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"Second, the weapons you use can only be manufactured by our tribe and not yours. I know that you foreign people have a lot of strange and strange things called G.o.d Equipment, and you can't use them either."

"Thirdly, whoever defeats the Steel arm ape in the shortest amount of time will win."

Chen Xiang looked down at the four cages hanging on the side of the beast battle arena and said: "How many words of Steel arm ape will you use in a fight?"

"Two at a time." Zhou Lie said: "None of these Steel arm ape were injured, they were all captured alive by traps and fed to us for a month, our strength is about the same."

"Alright, I have no objections. Let's start now." Chen Xiang said.

Zhou Tianqiang walked over, his voice was rough, "I'll go first."

As he spoke, he picked up two long blades from the pile and jumped down. This was equivalent to entering the colosseum.

Zhou Lie was not worried about his son. He knew that his son was very strong, and nodded to an old man, who placed the two Steel arm ape s' cages down, and then opened the door.

Zhou Tianqiang was already very strong, but the Steel arm ape was even stronger, and twice as tall as Zhou Tianqiang. Its two arms were covered with stiff steel sheets, and the two big muscles on its chest were also extremely st.u.r.dy.

Many of the warriors present were frightened. They knew the fame of this Steel arm ape, it would be very difficult for them to face this one, and it was in the Beast Battling Arena at that.

Although the Beast Battling Arena was s.p.a.cious, it was very flat. Moreover, there was a large limit to how much one could run on. The terrain was not good for humans.

If they were in the forest, they could use the small human body to run around in the forest. If they were in the forest, they could use the small human body to run around in the forest.

Now, Zhou Tianqiang did not change his expression even when facing the two Steel arm ape. This made many young warriors feel inferior and they all sighed in admiration.

As for the many Martial Immortals from the Zhou Clan, they were all cheering for Zhou Tianqiang. Their shouts reverberated throughout the Beast Battlefield, shocking everyone.

At this time, Zhou Tianqiang also crazily rushed forward, charging towards a Steel arm ape.

Although the Steel arm ape was big, it was very nimble. Seeing Zhou Tianqiang rushing over with two blades in his hands, it too rushed forward, and very quickly they clashed against each other.

When Zhou Tianqiang's two long blades slashed down, the Steel arm ape waved the steel arm in its hand to open them, while the other steel ring ruthlessly smashed towards Zhou Tianqiang.

When Zhou Tianqiang who was holding onto his dual blades dodged to the side to avoid the fist, the other Steel arm ape suddenly rushed forward fiercely, with a jump, it arrived above Zhou Tianqiang and threw a punch downwards.

Zhou Tianqiang anxiously jumped out of the way, while the floor was smashed into pieces by the Steel arm ape, sending rubble flying everywhere.

"All of them are very strong." Chen Xiang said, but his expression was extremely relaxed, he had already seen through Zhou Tianqiang's weakness, although powerful, he did not have any tactics.

It was Zhou Tianqiang's first time facing two Steel arm ape, and it was currently very difficult for him to deal with them. Although he had attacked a few times, but the Steel arm ape's stiff arms always opened up for him.

It might not be easy to slash onto the body of the Steel arm ape, but it would hit on the steel block on the chest of the Steel arm ape.

The Steel arm ape was very smart, trying to avoid the areas with low defense from being chopped at, and the two Steel arm ape were cooperating very well, constantly fighting with Zhou Tianqiang, looking like the Steel arm ape was not paying attention at all.

Very quickly, an hour had pa.s.sed. Zhou Tianqiang had entered without being injured by the Steel arm ape, and he was also somewhat out of breath. He had carried out numerous fierce attacks, all with great effort, but none of them succeeded.

Other than that, Zhou Tianqiang used most of his power to block the fist of the Steel arm ape, or to dodge the attack of the Steel arm ape.

Although Zhou Tianqiang did not cause any damage to the Steel arm ape, everyone felt that Zhou Tianqiang was very strong, because if they were in his place, their heads would definitely be smashed into pieces by the Steel arm ape's steel fists.

Seeing this, Zhou Lie was also a little anxious. They had all underestimated the strength of the Steel arm ape, and did not expect that dealing with two of the Steel arm ape alone would take so much effort.

Although the Zhou Clan warriors had an imposing manner when they shouted, Zhou Tianqiang was still the same. He was still unable to cause much damage to the Steel arm ape.

It's just a lot of hair.

Ji Yuelan said to Chen Xiang who was beside him: "These Steel arm ape are really strong, if I were you, I would have died a long time ago. Chen Xiang, are you really alright?"

"No problem, Steel arm ape has many weaknesses." Chen Xiang watched very carefully, when he saw the way Steel arm ape fought, he was even more confident.

Ji Yuelan could only trust Chen Xiang.

Two hours had pa.s.sed and Zhou Tianqiang was already extremely exhausted. He was also very afraid of death and he knew that if he continued to fight, he might even die.

Zhou Lie clenched his teeth and threw down a metal chain, bringing Zhou Tianqiang up with him.

Zhou Tianqiang being unable to kill the two Steel arm ape made many people sigh. Everyone wanted to see the power of humans to kill Steel arm ape, but Zhou Tianqiang disappointed them, but everyone could understand.

"It's my turn." Chen Xiang said.

"Wait, these two Steel arm ape have been fighting with my son for so long, they must be tired too. If you go down now and fight with these two Steel arm ape, wouldn't that be a huge advantage? Moreover, you have been watching from above for such a long time, so you must be familiar with the fighting methods of Steel arm ape." Zhou Lie said, he had a big opinion of this, because he never expected such an outcome to occur.

"Why don't we do this and put down the other two Steel arm ape. I alone will deal with the stone Steel arm ape. This should be fine, right?" Chen Xiang said.

When everyone heard this, they were shocked. The two Steel arm ape were already difficult to deal with, let alone the four.

"Brat, this compet.i.tion has given you so many restrictions, but you're still so confident. Don't try to be brave." Yuan Feng anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang.

Zhou Lie was actually more than happy to do that. He immediately ordered his men to put down the other two Steel arm ape.

Ji Ding was also a little worried, because he had caught these Steel arm ape and knew how powerful they were.

"Chen Xiang, you have to be worried, you saw these Steel arm ape's strength with your own eyes, you have to be careful, if you can't beat them, you just have to say it out, at worst, it will be a draw, and then we can use other methods to fight." Ji Ding said.

Chen Xiang nodded, "I know."

He walked over to the pile of weapons and picked up a spear and a long knife.

Ji Yuelan walked over, shook his hand, and gently said: "You must win."

Chen Xiang smiled at her, then jumped into the Beast Battling Arena.

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