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When Zhou Lie heard this, he was also considering if he should accept. Although he said that his son was the strongest on the surface, but he was worried that he would lose to Chen Xiang. If he lost, their Zhou Clan's reputation would be ruined.

"If you dare not compete, then please leave." Chen Xiang said.

"If you win, will you agree to marry Ji Yuelan to my son?" Zhou Lie asked.

"That I can't say for sure. Marrying or not is up to me. It all depends on your own will. Even if I were to compete with your son later on, it would only prove that he is a powerful warrior." Chen Xiang said, he could not casually agree to something like that.

Zhou Lie thought about it for a while, then said: "Alright, just wait, we will do as you say and build a beast battle arena. Then, we will see who is stronger when facing off against savage beasts."

Chen Xiang's original plan to travel could only be postponed for now. In order to prepare for the upcoming compet.i.tion, he once again entered the underground secret room to refine a Taoist Emperor Dan.

Ji Yuelan knew that he needed a large amount of beast cores, so he found a lot for him. These were all left behind by Ji Yun previously, and now, Chen Xiang had over twenty beast cores in his hands.

"The warriors of these clans are all very strong. It won't take them long to build a beast battle arena. I think it'll be completed in a month or so. I wonder how far my physical body can go by then." Chen Xiang was already at the tenth level of Dao Shi realm.

If he were to strengthen his body, he would be able to use even more Primitive Tao Power.

He had already informed Ji Yuelan that he would be out in a month. Right now, he was starting to refine Taoist Emperor Dan, refining and eating at the same time. He wanted to eat as much as possible within a month.

… ….

Although concocting pills was boring, in order to increase his strength, Chen Xiang was extremely enthusiastic about it. Unknowingly, a month had pa.s.sed and he had also eaten fifteen Taoist Emperor Dan s.

"Very good, I can use two s from the Primordial Profound Gate to pa.s.s through the two stages, my strength is already very strong." After Chen Xiang tried it, he became very excited. Previously, as long as he used the Primitive Tao Power to pa.s.s through the profound door, his body would be in extreme pain as if it was being torn apart.

However, he did not feel any pain even after pa.s.sing through the two Gate of Wonders. He was very satisfied with the improvement he had received over the past month.

His goal was to pa.s.s the tenth layer of the Primitive Tao Power from the eight Primordial Profound Gates. He felt that if he could reach this stage, he would become a Dao Sovereign and he would be able to deal with ordinary Dao Sovereigns.

After Chen Xiang came out, he saw Ji Yuelan training warriors in the plaza in the middle of the Ji Tribe. Under Ji Yun's control, the Ji Tribe had weakened greatly, and now they needed to increase their speed and catch up to him.

"Chen Xiang, it's been a month. How's your progress?" Ji Yuelan asked, she was extremely concerned about Chen Xiang's matters, and because she had heard this month that Zhou Lie's son was truly strong, she did not want Chen Xiang to lose the compet.i.tion.

"A lot." Chen Xiang laughed: "Did my old friend from the Jiang Clan come to find me?"

"I've come. He has brought thirty savage beast pills with him." Ji Yuelan took out a beast skin bag from his storage ring and handed it over to Chen Xiang.

"Alright." Chen Xiang accepted it, and laughed: "We should have completed the construction of the beast battle arena, what kind of beasts have they caught?"

"We caught four Steel arm ape, the Steel arm ape is an extremely terrifying savage beast, much stronger than the giant bears we encountered before. Furthermore, its intelligence is close to that of humans, and it is very similar to humans in every aspect." Ji Yuelan said, "In order to capture these fellows, the patriarchs of several tribes and thousands of warriors have to work together."

Chen Xiang was not afraid, his current strength had increased by a lot.

His name was Zhou Tianqiang, and was Zhou Lie's only son. He looked as strong as a bear, and used two large blades as his weapon, which was the number one young warrior in the entire Zhou clan. He was able to fight against more than ten small beasts by himself.

Although it was powerful, Ji Yuelan felt that Chen Xiang was stronger than her. She had personally witnessed Chen Xiang's power.

"Now they're all ready. They're just waiting for you." Ji Yuelan said: "Chen Xiang, if you aren't ready, you can wait for a few more days to adjust yourself before going."

"No need, go and tell them that we can start tomorrow." At this time, Chen Xiang was extremely confident, and when Ji Yuelan saw his confident smile, he felt a lot more at ease.

… ….

On the second day, Chen Xiang followed Ji Yuelan and some of the warriors from the Ji Tribe to a stone mountain. This was the place where Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan had killed more than ten Giant Bears last time.

There was a huge rock mountain here that was hollowed out in the middle. It was dozens of feet deep and wide, just like a volcano.

At this moment, the mountain entrance was filled with people. There were warriors and clan leaders from other tribes. They had all partic.i.p.ated in the construction of this colosseum, and this was something new to them.

Everyone here worshipped power, and a place like the Beast Battling Arena could display great power. This was not only built for the compet.i.tion between Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang, other tribes could also come here to compete more often.

The Jiang Clan was here as well.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had arrived, Yuan Feng anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang: "Brat, you have no problems with that, right? I will go hunt those Steel arm ape for them, they are indeed very strong things."

"No problem." Chen Xiang replied: "Just watch. I'm actually worried that the Zhou clan will attack the Ji Tribe after losing. At that time, you can help out."

"Fine. I also want to see how strong you, brat, have become." Yuan Feng laughed.

Chen Xiang had already seen Zhou Tianqiang, and he was indeed as strong as a bear. He already looked very scary, but a big guy like him was very popular in the tribes, because he looked very powerful and mighty.

Although Chen Xiang also had a tall and st.u.r.dy body, compared to Zhou Tianqiang, he seemed much more "slim". So from the size of his body, many people felt that there was a huge difference between Chen Xiang and him.

However, they thought that since Chen Xiang was able to kill this Clan Leader, he definitely had the strength to do so.

"I will now talk about the rules. This is something that I discussed with the other tribal leaders as well." Zhou Lie said as he walked over.

"Firstly, you must not use the power of your body. Although it is a part of your strength, it is not too fair compared to us, because our Primitive Land has always been sealed."

Chen Xiang frowned, but still nodded his head in agreement. The so-called natural energy was also fire and thunder type energy.

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