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Chen Xiang jumped into the beast battle arena. When he landed, he saw that there was a Steel arm ape jumping up, it's huge and powerful body was already gathering its energy, preparing to punch him in the air.

Previously, Zhou Tianqiang only released the Steel arm ape when he was going down, but now, Chen Xiang already had four Steel arm ape down there.

"Big guy, jumping into the air on your own is suicidal." Chen Xiang scoffed in his heart.

The Steel arm ape's huge fist came smashing down at a very fast speed, like a ray of black light, but Chen Xiang had already predicted when his opponent would punch, so he avoided it ahead of time. At the same time, the spear in his hand fiercely stabbed into the Steel arm ape's eyes, piercing out from the back of its head.

Just like that, Chen Xiang had killed a Steel arm ape, which surprised everyone, especially that Zhou Tianqiang, he never expected Chen Xiang's dodging speed to be so fast, and it was even in the air, making his attack speed shocking, at least it was faster than him.

"This Steel arm ape is really stupid, if he stayed down here, with the other three Steel arm ape holding Chen Xiang down, Chen Xiang would not have easily gotten his way, and would have jumped into the air to attack Chen Xiang instead. His oversized body is only a target, and Chen Xiang's body is extremely small, so it would be very advantageous for him to dodge and attack."

Yuan Feng said while smiling. From Chen Xiang's previous flash and strike, he knew that Chen Xiang had put in a lot of effort. Although his body was thinner than Zhou Tianqiang's, his strength was not weaker than Zhou Tianqiang's.

The Steel arm ape that had jumped up just now was one of the two that had just been released. It could have been because it saw Zhou Tianqiang's battle earlier, it was also ready to move, so when it saw Chen Xiang jumping down, it jumped up to attack him. He did not expect Chen Xiang, this skinny little human, to be so powerful.

Eyes had always been the weakest place among all the beasts, and this was also the position that Chen Xiang had chosen to attack the beasts for many years. Thus, when he met with that opportunity just now, he attacked without hesitation.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground, and the other three Steel arm ape immediately shouted as they rushed over.

The moment Chen Xiang's feet touched the ground, he leaped up ferociously. The three Steel arm ape s that were charging at him missed, and almost hit each other.

When these Steel arm ape realized that Chen Xiang had jumped into the air, Chen Xiang had already thrown his spear at one of the Steel arm ape below.

Just now, Chen Xiang had used the Primitive Tao Power to pa.s.s through the second layer of the profound door, allowing his arm to gain an extremely powerful strength. When the spear shot out, it was as fast as light, piercing down from the top of a Steel arm ape's head, almost causing the entire spear to pierce into the Steel arm ape's body.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had killed another Steel arm ape. This Steel arm ape was also just released from the cage, so now, there were two more Steel arm ape that he was tired of, which made it even easier for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground and the two Steel arm ape did not continue charging over. They saw that Chen Xiang had killed two Steel arm ape at the same time, so he must be very strong.

When Zhou Tianqiang saw this, he was extremely displeased. It would have been fine if Chen Xiang had killed the two Steel arm ape that he was tired of, but Chen Xiang had killed the two Steel arm ape that were just released. This was equivalent to slapping his face.

At this point, even if Chen Xiang were to come up now, she would definitely win against him.

When Chen Xiang killed the first Steel arm ape, his luck was pretty good. He encountered a good opportunity, but the second time was not so.

The second time he landed, the Steel arm ape had already rushed over and punched out. On the other hand, Chen Xiang was still calmly jumping into the air and throwing out his spear, the power of the spear was also very strong.

Zhou Lie snorted: "It's mainly because the weapon my son chose was not good. If it was a lance instead …."

Ji Ding laughed coldly: "To make a spear, you need to find a good opportunity to do something. When throwing a spear, you usually need the beasts to be still and not be vigilant, in order to be successful, especially with the Steel arm ape, if they find you, as long as he uses his chest to block, the spear will be destroyed."

Zhou Lie was speechless, he only snorted once.

Chen Xiang held his long blade, and looked at the Steel arm ape that was twice as tall as him. The Steel arm ape's arms were long, and when it stood, both of its arms would touch the ground.

Furthermore, the Steel arm ape's entire front was a thick layer of steel armor, and its abdominal and chest muscles were extremely solid pieces of steel, which were also a position that was difficult to break through.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to attack, one of the Steel arm ape did something that shocked many. The Steel arm ape actually rushed to the corpse of a Steel arm ape and tore off the leg of the Steel arm ape, and tore off its body in a few moves, then started to eat the meat inside.

Steel arm ape were currently replenishing their energy reserves. In order for a savage beast to grow stronger, they would need to hunt and eat it.

The other Steel arm ape rushed towards Chen Xiang and started fighting with him.

"Close combat is a loss, these family heads are also very nimble, their body defense is also very strong, and they are taller than me. His weakness is his head, back, and legs, but the best way to hit him is to launch a surprise attack from afar."

Chen Xiang had only exchanged over twenty moves with the Steel arm ape at a close distance, and already felt that it was somewhat difficult. He wanted to circle behind the Steel arm ape, but the Steel arm ape quickly turned around and did not give him the chance to do so. He wanted to attack the Steel arm ape's legs, but the Steel arm ape's steel arms were always protecting his weaknesses, preventing Chen Xiang from succeeding.

And the other Steel arm ape was currently eating the dead Steel arm ape, it was obvious that the two Steel arm ape were cooperating with each other. One came to support Chen Xiang, and the other went to eat and recover their energy.

"These guys are really smart." Chen Xiang saw that the Steel arm ape was eating, and was shocked, it had actually obtained a spear.

The Steel arm ape ate very fast, and in a moment it had already eaten more than half of the Steel arm ape's corpse, thus recovering very quickly. At this moment, its steel teeth were filled with flesh and blood, making it look extremely terrifying.

The Steel arm ape held onto its spear, quietly observing from the side, causing everyone's hearts to jump out of their bodies, it was obvious that it was waiting for the chance to attack Chen Xiang.

With a "dang" sound, when Chen Xiang's blade slashed at the Steel arm ape, it was actually bitten, and was even snapped in an instant. In that moment, a spear pierced over.

When the spear pierced towards him, Chen Xiang could use his consciousness to grab onto the trajectory of the spear. He quickly dodged to the side and avoided the spear by a hair's breadth, if not the spear would have pierced through his skull.

The long spear pierced the stone wall, at this time, Chen Xiang no longer had a weapon, his back was covered in cold sweat, it was just too dangerous.

Ji Yuelan and Ji Ding also heaved a sigh of relief. Many people were sweating because of Chen Xiang, and at the same time, they couldn't help but sigh in admiration at Chen Xiang's strength. Many of the tribe warriors spectating felt that they couldn't avoid such a situation.

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