigantic steel fist that was smashing towards him, and did not dodge, but clenched his fist and welcomed the gigantic steel fist.

Chen Xiang's fist was much weaker than the Steel arm ape's steel fist, but when his fist landed on the Steel arm ape's huge steel fist, a burst of force exploded out, producing a "bang" sound. That force also caused the Steel arm ape's long steel arm to tremble.

The Steel arm ape was forced back a few steps by Chen Xiang's punch, he never expected the human in front of him to have such terrifying strength!

"My strength is really not weak!"

When Chen Xiang had used the Primitive Tao Power to pa.s.s through the two levels of profound doors earlier, his strength was obviously not weak. Furthermore, right now, he could still control the energy of the Primitive Tao Power to not be revealed to the outside, and could even combine the energy of the Primitive Tao Power together.

That punch just now had shocked quite a few soldiers. That was a fist made of flesh, how could it dare to fight against a Steel arm ape's steel fist that even forced it back. This kind of power made everyone exclaim in surprise.

"Although Steel arm ape is fast, I am not slower than him. Furthermore, he is bigger than me, so compared to me, I am more agile. Furthermore, my strength is very strong as well. If I could get close, I would be able to give him a heavy blow." Chen Xiang was no longer at the mountain cliff. When the Steel arm ape's chaotic punches were sent over, they were all opened by the explosive power of his punches and kicks.

"Steel arm ape only know how to use brute force, and I have a skill that can circulate energy, I can definitely win!" Under Chen Xiang's careful observation, the Steel arm ape's current movement was already a little slower. This was all because when he fought back just now, his strength was too strong, causing his opponent's muscles and Bones to tremble.

"It's about time!" Seeing that the Steel arm ape was about to punch, Chen Xiang activated the powerful Primitive Tao Power and used it to hit it.


When the Heaven Blasting Palm struck the Steel arm ape's fist, it released a shaking sound that was accompanied by a shockwave, causing the entire beast battle arena to slightly shake.


The Steel arm ape roared, it was a cry filled with intense pain. The Heaven Blasting Palm that Chen Xiang used just now had caused his fist extreme pain!

Because of the pain, the Steel arm ape's speed fell again, and because of the pain, that fist could not move, otherwise, it would be even more painful!

The furious Steel arm ape subconsciously used another fist to punch towards Chen Xiang. This was also within Chen Xiang's expectations, he once again used Heaven Blasting Palm to strike forward, and this time, the Heaven Blasting Palm was even stronger than the previous one.

Under the pure power of the strike, even though the Steel arm ape's arm was protected by a thick layer of steel, the flesh and bones inside were still shaken to the point of endless pain, and they were also severely injured.

Unable to move his arms, Chen Xiang went to the side of the Steel arm ape and kicked at its legs, directly breaking its legs. Then, he kicked the head of the Steel arm ape using Heaven Blasting Palm!

With a loud bang, the Steel arm ape fell to the ground!

Everyone was shocked, this time Chen Xiang did not use a weapon, but actually relied on his own body to kill a Steel arm ape.

The other Steel arm ape immediately rushed over and punched Chen Xiang ruthlessly, but was beaten up until he cried out loud by Chen Xiang using his Heaven Blasting Palm.

"In the end, it's still a beast!" Chen Xiang struck the steel block in front of the Steel arm ape's chest a few times, the force of the palm bringing about a strong vibration, causing the Steel arm ape to retreat continuously while howling.

Chen Xiang s fists and feet kept hitting the steel chunks in front of the Steel arm ape's chest, causing "bang" sounds to ring out. The speed at which he punched out became faster and faster, and with the exchange of punches, countless of afterimages appeared. Although the Steel arm ape had two thick pieces of steel on its chest, it could not withstand Chen Xiang's terrifying strength and madly attacked it.

Chen Xiang's power was terrifying, even a Steel arm ape with such a strong body was unable to withstand him, the metal in front of his chest was caved in, and the Steel arm ape was also lying on the ground, not dead yet.

Chen Xiang panted slightly. He was also quite tired from the fight as the Primitive Tao Power continued to surge out from the second layer of the profound door, charging into his body, washing away the muscles, tendons and bones in his body before releasing them. Although this placed a certain burden on his body, the moment the immense power exploded out of his body, Chen Xiang felt completely satisfied.

The crowd went silent for a moment, before erupting into thunderous cheers!

The warriors of these few tribes all respected the strong, and they had all personally witnessed how powerful Chen Xiang was just now.

Seeing this, Zhou Lie snorted, then under the cheers of the crowd, he brought the warriors of the Zhou Family and left with their tails between their legs!

Chen Xiang had already defeated Zhou Tianqiang completely, and many warriors had personally witnessed this with their own eyes!

Zhou Lie had previously proposed to Ji Ding on behalf of his son, at that time, he was still bragging about what kind of young warrior his son was.

Amidst the cheers of the crowd, Chen Xiang and the rest left the Beast Fighting Arena, and at the same time, the Zhou clan was reduced to a laughing stock, which made the Zhou father and son very angry. Their Zhou clan was very strong as a whole, and they wished that they could gather all their wolf riders to fight their way to the Ji Tribe to s.n.a.t.c.h the man!

Of course, they only had this kind of thought. Ji Tribe had such a good relationship with the Jiang Clan right now, and with such a powerful warrior, if the Zhou Clan were to fight with the Ji Tribe, it would definitely not end well for them.

After settling this matter, Ji Yuelan heaved a sigh of relief. She was still a little worried that Zhou Lie would cause heavy casualties in the Ji Tribe for her. Now that Chen Xiang had settled the matter, and even informed the Jiang Clan about it, if Ji Tribe is in trouble, the Jiang Clan will definitely come to her aid.

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